Top 5-video-marketing-trends-for-2013


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Top 5-video-marketing-trends-for-2013

  1. 1. VCM Interactive – Visual Communications & Marketing Inc. Top 5 Video Marketing Trends for 2013Email - Contact No - 905.361.2977
  2. 2. VCM Interactive – Visual Communications & Marketing Inc.Online video marketing has become an integral part of successful marketingstrategies. Online marketing sector has grown in popularity rapidly in the lastone year and it’s going to get bigger in 2013. This interest in video marketing &video production has a strong reason – it is an effective way of gaining a viewersattention using both visual and sound effects.The future of marketing is rapidly evolving every day. It’s hard for both small andlarge businesses to predict which trend or marketing medium will be the mosteffective and profitable. Here are some video marketing trends that will changethe landscape of online marketing in 2013: Email - Contact No - 905.361.2977
  3. 3. VCM Interactive – Visual Communications & Marketing Inc.1. Surge for Mobile Friendly WebsitesMobile growth is now outstripping PC growth. More people are using the internet viamobile and it will continue to soar into 2013. With more than 75 percent of the worldhaving access to mobile devices, today’s marketer can’t ignore the value of offering‘second screen’ or mobile value for their brands and clients. Last year many companieswere tasked to make their website mobile friendly i.e. responsive and easy to use onmobile but this year there will be competition in offering value in mobile apps form. Whatis something new that your brand or client can offer a mobile device user? It goes beyondease of use and searching ability. This type of value will be in new information, newformats for consumption and entirely new resources. Email - Contact No - 905.361.2977
  4. 4. VCM Interactive – Visual Communications & Marketing Inc.Creative Content Development & MarketingCreative content development and marketing is booming. Content and context isgoing to lead the way when it comes to online marketing in 2013. Creatingcompelling online content is now more important than ever but it’s not going tobe enough, the target should be essentially providing some interesting, engagingcontent to customers that they value – and using this to drive additionalinteractions and sales from customers. It could be a “how to” video, an e-guide, a free book or styling suggestions and tips. Simply offering a product is nolonger enough. You need to also provide additional useful content to potentialcustomers. It’s all about building up and managing your online community andgetting the right brand message out there. As the year progresses, we will seesoftware and services solutions for creative content creation and syndicationemerge and grow as companies try to leverage content for demand generation. Email - Contact No - 905.361.2977
  5. 5. VCM Interactive – Visual Communications & Marketing Inc.Integration of Offline And Online Events for Brand AwarenessIn 2013 we’re going to be seeing more and more of a cross-over between onlineand offline channels. Cross channel campaigns include both online as well asoffline marketing strategies. Offline events usually include directmail, tradeshows, city tours, and networking events. These offline events needto integrate seamlessly with online engagement to measure the impact of thesecross-channel campaigns. To improve your brand awareness, your videomarketing campaign should be relevant to your customer’s requirement, therebyincreasing customer engagement which will ultimately lead to more customers.To achieve this, marketers need to remove the silos in their go-to-marketstrategy and focus on CUSTOMERS. Simply online or simply offline experiencesare not the need of the hour for any customer, what they require now is to havean integrated brand experience that triggers their purchase decisions. Email - Contact No - 905.361.2977
  6. 6. VCM Interactive – Visual Communications & Marketing Inc.4.Use of Improvised ROI Tracking TechnologyAs the level of complexity to deliver on brand engagement, brandawareness and revenue growth across multiple online and offlinechannels increases, the need to understand the back-end technologybecomes a necessity for agencies and marketers. For instance, to gaugethe effectiveness of any campaign, actionable reports and statistical datawill become a marketing requirement, which would require knowledgeabout APIs and creation of such reporting interfaces so as to measure andtrack ROI. For this reason, a significant rise will be seen in the number ofcollaborations between agency and marketing technologies in 2013 Email - Contact No - 905.361.2977
  7. 7. VCM Interactive – Visual Communications & Marketing Inc.5.Improved Data VisualizationsThere will be a renewed focus on data visualizations in 2013, which is the waywe visualize complex data sets in easy to understand formats that are worthsharing. The onus this year lies on making data accessible to everyone withoutany constraints. This means information in visual format like videos, animationsetc would play a major role in any marketing campaign. Email - Contact No - 905.361.2977
  8. 8. VCM Interactive – Visual Communications & Marketing Inc.About VCM InteractiveVCM Interactive is a Toronto based creative development, production andanimation company specializing in film and corporate video production, cdreplication, web video production, 3d animation, DVD authoring, multimediaproduction, video production, commercials, new media development, e-learning, web applications, animation, digital media and a host of other postproduction and replication services. They are focused on evolvingsales, marketing and communication tools taking corporate marketing to the nextlevel. For more information, visit - Email - Contact No - 905.361.2977
  9. 9. VCM Interactive – Visual Communications & Marketing Inc. THANKS www.vcminteractive.comEmail - Contact No - 905.361.2977