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Selected case studies of recent client projects

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Scom Case Studies

  1. 1. Agency Case Studies<br />Years: 2004-2010<br />Vince Belizario’sSample Project Portfolio<br />
  2. 2. Häagen-Dazs > Cirque du Soleil<br />PROMOTIONS<br />Challenge<br />Introduce a new line of Light Super Premium Ice Cream to a targeted demographic.<br />Solution<br />Identified and negotiated exclusive rights as official supplier to three different Cirque du Soleil North American touring shows. Powerful consumer engagement delivered over 500,000 sampling occasions across all three venues. Developed key account-specific promotions that drove targeted traffic to retail via coupons distributed by HD brand ambassadors. <br />Results<br />Distribution exceeded initial goals by 11%. Pioneered support from retailers who had declined previous programs. Concession sales rose 50%+ over year ago.<br />Banner<br />Postcard<br />Sampling cart<br />Table tent<br />
  3. 3. Dreyer’s/Edy’s > American Idol<br />CONSUMER PROMOTIONS<br />Challenge:<br />Dramatically expand HH penetration for Slow Churned and reach a broader audience beyond “Light” ice cream users.<br />Solution:<br />Crafted a strategic partnership with American Idol that appealed to the entire family and reinforced the key attributes of the program (i.e. “voting”).<br />Built the integrated program around five new custom flavors, supported by digital, event marketing, in-store merchandising, PR and consumer offers.<br />Results:<br />Increased HH penetration by 1.2M and drove a 407% increase in YOY sales.<br />
  4. 4. Cingular > 3G Harmony Roadshow<br />RETAIL TRAINING<br />Challenge<br />Effectively train the sales organization on how to use data products on new 3G-enabled devices.<br />Solution<br />Created themed training events spoofing the eHarmony dating service. “3G Harmony” focused on matching consumers with the right data products. <br />Results<br />A total of 36 meetings held, reaching over 15,800 sales management and retail personnel. <br />Tip cards<br />
  5. 5. AT&T Mobility > Orange to Blue Conversion<br />RETAIL MERCHANDISING<br />Challenge<br />Manage the transition as 2000 company-owned Cingular stores converted to the “new AT&T” brand<br />Solution<br />Leveraging learnings from the Blue to Orange transition we also oversaw, assembled an expert team to construct fixtures, audit compliance and manage the call center.<br />Results<br />98% of the 2000 stores were changed over in a single night, on time and under budget.<br />
  6. 6. SanDisk Mobile > Futbol<br />CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT<br />Challenge<br />Increase SanDisk’s sales in key retail accounts to Latin America, while maintaining the integrity of the North American “Wake Up Your Phone” campaign.<br />Solution<br />Brokered major sponsorship with Copa Suda Americana. Developed a fully-integrated sponsorship campaign that included local media, consumer engagement in and out-of-store, packaging, and in-store merchandising. <br />Results<br />Futbol resonated with all retailers across Latin America. Sales increased, surpassing sales goals.<br />Microsite and downloads<br />In-store poster<br />
  7. 7. SanDisk > Rock The Bells<br />CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT<br />Challenge<br />Take advantage of music festival partnerships to demonstrate how cards and readers help consumers manage personal content.<br />Solution<br />12 Slot Spotters wearing “Show Me Your Slot” t-shirts engaged concert attendees to educate them about SanDisk products. On-site SMS text promotion, dangling cool instant win prizes, created excitement.<br />Results<br />SanDisk received strong support from their retail partners and an influx of registrations at their promotional website.<br />
  8. 8. T-Mobile > TKO<br />CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT<br />Challenge<br />Create an experiential marketing program to support T-Mobile’s involvement with an independent 3rd party website analyzing wireless plans.<br />Solution<br />Drew immediate attention by daring consumers to step into an actual boxing ring to take the T-Mobile challenge. Visited high-traffic outdoor locations, malls and movie theaters to engage consumers and drive sales. Created a major PR opportunity by bringing Philly hometown hero Smokin’ Joe Frazier to our final event.<br />Results<br />Gained attention for T-Mobile’s partnership with Perfected the consumer engagement approach that would form the foundation of the Summer’s Mobile Makeover tour.<br />
  9. 9. T-Mobile > Mobile Makeover<br />CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT<br />Challenge<br />Extend T-Mobile’s Mobile Makeover initiative into key markets across the US to promote value messaging while driving on-site demos and activations.<br />Solution<br />Developed a fully-integrated initiative that included local media, consumer engagement in and out-of-store and custom incentive offers. Produced and managed all aspects of four simultaneous mobile tours, visiting over 150 locations. Brokered major sponsorships with Six Flags, Hersheypark and the city of Chicago.<br />Results<br />Tour ultimately tallied 276 event days, reaching nearly 13M attendees. Facilitated over 30,000 “mobile makeovers” that yielded nearly 6,000 new activations.<br />
  10. 10. T-Mobile > Chicago Softball<br />INTEGRATED CAMPAIGNS<br />Challenge<br />Strengthen connection with Chicago consumers ages 25-40 and create a unique and ownable marketing platform with evergreen potential.<br />Solution<br />Forged exclusive partnership with Chicago’s largest adult softball league, based on insight regarding target group’s affinity for 16” softball. Created “T-Mobile Clubhouse” as epicenter of consumer engagements. Raised awareness via wild postings and banner ads. Microsite promoted “Hit the Roof” sweepstakes (awarding team party across from Wrigley Field) and “refer a friend” offer for gift card to local pizza chain. <br />Results<br />Chicago market led the nation in SOGA growth.<br />
  11. 11. T-Mobile – Texas State Fair<br />CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT<br />Challenge<br />Establish a presence at the Texas State Fair to capitalize on high foot traffic and event duration. Increase SOGA in the DFW market.<br />Solution<br />Led sponsorship negotiations and site selection with TSF. Ideated, designed and built a temporary retail experience, open 24 days during the fair. <br />Facilitated effective partnership with TMO regional sales management, TMO retail sales associates and brand ambassadors. <br />Results<br />Succeeded in delivering a strong T-Mobile brand impression to more than 1M+ fair attendees. Set a T-Mobile event sales record with 3,074 new activations (23% over event stretch goal); accounted for 15% of total DFW gross adds during event period.<br />