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This is the company profile of SCORG International Consulting India.....

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Scorg International India Company Profile

  1. 1. An Introduction to our Global Capabilities Contents SCORG International  Background of SCORG International Bhandarkar Road, 302, Karan Selene, Pune,  SCORG Vision and Values Maharashtra, INDIA 411004 Phone: 020 4143-3000  Our Solutions  SCORG Differentiators ASIA – PACIFIC Head Office  The SCORG way Level 31, Six Battery Road Singapore  Client Cluster Phone: +65 91474650  The Practices of SCORGIANS
  2. 2. BACKGROUND OF SCORG INTERNATIONAL SCORG International was established to service both local and international companies with Mid to Senior Executive Recruitment, Staffing Services and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). The company is based in Singapore and India for over three years now. We are one of the fastest growing executive recruitment firms in India with over 1000 closures with a track record of high offer to joining ratio & excellence in service levels. Past successes for SCORG International have included being “preferred partners” of leading BIG 4, Banking and Financial, Engineering, Information Technology & Consulting Firms. One of the few consulting firms in the world to use the strategy tool "balanced score card" for focused performance and growth year on year. SCORG VISION To become one of the TOP 20 consulting firm by 2012 in our business & geography, by implementing the best practices and adopting emerging methodologies using a global network of professionals to service our customers in their resource needs. OUR CULTURE & VALUES  Accountability & Transparency at every stage of hiring.  Knowledge - we pool knowledge, experience & global resources  A “can-do” attitude - 100% client focused.  We don’t over commit; we commit to deliver.  We are innovators, with bespoke online solutions for funnel generation.  Partnering Ethos - we value the relationship and are value driven.  People Matter - When two corporations interact, it is the people who make things happen. We never lose sight that staffing is fundamentally a people business, placing people who will interact with your existing staff, clients and consumers and who will perform within your culture.  Continuous improvements in quality and efficiency of process  Integrity with our staff, stakeholders, clients and candidates
  3. 3. OUR SOLUTIONS Also as a way to offer full spectrum recruitment SOLUTIONS / OFFERINGS solutions to our esteemed clients, we now offer Contractual placement services and are most ambitious  Mid to Senior Executive Recruitment about this vertical.  Contract/C2C/C2H Technology Hire  Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) MID TO SENIOR EXECUTIVE RECRUITMENT PROCESS RECRUITMENT OUTSOURCING (RPO) RPO is the buzz word of the boom time in the industry, The demand is driven by the need for star performers in sales, delivery & management to run the existing for us it is a means to maximize the value for any client businesses and also to start new strategic units / who needs 25 niche hiring in mid level or 75 & above in models which are being formed due to the current generic skills. RPO enables the client to have a better market condition. We at SCORG having analysed the control of the process, greater visibility and most of all same to specific geographies & the sectors in those the key results are achieved. regions have built a pool of passive candidates who can drive the organizations in their growth path. Achieving all this while paying less than what traditional Considering the resource available with us matching the recruitment will cost will certainly be like an “icing on client needs and our flexible solutions customized to the cake”, which any hiring manager would love to meet their demands we partner with clients to add value both tangibly and in-tangibly Q-o-Q. have. SCORG team has already built the RPO practice over the years and delivered successfully to large customers. Our CONTRACT/C2C/C2H best practice charter and the continuously growing CoE TECHNOLOGY HIRE on the same, ensures one of the fastest ROI. Repositioning after slowdown is the nature of every SCORG provides highly specialized Contract Recruiters successful business; as a part of the same SCORG to supplement your existing staffing function. Using an realizes the varied needs and the changed working transitory recruiting approach, we help your models since 2009. Now Contractual hiring in all its organization implement a cost effective program that three forms is no longer a need restricted to the lowers your cost-per-hire and minimize the impact of developed economies. With the maturing of the adverse business situations. working population at a faster pace in the developing economies & the drive for challenges has opened greater possibilities for C2H, C2C & longer term Contractual employments.
  4. 4. SCORG DIFFERENTIATORS What Makes SCORG Different - Successful Execution This is how we do it……  For a successful long term strategy, it’s important to follow more than money.  Our Clear Vision driven by Zealous Youthful team uses the Balanced Scorecard to set & achieve goals.  Our team is trained by the industry best in Advanced Internet Research & Offline Headhunting.[This ensures we source the best of Active & Passive Candidates]  Our processes are managed by using top 10 recruitment software. This ensures synergy.
  5. 5. THE SCORG WAY It’s no secret that talent is the key to success in today’s knowledge based economy. HOW YOU FIND IT; HOW YOU USE IT; HOW YOU KEEP IT. And talent is RIGHTLY A DISCERNING AND ELUSIVE THING. All too often, the perfect match exists, but barriers prevent the two parties from meeting. OUR FIRST STEP involves COMPREHENSIVE DISCUSSIONS WITH YOU to gain a thorough understanding of the role and its context within the organization. At this stage we may also provide guidance on defining the job, the candidate specification and the remuneration. We THEN BUILD the RECRUITMENT STRATEGY, recommending the best method of sourcing candidates, by search, advertised selection or in some situations a combination of both. Our advice is free and without obligation up to this point. On ACCEPTANCE OF OUR PROPOSAL, we begin the recruitment process which is thorough and comprehensive. Here is an outline of its key stages:  If searching, we will identify and AGREE TARGET COMPANIES AND CANDIDATES. We use our experienced research team during this phase, which involves professional and discreet approaches to potential candidates to maximize their interest.  IF ADVERTISING, we will provide media advice, copywriting and placement in the media, including relevant websites.  Conducting STRUCTURED INTERVIEWS with relevant candidates.  PRESENTING SHORTLISTED CANDIDATES to you, together with detailed assessments and reports.  Assisting with OFFER NEGOTIATIONS, taking up references and qualification checks.  Throughout the assignment, keeping you and the candidates informed of progress and being responsive to timescales.  After completion we follow up at THREE, SIX AND TWELVE MONTH intervals to ensure the candidate is successfully integrated into your organization.  We believe we have found the answer in a push/pull search model. We harness the power and the reach of the Internet to communicate opportunities to as broad an audience as possible, whilst using traditional, targeted research techniques carried out by trained selection consultants.
  7. 7. The Practices of SCORGIANS Learning & Development AIRS Training & Certification is a professional credentialing program for individuals working in the I&R sector of human services. SCORGIANS are trained on AIRS practices during our “Learn 30 minutes a Day” apart from other skill enhancement sessions, which enables them to source the best of “Active & Passive” candidates with the domain understanding they would have developed. Certification is a measurement of documented ability in the field of I&R reflecting specific competencies and related performance criteria, which describe the knowledge, skills, attitudes and work-related behaviors needed by I&R practitioners to successfully execute their duties. The AIRS Certification Program is operated in alignment with the standards provided by the SCORGIANS are not just experienced consultant but also Qualified Recruiters. SCORGIANS Domain Knowledge Continuously Improve Client Servicing We take a trio approach to building our domain Change alone is constant, and hence a static knowledge – hire experts, develop experts & On- approach to client servicing cannot always succeed. Job understanding. All our three Practice Units – SCORGIAN account manager first sets the BFSI, ICT and CROME have Consultants with customized delivery process with-in 2-3 weeks of domain knowledge / expertise and they are gestation / client induction period. Followed by allocated as per the need of the assignment & which an escalation manager internally analyses solution model – Executive Search, Mid to Senior and externally reviews with the Client Owner, on Recruitment or RPO/Contract Staffing. changing scenarios to enhance results for all. Project Based Global Solutions Approach Building Leadership & Process Innovation Today almost every project a company undertakes All the learning, understanding, thinking and has a global angle, be it in terms of technology, the experience in client servicing of SCORGIANS lead to supply chain, servicing, implementation OR at-least creation of “Intellectual Capital”, which fructifies innovation units. Hence the need for resources for into newer solution models & process innovations. any project should be availed with a global thinking Our leaders, work towards mentoring next for the specialized domain, operating with-in the generation leaders, who along with them replicate confines of the project. That is SCORGIAN practice. these processes & models to enhance results. To experience the above & some of the best hiring competencies in the industry connect us at: Vinay Murthy, Sr. Manager – / +91 20 41433017 / +91 97 64002614