INOTAXA markup and its relations to ViBRANT
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INOTAXA markup and its relations to ViBRANT






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  • “ To set up the means, tools and infrastructure to produce a more rational and a more effective framework for European Biodiversity research”

INOTAXA markup and its relations to ViBRANT INOTAXA markup and its relations to ViBRANT Presentation Transcript

  • INOTAXA markup and its relation to ViBRANT Chris Lyal Natural History Museum [email_address] Workpackage 7 Biodiversity literature access and data mining ViBRANT Virtual Biodiversity
  • taXMLit and INOTAXA
    • Joint project with Anna Weitzman, Smithsonian Institution
    • Prior work with OU team in ABLE project
    • taXMLit
    • XML schema for taxonomic literature - atomised markup
    • covers complete papers, not just treatments
    • markup route via TEI-Lite+ / taXMLit-simple
    • INOTAXA -
    • developed using user needs feedback
    • simple and Boolean searches and browse facility
    • current contents: ca. 900pp legacy and recent literature
    • developing a further ca 50,000 treatments for simple search
    • being developed from pilot to production
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  • What we will do in ViBRANT
    • Provide assistance to OU (and other WP 7 members if required) on subject-specialist taxonomic issues for markup.
    • Provision of taXMLit & taXMLit-simple schemas + mark-ups + documentation.
    • - next week
    • 3. Mapping between other schemas / DTDs (taxonX, TaxPub) and taXMLit-simple (format-based, without deep atomisation)
    • Month 3
    • 4 Search and information retrieval from marked-up documents, using INOTAXA
    • Will be made available with documentation by month 12 for development
    • 5 Upload tool to put content into back-end database
    • Will be made available with documentation by month 12 for development
    • 6 Review of pilot mark-up processes
    • - Month 20
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  • How we are doing it
    • Close liaison, particularly with OU team, on search system.
    • Liaison with PenSoft, KIT team, on taXMLit-simple / taXMLit schemas
    • INOTAXA database and search/retrieval system currently being re-built using PHP and a MySQL database. Funded outside ViBRANT.
    • Upload tool for texts in taXMLit and taXMLit-simple to be built. Funded outside ViBRANT.
    • Integration of INOTAXA and upload tool with Scratchpad to be discussed once full documentation available.
    • Integration of INOTAXA with other WP7 outputs (with other WP7 participants).
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  • Who are our users & how will they engage?
    • Taxonomists via the Scratchpads
    • Taxonomists directly to
      • currently sited on NHM server
      • will be sited also on Smithsonian server
      • metrics not currently available
      • INOTAXA built with user involvement
    • Wider users via EoL (currently 866 pages; pages viewed in December = 78; 152 page views)
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