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Such a simple site…so much power!
Are you selling publishedair for free?
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  • Welcome Introduction This is going to be as interactive class possible. Truly Canadian experience- did not bring my skates. I pick on a few of you for some questions! Questions-Who is already using SIRRVA at their agency? Do we have any members that do not have SIRRVA in their office? Do we any Owners and or Managers in the class today? Only owners and managers can sign up for SIRRVA.
  • What are we going to be talking about today? What is Sirrva? We will talk about how you can maximize your overall investment in the SIRRVA booking engine. Some tips about fraud prevention Lastly we will have time for any questions
  • Mostly subscribers: so it sits on your site and does what? (transition into next slide and scenarios) Mostly newbies: speak to the functionality that you have mentioned in your bullets Ok so what is SIRRVA? SIRRVA is the leading Business to Consumers leisure travel booking engine.. SIRRVA can help you expand your Internet presence, reduce shopper calls, stay open 24/7, service your customers online, and increase revenue! This gives you the look and feel of a larger agency even if you are not. So what can your clients book on your website with SIRRVA? We can see packages, hotels and cars. But what else? (Pick on someone I know) (CLICK) Well your clients can book vacation packages, air, FIT hotels, cars, consolidators, charters, web fares, insurance and specials all within your agency’s website. What is really cool is that you can add the SIRRVA booking engine into an existing or new consumer website with a choice of template sizes and colours. You can see that theme here on this demosite. SIRRVA integrates with the GBO and Travelworks back office systems, so that you have a complete booking solution for your agency. Let’s talk about taking you booking engine to the next level!
  • Having a website booking engine is a great investment for the future success of your travel agency . But it only works as well as you let it. You need your booking engine to work to it’s fullest potential. Question- another question for you guys out there! Where do you go to control your booking engine? Yep it is the Control centre. No for anybody out there who has SIRRVA have you accessed the Control Centre? If not how come? Discussion points -don’t know how to access it -did not know it was there -too confusing -not sure what is there? That is why you are here today!
  • Sirrva is investment that is no doubt about that, but you need to invest some time in your investment to make sure that it pays off. (CLICK) Are you a specialist for Mexico, use the control center can control what destinations that your clients can book on your site. (CLICK) Need to make sure that your site booking engine features competitive pricing and that you are selling net fares and web fares profitably? The control center gives you the power to do so. (CLICK) Imagine if you would your are close to a sales goal with a certain supplier you can use the control center to run reports and bias what suppliers your client see on your booking engine, so that you can reach that next sales goal. (CLICK) You can limit your fraud exposure (CLICK) EVEN integrate with your back office. Let’s dive into the control center to show you to make your booking engine work even better.
  • Let’s talk about some important ways in which using the SIRRVA Control centre can improve you booking engine overall effectiveness. Alright first do we have anybody who has most of their clients in the Abbotsford bc area? Why do ask well because in Sirrva the default gateway is Abbotsford. No unless you happen to live in the Abbotsford BC area you do not want to have that as your default departure gateway. You do not want your customers scroll all the way down to find their departure gateway. Has anybody run into this issue? .
  • If you in the GTA you want it to be Pearson and if your agency is in St Thomas Ontario you want London to appear first so when you clients search your site it is easy to find their gateways. You do not want your customers scroll all the way down to find their departure gateway.. But hey your agency is in beautiful St Johns Newfoundland. You want YYT to appear as the departure city! And yes I have actually flown in there myself! Let me show you how to change this!
  • Another question for you guys here- Has anybody seen this screen before? This is the login page for the SIRRVA Control Center First off you must have your unique Control Centre URL as well as your username and password to login. You would have received this information with your implementation guide after filling the SIRRVA Set-up form. If you do not have this information please contact member services. Let’s login, to the control centre, this is where you take control of your booking engine.
  • Here we have the SIRRVA control centre home page. (CLCIK) You have different modules here within the SIRRVA control centre that control different parts of your booking engine, Web Management is where you go to add and mange destinations, gateways and which suppliers will be sold on your website. Price Management is where you go to create pricing rules on the various offered products. Advertising allows to have adds on your site, booking report is of course where you can run reports on activity in Sirrva and business rules allows you biases how suppliers appear to clients in your booking engine search result displays, The “Ghost Infos” page is where you go to set-up each vendor’s information needed for integration with GBO and Travel Works. back office systems. (CLICK)So to change the default gateway we need to go to the web management module.
  • Here you go to the drop down menu for Default gateway to select yours here I have selected St Johns
  • Check out it now. Now are clients will not have to scroll all the way down to find St johns, it will now load as the default gateway. and they will not accidently price out a package from abbotsford bc! Problem solved! (DOES not re-order departure cities, just jumps to preferred city, still in alpha order)
  • Are you selling Net fares from Air Canada and WestJet for Free? If you do not add a markup when selling published fares from these web fare providers you make zero, zilch nada. Not a profitable way to run your site eh! This is also important tip for selling any net packages as well.
  • (CLICK)If you have decided to allow you clients to purchase published or charter air you will have this widget. Questions-Does anybody know how find out what airlines you are selling on your site and are you set net fares at net?
  • First if you want to see what webfares we are selling you can Check out the web management module
  • This is where you can Enter in your credentials to have access to published fares for available airlines Also not that Softvoyage that is who runs SIRRVA by the way! automatically loads all of the Tour/FIT and cruise credentials with whom you have a relationship with into your agency’s control center. You can control which suppliers’ content appears on your site by de-selecting the approiate tick box. However if you establish a new relationship with a supplier you will have to contact member services for credentialing. . (CLICK) so, Also before I show you how to add a service this where you decide if you want it be applied per booking or per passenger. Ok so now I want to create a markup.
  • That is done in the price management module
  • Before creating a rule double check here on the price management page if you have one already?! If not just create a new one. The pricing rules can be created either in dollars or in percentage or both at the same time. If both are used it is important to remember that all calculations will be done on the BASE PRICE. IT ADDS UP watch for double dipping. Before creating a DISCOUNT rule, you should verify the commission allowed in order not to create a discount higher than the commission. If this situation occurs, the amount due on file will have to be paid by the agency before the departure date. A TIP here is : a negative value can be entered as well, turning it into a mark-up on an already commissioned gross fare. There are three products where a MARK UP rule is essential: on NET CHARTER FLIGHTS, on NET PACKAGES and on NEGOTIATED FARES. If no mark-up rule is created for these products, the agency will be selling at net. The net fares of consolidators and tour operators are clearly indicated. Pricing rules for SERVICE FEES are not available for charters in general. They are however available for published fares, webfares and negotiated fares. Alright I do not see a westjet service fee so let’s create a new one!
  • enter a Rule name: The name of the rule needs to be easily identifiable, this is too help you!! When should this rule be applied? Timing Apply on which price range: let big tickets book for free? Apply on which departure dates. Maybe more for busy times ie holidays Apply on which type of products-once I selected direct west published flights I only had the once choice for apple on which airlines A rule can only be applied to one type of product at a time. Then you have– very important and the reason we are here is What is the pricing rule and The pricing rules can be created either in dollars or in percentage ), or both at the same time. Must Call client to retrieve cc info and charge to merchant.? What kind of excuse have you used to make that call? (CLCK)If the departure dates, the type of product, selected tour operators, consolidators, gateways or destinations needs to be modified, the rule has to be deleted and re-created. The price management module will be one of the modules in the Sirrva control center that you access most often. By actively managing the discounts and mark ups you can maximize the overall profitability of your website.
  • Are you close to reach a sales goal with a specific supplier. You can use some of the tools in the Sirrva control Center to track your sales and even bias your customers search results so that they can view the supplier you want to sell first. Hit that goal with the help of the SIRRVA Control Centre. This is ultimate control on what you sell.
  • First things first come over to the booking report module to see what your selling
  • . View the details of bookings made on a monthly or daily basis with this important tool. The Summary booking report gives a monthly overview of the number of bookings. The Detailed booking report displays all the bookings made on the selected period. The Tour Operator Report is used to view the number of bookings by each tour operator made over a selected period. Use the booking reports to stay on top of booking, identify trends and use them to competitive advantage.
  • The “Business Rules” moudle allow you to choose how your want vendors results to display. Control what vendors your clients see first on your site here.
  • The Business rules module enables agencies wanting to encourage a specific supplier. the “display all available Tour Operator prices” is selected, results are sorted from the lowest fare to the highest the products compared have to be completely identical (gateway, destination, flight numbers, days of operation, departing hour and returning hour). If you want to create a rule to encourage a specific supplier, the “display only one price using these priorities:” must be selected, then a supplier can be chosen from the drop down menu, and finally the amount stating how much higher the price can still be to override the other results, if desired. I choose 10 dollars. You can create as many rules as there are suppliers in the drop down selection. Now you can bias the results you want, sell the suppliers you want.
  • Does anybody here have a niche?(pick on someone if no answers. You make you booking engine reflect who you are as an agency. So for instance what if you specialize in Mexico via WestJet how can you make booking engine reflect your website that maybe Mexico focused. Let’s take a look!
  • Get into the web management module of the control centre.
  • here you could choose. Just to sell WestJet Vacations from your site by de-selecting the suppliers you see here or you can define your display priority here
  • We would selecting just the Mexico ones if that is the way we would to brand out site. The easist way to do that is to uncheck all then pick the destinations you want. Whoops Saint Lucia is checked! Take your time and your desinations
  • Use Advertising module to focus on Mexico or any destination to reflect who you are and what you sell.
  • Let say you want to advertise a Thanksgiving deal to Cancun. It is just like creating a pricing rule. You choose the Name of the special for your reference, when your client will see I, you can choose to had adds for charter flights or vacation packages. Choose what dates you want the add to be for. Which gateways, you can choose multiple, I am agency in SW Ontario so I have chosen Windsor and London. Choose the destinations and then the hotels!
  • Take a look here at sample of a what a special may look like after is has been created. The tools in the control centre allow you to have your booking engine reflect your website and what you sell and WANT to sell on your website. Alright let me switch gears and talk about the fun topic of fraud. YAY!
  • Here are some tips on to best avoid incidents of fraud that may come across to you via your online booking engine. Minimum Delay settings- There are many options here. For instance limit booking windows to a few weeks out from date of search. the web management module. Put a four day delay, helps to cover over weekend, if not you must have staff to coverage your off days. Use the functions in the control centre to limit your exposure. Other good tips include Review and validate all internet bookings within 4 hours of receipt. Callout-seems simple yes, but I know time consuming. Call all of the booking that you receive on your website. Verify itinerary, schedules, who they are the adresss, and credit card and hey maybe you can even upsell the client and what else you do as an agent. etc… This is especially important on bookings from clients you do not have a previous relationship with.
  • Why should care about the Control Center? Well you want to make a return on the investment that you have made in SIRRVA by effectively using the tools found in the Control Center. It is about getting your booking engine to work smarter and not harder. You control what and how things display in the Control Centre. You control the pricing Customize your customers expirence on your booking engine here. Well should know what do know. TAKE CONTROL! Thanks!!
  • Here are general warning signs to look out for-e-mail address is from a free e-mail service (i.e.,,; • Customer is “too busy” or unavailable to come by the office to provide a credit card imprint and signature Customer offers to fax a copy of ID and credit card Travel is for last minute and/or premium travel; • Travel originates outside the country Travel is to/from West Africa destinations Multiple booking attempts by the same customer, especially over weekends Customer wants to pay with multiple cards; and One or more credit cards are denied before a credit card is eventually “authorized”-The biggest flag!!!!!!!
  • Expand on trend. Here is what happened fraudsters first started attacking the big OTA’s and the OTA’s started investing in Fraud prevention tools and tips, so it got harder to penetrate. So they then moved to Direct carrier sites and the direct carrier sites responded with fraud prevention and now the fraudsters are coming to you? Do you have Fraud tools and tips in place? You are now in the bullseye, criminals know that it is much easier to nbreak into your home than fort knox.
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