Marketing Analysis - OEP Report


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Venture Lab Class 2012

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Marketing Analysis - OEP Report

  1. 1. B2C Marketing Analysis OEP-Venture Lab 2012
  2. 2. Agenda1. Product description2. Target group3. Experiment descriptions4. Experiment results
  3. 3. The Idea - Fashion AppOur Visionis to combine the advantages of online shopping and retail storesshopping experiences in one product.Our Product "Your fashion app"is a free service for young women to inform themselves about actualfashion trends and to receive a valuable and personalized shoppingadvice.
  4. 4. Benefits of our productFashion conscious Brands / Retail Storeswomen: benefits:● entertain with new fashion ● access to a target group impressions for free ● high quality environment for● valuable and personalised branding shopping advice ● high customer attention to● articles can be bought and presented message tried on in a local shop ● highly personalised and● save money by getting latest localized ad targeting coupons and find local deals ● new customer acquisition and● have an overview of local activation of existing shops customers
  5. 5. B2B and B2C Marketing● We have to execute B2C and B2B marketing, to generate suspects for our business● Without fashion conscious women on the platform, it is not possible to attract ads from retailers● So effective B2C marketing has to be done at first● After generating a critical customer mass B2B marketing and sales process can be started● In this report we focus on B2C Marketing, B2B marketing and sales would be analysed in a separate report
  6. 6. Agenda1. Product description2. Target group3. Experiment descriptions4. Experiment results
  7. 7. B2C target group in German market 18% of 60% of population population Estimation:30,8 million 47% of 57% of women leaves in has netto 30% reachusers inform users are online are cities (over income over in the targetthemself women between 0,5 million 1.000€: group 0,3about fashion 14,5 million 16-39 years people) 0,9 million million usersonline (DPDHL 12) 8,3 million 1,5 million people(OVK 11) (DPDHL 12) (DPDHL 12) (DPDHL 12)
  8. 8. Agenda1. Product description2. Target group3. Experiment descriptions4. Experiment results
  9. 9. B2C Marketing experiments and testsetupWe would like to perform various experiments to validatefollowing points of our B2C marketing: ● Test of different traffic sources ● Test of product USP and sloganTest infrastructure: ● Google Analytics ● Google Optimizer ● Different versions of coming soon landing page with E-Mail subscription form ● facebook fan page
  10. 10. Test of traffic sourcesFollowing Traffic sources were identified and sorted based on costs aneffort. We would identify the best source based on suspect generation: 1. Ask family and friends to post links on facebook 2. Ask family and friends to post links on twitter 3. A lead confirmation E-Mail with forwarding request 4. Social Link share button on our landing page 5. Post on wallpaper of fashion brand like esprit or H&M 6. Search for Users who post on twitter fashion related comments and retweet them 7. Create an alert with keywords “to buy fashion nearby” and post a comment with link in these blogpost 8. Content creation on yotube and slideshare with fashion related content and link to our landing page
  11. 11. Test of product slogan and USP IExperiment 1:Slogan 1:“looque has my style nearby” - looque hat mein Style in meiner Nähewould be tested against more eleborate sloganSlogan 2:“looque is digital fashion magazine with my style nearby” - looque is der digitaleModemagazine mit meinem Stil in meiner NäheTraffic would be divided 50% vs 50%. On the coming soon landing page we aska user to give us an E-Mail. We define a generation of an E-Mail address as asuccess and base on it select the slogan.
  12. 12. Test of product slogan and USP IIExperiment 2:The winner of Experiment 1 would be tested againstSlogan 3:“looque has everyday my styles nearby” - looque hat jeden Tag neue Styles inDeiner Nähe - comparing to previous slogans actuality is more stronglycommunicatedExperiment 3:if we can still generate enough traffic to have a significant validation of ourresult we will test the winner of experiment 2 againstSlogan 4:“My Trends, My Style, My Shops” - Meiner Trends, Meine Styles, Meine Shops- comparing to previous slogans personalization plays more important role
  13. 13. Selection of background picture for landing pageWe selected different pictures for a background of our landingpage and ask our target group about their preferences.
  14. 14. Landing page
  15. 15. Agenda1. Product description2. Target group3. Experiment descriptions4. Experiment results
  16. 16. Experiment resultsExperiment results would be presented afterexperiment execution in one week
  17. 17. Thank you and contact us for more information!