The Band Perry - COMM2F00
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The Band Perry - COMM2F00

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This is my SlideShare Creative Assignement for COMM2F00 on The Band Perry

This is my SlideShare Creative Assignement for COMM2F00 on The Band Perry

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  • 1. The Band Perry are an American Country music group comprised of siblings Kimberly Perry (lead vocals, guitar, piano), R eid Perry (bass guitar, background vocals) and Neil Perry (mandolin, drums, accor dion, background vocals). The siblings started playing together in 2005 and were signed shortly after in 2009 to Republic Nashville.
  • 2. To date The Band Perry has realised 2 albums under the Republic Nashville:  The Band Perry, released October 2010  Pioneer, released April 2013 Together both albums totalled over 2 million record sales in Canada and US alone.
  • 3. The Band Perry uses numerous online media sites. Some include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, their official website, and MySpace. By using these sites The Band Perry is allowing interaction between them and their fans and allows fans to take a look into their lives. This allows for the fans to feel close to the band and form communities around them.
  • 4. Regularity maintained  Has up-to-date information on news, tour dates, pictures, the merchandise.  A section called Community allows for fans to post comments and images. Kimberly, Neil and Reid also frequently post in this section. 
  • 5.      Over 3,000 tweets Over 800,000 followers Since there are 3 members the siblings always initial at the end of a tweet so fans can know who is tweeting. Retweet fans and concert information from sites like Live Nation The only member with their own individual twitter account is Neil (@neilcperryiii)
  • 6. The Band Perry’s Facebook page has almost 3 million likes! The Band frequently shares concert information and images from their performances. Much like their Twitter account the band members initial after a post they have made so that fans can see who posted it. Many fans comment on images and posts made by the band members, but the artist never answer or reply back.
  • 7. Over 400 pictures posted  Over 60, 000 followers  Post a mix of pictures and videos  Only member with their own account is Neil (neilperryiii) 
  • 8.  MySpace ›  YouTube › ›  Ustream ›  Has not been used by the band for a long time  IMDB ›  List of nominations and TV performances  iTunes › perry/id345752964
  • 9. There are many media sites that allow you to listen to The Band Perry online:  Last FM   Slacker Radio   iHeart Radio   Spotify   Rdio   Deezer 
  • 10.  The Band Perry is currently on a World Tour for the album Pioneer. Many sites are available to buy tickets to their upcoming concerts: › tickets/artist/1449666 › ›
  • 11.  The following are 4 of many lyric sites that have lyric information on The Band Perry    
  • 12. Since the rise of social media tons of opportunities exist for online communities around artists. The Band Perry does a good job allowing fans to build communities around them through their use of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social media sources. These sites allow fans to keep up to date with the band and interact with the content the singers are posting. The Band Perry does retweet some tweets via twitter from fans, but does not interact with fans a lot through Facebook or Instagram.  On their website the band does have a section entitled Community where members can post images and comments and the band does post their own comments sometimes as well.  All The Band Perry Sites are frequently updated and maintained.  The fans of The Band Perry have also built their own communities around their band by making their own twitter pages (@thefansperry, @weluvbandperry) 
  • 13. Find your Audience 2. Post Meaningful, Sharable Content 3. Engage your Current Fans 4. Continue the Social Push IRL. Hand out Swag. Put up Flyers. 5. Post Consistently 1.
  • 14.  The Band Perry has established a great audience. Selling millions of records, acquiring hundreds of thousands followers on social media sites and playing to sold out country music fans.
  • 15.  The Band Perry posts a lot about up and coming tours as well as more personnel messages as seen below
  • 16. The Band Perry engages with their fans by being members of numerous social media sites updating fans on their everyday lives. Although they do not reply or hold conversations very frequently they do have sessions called #AskBandPerry via twitter where they answer some fan questions.
  • 17. In today’s world I believe that Social Media is way more important for artist than physical space.  The Band Perry does a great job with Social Media and keeping up to date with all the various sites.  I have physically never seen a The Band Perry poster, but I have also not seen one for any other artist recently either.  In today’s day and age posters are out and tweets are in. 
  • 18.   The Band Perry does a great job being consistent with their post. › Their last Instagram post was 17 hours ago › Their last Tweet was 45 minutes ago › Their last Facebook post was 4 hours ago The does a good job posting something at least once a day helping keep their audience engaged in their content