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Biography and Award winning novels of Joseph Bruchac

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Joseph bruchac

  1. 1. Joseph BruchacNative AmericanAuthor | Storyteller | MusicianPresented byLori Vanden Berghe
  2. 2. “The central themes in my work are simple ones - that we have to listen to each other and to the earth, that we have to respect each other and the earth, that we never know anyone until we know what they have in their heart.” ―Joseph Bruchac
  3. 3. background• Ancestry is English, Slovak, and Abenaki Indian from upstate New York• Works to preserve Abenaki culture, language and traditional Native skills• Education ▫ B.A. from Cornell, ▫ M.A. in Literature and Creative Writing from Syracuse ▫ Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the Union Institute of Ohio.• Prolific writer: first book published in 1975
  4. 4. • Cherokee Nation Prose Award• Hope S. Dean Award for Notable Achievement in Children’s Literature• 2005 Virginia Hamilton Literary Award• 1999 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Native Writers Circle of the Americas• 1998 Writer of the Year Award from the Native Writers Circle of the Americas• 1998 Storyteller of the Year Award from the Native Writers Circle of the Americas• 1995 Knickerbocker Award awards
  5. 5. Horn BookHonor and Boston 1997Globe Book Paterson Award Award 1996 Scientific American 2001 Parents Children’s Book Guide to Award Childrens Media Award1999 Jane Addams 2000Children’s Parents awards Book Choice Award Gold Award
  6. 6. “To this day, my way of looking at lifeand the writing I do always isinfluenced in one way or another bymy abiding respect for the naturalworld and my gratitude for all that ithas given and continues to give.” ―Joseph Bruchac
  7. 7. Listen to Author and storyteller Joseph Bruchac explaining the origin and significance of the flute and the drum to Native American culture.Storyteller
  8. 8. teacherresources
  9. 9. One thing can be said about Bruchac’scollection of writing, he appeals to all ages.His children’s books bring Native Americanexplanations to natural phenomena . children’s literature
  10. 10. historical fiction• Piques student interest• Artfully told and incorporates history seamlessly• Protagonists face realistic, complex issues• Stereotypes avoided• Authentic settings
  11. 11. fantasy From Native America to Slovakia Bruchac departs from Native American territory and writes a humorous fantasy story with Prince Rashko as his protagonist.
  12. 12. poetry “…all of us need to try to be kinder and more open, that small acts of kindness open the doors of the spirit and connect us to a deep reservoir of energy--an energy often expressed within poetry.”
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