SITE                 .                  PLANNING                    .                  DESIGNENVIRONMENTAL                ...
Adobe Creative Suite                                                                                                 SKILL...
Existing                                   Existing                                   variety deciduous trees near full gr...
HISTORIC DEARBORN STATION              }                DEARBORN ENTRY PLAZA                  {                           ...
symbolism                                   contrasts                                   land & water                      ...
.USB fountain with sandstone ‘port‘                                steel cable & colored underlighting                    ...
The plaza takes form with elements complementing                                                the shipyard theme. The sh...
BUILDING USE                                           MIXED USE[civic]                                                   ...
T E NT                                     R                                AS O                              M FR        ...
PARIS 13E                                                                *                                                ...
*                                          USER RADIUS                                               Parc de Bercy        ...
8 >environmental planning & design// Fargo-Moorhead, ND-MN                                                                ...
CONCRETE TRAIL MARKER (typ.)                                       Ru.3afloating dock6-4’ resin treated 2x4’s & 4x4’s     ...
historic downtown      urban                                         brick	           red/purple hues                     ...
Ru                                              I-29                                                                      ...
WATERCOLORSPENCIL/PEN&INKFREE-HAND SKETCHING      8 >concept sketches// watercolor, pen&ink, pencil                       ...
personal                                      philosophy                                                     I am an avid ...
V.C.Hefti Digital Portfolio_2012
V.C.Hefti Digital Portfolio_2012
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V.C.Hefti Digital Portfolio_2012


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Landscape Planning & Design Digital Resume & Portfolio of Vanessa C. Hefti

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Transcript of "V.C.Hefti Digital Portfolio_2012"

  2. 2. Adobe Creative Suite SKILLS [Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash] AutoCAD, SketchUp [familiar with MicroStation] ArcGIS [Arc/Catalogue, View, Scene, Map] V.C. HEFTI | 1+ 970.692.9716 MS Office [Word, Excel, PowerPoint] Redmond, WA Windows Operating System, Mac OS X Scripting Languages [HTML, Actionscript] EDUCATION North Dakota State University | Fargo, ND Graduate (8/2010-2012) | B. Landscape Architecture, Audio/Video editing & production B. Environmental Design, Minor Natural Resource Management Graphic standards (print <-> web design) Technical drafting & drawing Colorado State University | Fort Collins, CO Big picture & detail oriented Design process (inventory -> drafted plans) Attended (8/2006-2008) | Landscape Architecture Program Engineering & architectural standards Presentations (boards, booklets, multimedia) EXPERIENCE Diligently working, for past five years in thethe field of Landscape working the past five years in field of Landscape Architec- ture, I have participated in projectsprojects ranging from garden to Architecture, I have participated in ranging from garden to urban Dominic Fischer RLA, ASLA REFERENCES environmentalenvironmental design. My focus has of science, art, to urban to design. My focus has been on the fusion been on LA Group, LLC | NDSU the fusion of science, art, and ergonomics in the expression and ergonomics in the expression of landscape design through graphic Professor/Thesis Advisor tel: 1+701.799.3732 communication, high-end rendering, &communication, high-end of landscape design through graphic construction rendering, & construction documentation. documentation. Nick Aceto, ASLA Graphic Coordinator | SCASLA Terrain Studio | TBG | DW /Beaux Arts Gala with TSD & AIAS _coordination & organization Colleague/Mentor /Topos Awards Committee Chair _development & organization tel: 1+720.317.5797 /Accreditation _planning, design, coordination, & construction /Recycling Program _development, coordination, & organization Matt Chambers _designed Student Chapter logo & official letterhead Aldevron | NDSU _designed over 20 posters, desk flyers, & bulletins Mentor Product Process Associate | Best Buy (8/2010-2012) Jason Kost Lead Manager | CSU Dining Services (8/2006-2008) NDSU Lecturer/Advisor ADDITIONAL/ Colliton Memorial Thesis Award Finalist AWARDS Honor’s Society 2006-2008 // Dean’s List 2011 U.S. DOI Certificate of Completion NEPA Concepts Best Buy’s Hardest Working New Employee 2011 Maintained a 3.0GPA while working 30+hrs a week LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE / / URBAN PLANNING
  3. 3. Existing Existing variety deciduous trees near full growth some newly planted maples Thuja occidentalis American Arborvitae dense evergreen May be pruned into screen/hedge Moist soil, pH tolerant//pt shade-full sun Betula populifolia Grey Birch small to medium deciduous tree 20-40’ tall, 10-20’ spread Soil and pH tolerant//pt shade-full sun Yellow autumn foliage Panicum virgatum sp. rotstrahlbusch Red Switch Grass deep-rooted perennial grass 2.5-3.5’ tall, 2-2.5’ spread Average soils, pH tolerant//pt shade-full sun Red to purple fall color remains through winter Attractive to bees, butterflies, and birds 1 >site design/detail// Printer’s Row, Chicago, IL Primula vialii Poker Primrose DEARBORN PARK ornamental perennial 1-1.5’ tall, 6”-1’ spread Moist soil, pH tolerant//pt shade-full sun Early-Mid Summer bloom Fragrant flowersvchefti | PLANNING + DESIGN 2012 Pinus bugeana Lacebark Pine small to large evergreen tree 30-50’ tall, 20-25’ spread Well-drained soils//pt to full sun Ornamental peeling bark INTERVENTION PROBLEM/OBJECTIVE Dearborn Park unintentionally became a Panicum virgatum thoroughfare for passers-through, rather Switch Grass than a destination to visit and enjoy. The deep-rooted perennial grass 3-6’ tall, 2-3’ spread design did not accommodate the needs MATERIALS : Medium to wet soils//pt shade-full sun Yellow fall color of local residents, such as dog walking galvanized steel t-rail Wind erosion barrier, CO2 biosequestration and a destination for play and/or repose. galvanized steel sheet concrete base #3 rebar Veronica spicata ssp. incana The re-design accommodates resident’s Spiked Wooly Speedwall current uses, with a flexible program for . LED lights embedded into vert. of T-rails ornamental evergreen perennial 1-1.5’ tall, 1-2.5’ spread additional and future civic uses. . Suction and pump located at either terminus Average soil, pH tolerant//pt shade-full sun Mid Summer bloom Silver winter foliage
  4. 4. HISTORIC DEARBORN STATION } DEARBORN ENTRY PLAZA { mulch planting bed native ornamental grasses cast iron seating } REFLECTIVE BOLLARDS PARKING } DESIGNATED DOG AREA }{ SLEEPER CAR } brick walk mulch planting bed rail-tie seating PINE MOUND OPEN LAWN }{ RAIL-TIE PROMENADE } mulch planting bed native ornamental grasses t-rail seating DESIGNATED DOG AREA } PLATFORM PLAZA { cast iron seating runnel water feature }100FT 20
  5. 5. symbolism contrasts land & water bridges rocks, pebbles, sand vegetation meditation contemplation Far Eastern spirituality, tranquillity, & harmony with nature POP simple shapes systematic placement CULTURE modern materials /POST scale MODERN focus Representative of the purity culture of the era, simplicity a commentary on social mores. Minimalist less is more expressive abstract entertaining spatial order sequence interactive movement responsive indoor/outdoor spaces morphing, changing function, form, line dynamic pattern tempo vibrant geometryvchefti | PLANNING + DESIGN 2012 Modern Classical functionalism of the 1920’s expressed as indoor /outdoor transitional space geometric sight lines contrasting materials cooling water fountains pools contemplation repose Moorish religious symbology 100FT & climate oriented design 20
  6. 6. .USB fountain with sandstone ‘port‘ steel cable & colored underlighting *creates privacy restaurant patio .Traces motion sensed path multi-colored lighting .USB sculpture benchesWALNUTdesign/garden styles// local sandstone .Computer Chip seating polished slate slabs 2 >site STREET COURTYARD VICINITY MAP 400FT 200Old Town, Fort Collins, CO
  7. 7. The plaza takes form with elements complementing the shipyard theme. The shape of the slip is noted in the elongated water feature and industrial I-beam seating. Multi-surface groundcover and wooden planks embedded in the plaza, give nod to wooden ship decking. Riprap boulder seating complements the water’s edge, bringing it to the rest of the site 3 >post-industrial urban in-fill// POST-INDUSTRIAL HERITAGE REMEDIATION WALKING PARK & AM/PM PLAZAS 200FT 50 BAYFRONT HARBOURvchefti | PLANNING + DESIGN 2012 Duluth Harbour Basin, Duluth, MN
  8. 8. BUILDING USE MIXED USE[civic] Ground Floor: Civic, Commercial, Office Upper Floor: Civic, Commercial, Flex, Residential, Office MIXED USE[commercial] Height: 3 stories max to preserve views MIXED USE[residential] (exceptions for pre-existing) 15-25’ height allowance first floor, MIXED USE[industrial] 10-15’ allowance other floors Additional: Green roof use and balconies are encouraged Facade: regular access points, materials & form consistent STANDARDS > with Historic Downtown and/or harbour theme Site Furniture: exterior lighting required, first floor awnings, signage, cafe furniture encouraged. All pend city approval SAMPLE 4 >urban planning/renewal// Duluth Harbour Basin, Duluth, MN REGULATION PLAN STANDARDS BAYFRONT HARBOUR STREET TYPES COLLECTOR[main] LOCAL[service access] Pedestrian Friendly Service Access LOCAL[pedestrian access] Movement Type: slow at 25mph Travel Lane Width: 12’ *bicycle lanes permitted LOCAL[access]vchefti | PLANNING + DESIGN 2012 Sidewalk Width: 6-10’ Curbs: consistent with Downtown & Canal Park Entry Zone: planters and plantings encouraged, not to obscure STANDARDS > sight lines, and composed of native species Buffer Zone: medium native trees planted in regular spacing at 25-30’ on center Site Furniture:street lighting, tree grates, trash receptacles, benches, etc. consistent with Downtown & Canal Park OPEN SPACE [remediation gardens] Stormwater Remediation Gardens GREEN[remediation park] Paths: 6’ sidewalk, 6-10‘ bike path Paving: concrete sidewalks GREEN[community park] GREEN[walking park] Site Furniture: regularly placed street lamps, trash receptacles, benches, etc. either consistent with Historic Downtown GREY[pedestrian street] or commissioned with recycled industrial materials GREY[plaza] Landscape: medium sized street trees planted 25-30’ on center, turf grass, and native water thriving shrubs and grasses STANDARDS > 200FT 50
  10. 10. PARIS 13E * * CADETS De La FRANCE LIBRE PARC La Sein e * CLASSICAL/ 500M 2000FT traditional 5 >urban design proposal// 13th Arrondissement, Paris, France PARIS 7 DISTRICT //infusion Libre Parc is located at the convergence MODERN/ / of ‘traditional‘ Paris to the East and contemporary ‘modern‘ Paris to the West. Our firm’s * expertise lays in the challenge of renovative design solutions, merging the ‘contemporary‘ with the ‘classical‘ to produce timeless modern landscapes. AREA //recreation re-mix LOCAL RESIDENTS Phase Two begins with a time-use students demographic analysis of Libre Parc. families * The information found in the analysis 20M urban professionals 100FT will essentially provide us with program elements of several different parks urban youthvchefti | PLANNING + DESIGN 2012 (example: morning, noon, evening). PARIS LIBRE MINISTERE DES SPORTS The concept of the ‘re-mixed‘ park is LOCAL COMMERCE merging these different parks into one, by creating multipurpose and multi- patrons COLLEGE THOMAS MANN functional site elements. craftsmen industrial designers SITE //additional elements TRAIN ACCESS engineers/ RUE accessibility, circulation vibrant lighting for safety and style technicians DU N AN CH MA SM comfortable seating configurations EVA T HO amenities for special events UE LER R INS interactive elements UL T E O SM aesthetic planting material * D AN S GR environmental solutions innovative DE RU E recycled materials, renewable energy storm water management iconic 4-season design environmental 20M long-term maintenance/operations 100FT
  11. 11. * USER RADIUS Parc de Bercy Pl. Simone de Beauvior National Library of France Place Jeanne d’Arc * * Ecole Elémentaire Mairie University of Paris Diderot * Ministere Des Sports College Thomas Mann * 805M[0.5MI] * * WALKING DISTANCE 400M[0.25MI] * 200M 1000FT EVENT/ DESTINATION EVENT RADIUS MIXED USE[commercial] MIXED USE[residential] CONCEPT Parc de Bercy RE-MIX Pl. Simone de Beauvior Libre Parc becomes an event, linking, literally and National Library of France aesthetically, destinations complementary to the re- mixed multi-purpose program. University of Paris Diderot Ecole Elémentaire Mairie Place Jeanne d’Arc Ministere Des Sports College Thomas Mann University of Paris Diderot 200M 1000FT ROUTE/ DESTINATION Parc de Bercy Pl. Simone de Beauvior National Library of France University of Paris Diderot Ecole Elémentaire Mairie Place Jeanne d’Arc Ministere Des Sports College Thomas Mann University of Paris Diderot 200M 1000FT
  12. 12. 8 >environmental planning & design// Fargo-Moorhead, ND-MN 1’ reinforced poured concrete 1000FT engraved trail marker dock structure slides vertical with water level along trail marker 3 1/2” corten steel support BUFFALO AQUIFER PARK 6MI 4” steel hex blotsY 10 1’ rebar reinforced poured concrete AQUIFER PARK (to bedrock) 4x4 and corten support meet 1’ concrete base for structural high-preformance trail support at low water levels landscape park system BRIDGE ANCHOR/BASE SYSTEM The park design establishes hydrological resiliency through strategic land-use. In addition, it serves residents as a civic amenity, providing a vast program of recreation, including raising environmental awareness through education. vchefti | PLANNING + DESIGN 2012 6’ n.t.s. Ru FLOATING SUSPENSION BRIDGE (typ.) 3b n.t.s.
  13. 13. CONCRETE TRAIL MARKER (typ.) Ru.3afloating dock6-4’ resin treated 2x4’s & 4x4’s soil bedding 1x6” galvanized steel eye bolts geoweb with 1” steel washer soil/gravel mix infill 8’ 1’ rebar reinforced poured concrete subbase (to bedrock) geotextile 1/4” steel cable Su GEOWEB TRAIL STRUCTURE (typ.) a n.t.s.
  14. 14. historic downtown urban brick red/purple hues RED RIVER PARK SYSTEM maple varieties orange/red/purple fall hues Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding area, integrated high-preformance landscape wood red/orange/yellow red dogwood red/orange Rural preventative_highly functional tallgrass prairie wetland eco-parks corten purple/red/orange Suburban big bluestem red/orange fall purple late summer mitigative_neighborhood park with integrated wetland functions rural Great Plains Microsoft Urban interpretive_wet tallgrass prairie functions 7 >regional environmental planning// Fargo-Moorhead, ND-MN integrated into highly structured spaces rebar reinforced scored concrete yellow sandstone RED RIVER PARK SYSTEMvchefti | PLANNING + DESIGN 2012 cantilever bench (4c) cast concrete 2x4 treated wood stainless steel support LED underlighting planting planting 100 rock underbed preserved riparian old growth preserved riparian o 25 carbon fiber windstalks (4a) reconstructed wet tallgrass prairie reconstructed wet t reconstructed river planting engraved mile marker red maple, red oser dogwood, mulch bed rebar reinforced concrete, rock bed geoweb groomed
  15. 15. Ru I-29 27TH ST N H WY HWY 9 N 75 N Su BROADWAY ST NW Ur r ve Ri Ru1 hs Ru 40 AVE N er Ma ple Riv 28TH AVE N 19 AVE N 15 AVE N 12 AVE NE Ur2 MAIN AVE E Ur1 13 AVE S 12 AVE S Su2 Su1 32 AVE S Su3 Ru2 60TH AVE HWY 9 40 AVE S VETERANS BLVD 45 ST 25 ST I-94 I-29 SHEYANNE ST HWY 75 S UNIVERSITY DR S Ru3 HW Y5 2S Ag1 160AVE S Buffalo River Red R e r iver ne Riv Wild Rice River heyan 0 10,000 30,000FT S 0 1 2 6MI boundary_ site water_ river park_ rural stream old growth municipal rural < > suburban suburban LEVEL FLOOD 5YR tallgrass prairie street_ arterial trail_ w/ snowmobile trails [Ag a] w/ street/sidewalk [Ag b] suburban < > urbanr edge collector local urban core red river trail rail drainage ditch trail (ru3a)
  16. 16. WATERCOLORSPENCIL/PEN&INKFREE-HAND SKETCHING 8 >concept sketches// watercolor, pen&ink, pencil vchefti | PLANNING + DESIGN 2012
  17. 17. personal philosophy I am an avid outdoors enthusiast & massive I firmly believe that prosperity arrives nerd. from hardwork, determination, and the LinkedIn purity of positive intention. The notion is My spirit is invigorated being outside in echoed in my favorite quotes: Behanced nature, taking the dog for a walk, jogging on cool dewy mornings, snowboarding on “Your work is to discover Land8 powder or ice, mountain and road biking, your work and then with all hiking and trail running. your heart to give yourself Scribd Consequently, this is balanced with a vigor to it. That’s the mark of a to learn and absorb information through true professional.” reading, digital and print, documenta- -Buddha Vimeo ries, and museum visits: WIRED, National “...if one advances Geographic, classic literature like A Sand Wordpress County Almanac and Lost Horizon, LAM, Co-Design, Gary Hustwit films, TEDtalks, confidently in the direction and so forth. of his dreams, and Facebook endeavours to live the life Complementary to the fields Landscape which he has imagined, he Twitter Architecture and Environmental Design, will meet with a successVanessa I completely ‘nerd out’ on the topics of unexpected in commonChristine ergonomics, etymology, and industrial, interactive, and high-tech arts, as well as hours.”Hefti open-sourced and remixed culture. -Henry David Thoreau ABOUT ME