Rosario - Argentina
The project aims to develop a wide variety of                                 themes of the actual world in the English la...
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Speak UP! Project in Rosario - Argentina


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This is the promotional booklet of Speak Up! Project in Rosario, Argentina.

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Speak UP! Project in Rosario - Argentina

  1. 1. Rosario - Argentina
  2. 2. The project aims to develop a wide variety of themes of the actual world in the English language while broadening the abilities and competences that are fundamental nowadays. The objective of the project is to offer a global vision to the people who study a foreing language while generating a positive impact and a cultural enrichment as a result of being in contact with people from all over the world.Some of the issues that will be developed in the Institutes where the project will be project are: carried out: ^ Cultural understanding and diversity ^ Environment, energy and sustainability ^ Community development ^ Corporate social responsibility ^ Globalization and innovation ^ Youth leadership and entrepreneurship ^ Emotional intelligence and team work ^ Motivation and effective communication
  3. 3. TN-In-AR-UA-2012-1611 TN-In-AR-UA-2012-1612 Job Descriptions: Prepare the classes on various topics to be dictated weekly. The objective is to allow people who study a foreign language to have a global vision and generate a positive impact on them as well. During the first week, develop a cultural presentation about their country. This will generate a space where is possible to share the cultural diversity. Weekly, to carry out the different themes in an interactive way, involving the students. To complement the project, two events will be held at the end of the first and the second month, which will be organised by the trainee with the colaboration of AIESEC Rosario. This aim to allow the trainee to expose their cultural presentation and the topics discused during the workshops. This event will be open to different organisations so as to create bonds between the participants, and to the whole society as well. A good level of Spanish is required. AIESEC Rosario will provide help for the organization. Measurable results expected from the exchange participant: To know different cultures and realities. To get involved in a different educational system. To strengthen their abilities as a communicator and educator. To create their own classes using diverse techniques and planningdifferent activities. To organize events where their work can be exposed and get in touch with different people and institutions. Skills required: 8 weeks Backgrounds required: Team Management Earliest start date: AUGUST 13, 2012 Introductory Cultural Education Training/ Facilitating skills Accommodation: PROVIDED Foreign Languages Education Presentation skills Meals and other expenses: U$s 200.- Subjects Education Project Management per month. Leadership skills Some intregration dinners provided. Language Teaching
  4. 4. Match with us NOW Contact us ASAP TN Managers Florencia Cuttica Antonela Merlino Project Coordinator Nadia Salmen VP ICX SD Valentina Imhoff valeimhoff.valeimhoff@aiesec.netCheck out these clips about Rosario: