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Amazon Web Services
First Partner Summit
São Paulo, 9 de Maio de 2012
WTC, Sheraton
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  • Amazon Web Services provides highly scalable computing infrastructure that enables organizations around the world to requisition compute power, storage, and other on-demand services in the cloud.  These services are available on demand so a customer doesn’t need to think about controlling them, maintaining them or even where they are located. Our approach has always been to be a customer focused company.  We constantly look to develop services in line with the needs of our customers to make sure they get the flexibility and usability out of the service that they need to be successful. 
  • Cloud computing is a better way to run your business. The cloud helps companies of all sizesbecome moreagile. Instead of running your applications yourself you can run them on the cloud where IT infrastructure is offered as a service like a utility. With the cloud, your company saves money: there are no up-front capital expenses as you don’t have to buy hardware for your projects. The massive scale and fast pace of innovation of the cloud drive the costs down for you. In the cloud, you pay only for what you use just like electricity.The cloud can also help your company save time and improve agility – it’s faster to get started: you can build new environments in minutes as you don’t need to wait for new servers to arrive. The elastic nature of the cloud makes it easy to scale up and down as needed. At the end of the day you have more resources left for innovation which allows you to focus on projects that can really impact your businesses like building and deploying more applications. “With the high growth nature of our business, we were looking for a cloud solution to enable us to scale fast. Think twice before buying your next server. Cloud computing is the way forward.” - Sami Lababidi, CTO, Playfish
  • Amazon Web Services is steadily expanding its global infrastructure to help customers achieve lower latency and higher throughput. As our customers grow their businesses, AWS will continue to provide infrastructure that meets their global requirements.
  • You can choose to deploy and run your applications in multiple physical locations within the AWS cloud. Amazon Web Services are available in geographic Regions. When you use AWS, you canspecify the Region in which your data will be stored, instances run, queues started, and databases instantiated.For most AWS infrastructure services, including Amazon EC2, there are eight regions: US East (Northern Virginia), US West (Northern California), EU (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Singapore) and Asia Pacific (Tokyo), AWS GovCloud (US), US West (Oregon), and South America (Sao Paulo).Within each Region are Availability Zones (AZs). Availability Zones are distinct locations that are engineered to be insulated from failures in other Availability Zones and provide inexpensive, low latency network connectivity to other Availability Zones in the same Region. By launching instances in separate Availability Zones, you can protect yourapplications from a failure (unlikely as it might be) that affects an entire zone. Regions consist of one or more Availability Zones, are geographically dispersed, and are in separate geographic areas or countries. The Amazon EC2 service level agreement commitment is 99.95% availability for each Amazon EC2 Region.
  • Before, taking advantage of AWS’s massive scale was limited by transfer speeds in to Amazon S3 and file size limitations.At Amazon we really focus on listening to our customers and innovating on their behalf, so we launched large object support , up-to 5TB, and Multi-part uploadAspera has created technology that takes advantage of multi-part uploads to transfer data to S3 at up-to 700 Mb/s (you will likely get a chance to see this live later today).We also launched Amazon Direct Connect, so companies can connect directly to AWS with 1Gb and 10Gb ports, bypassing the internet.
  • AWS Partner Summit_UmeshSampat

    1. 1. 1º AWS LATAM Partners Summit São Paulo, 9 de Maio de 2012
    2. 2. AWS Executive Briefing: Storage Umesh Sampat | Solutions Architect AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    3. 3. Agenda What is AWS? Common Storage Challenges Storage Overview  S3 High Level  S3 Deep Dive Next Generation Enterprise Storage Why AWS + S3? AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    4. 4. What is AWS?: AWS Platform Your Applications Management & Administration Building Block Services Administration Identity & Deployment Monitoring Console Access Application Platform Services Content Parallel Libraries & Messaging Distribution Processing SDKs Foundation Services Compute Storage Database Networking Availability Zones AWS Global Infrastructure Edge Locations Regions AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    5. 5. Common Data Storage Challenges Data growth spiraling out of control Traditional technologies and processes don’t scale Try to accurately predict storage needs Offsite / Secondary data centers are expensive SAN systems are very expensive NAS systems are expensive Archive HW + SW is expensive Backup HW + SW is expensive Tape is unreliable and cumbersome Multi-site collaboration is often challenging IT response times can hinder the pace of innovation AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    6. 6. What if you could…….. Go global with a few key strokes? Go active in a few clicks? Eliminate capacity planning? Eliminate provisioning for peak demand? Eliminate the need for secondary sites? Consolidate Gold Copy, Backup, DR, and Archive? Slash your DR budget by 50%? Eliminate the need for tech refresh? Eliminate 30%+ of your storage footprint? Eliminate tape? AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    7. 7. Amazon S3 offers a way to…… Confidently rethink storage strategy:  Architecture  Capacity Planning  Provisioning  Operations  Consumption  Run rate  ROI  Risk AWS CONFIDENTIAL EU West Region South America Region APAC Region Japan Region (IRE) (Sao Paulo) (Singapore) (Tokyo) US West Region US West Region US GovCloud Region US East Region (N. CA) (Portland) (Portland) (N. VA)
    8. 8. Amazon S3 Benefits No Up-Front Low Cost Pay Only forCapital Expense What You Use Self-Service Easily Scale Improve Agility & Infrastructure Up and Down Time-to-Market Deploy AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    9. 9. What is Amazon S3?Simple Storage Service: Storage for the Internet Scalable Reliable Fast Inexpensive Simple AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    10. 10. What is Amazon S3?Simple Storage Service: Storage for the Internet No SPOF Availability: 99.99% Durability: 99.999999999% Store 10,000 objects in S3 and expect to lose one object every 10,000,000 years. AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    11. 11. Global: Global Infrastructure for Global EnterprisesGovCloud US West US West US East South EU Asia Asia (US ITAR (Northern (Oregon) (Northern America (Ireland) Pacific Pacific Region) California) Virginia) (Sao Paulo) (Singapore) (Tokyo) AWS Regions AWS Edge Locations AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    12. 12. Durable: AWS Regions and Availability Zones Customer Decides Where Applications and Data Reside AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    13. 13. Scalable - Fast – Proven – Accepted 905 Billion Peak Requests: 650,000+ per second 192% Growth in 2011 762 Billion Total Number of Objects Stored in Amazon S3 262 Billion 102 Billion 14 Billion 40 Billion 2.9 Billion Q4 2006 Q4 2007 Q4 2008 Q4 2009 Q4 2010 Q4 2011 Q1 2012 AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    14. 14. SecureIdentity and Access Management (IAM)  Create and manage multiple users under a single AWS account  Grant IAM users fine-grained control to your Amazon S3 bucket or objectsAccess Control Lists (ACLs)  Use ACLs to selectively add (grant) certain permissions on individual objectsBucket Policies  Add or deny permissions at the bucket level across some or all of the objects within a single bucketQuery String Authentication  Share Amazon S3 objects through URLs that are valid for a predefined expiration time AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    15. 15. SecureEncryption  Amazon S3 Encryption Client • Encrypt your data before uploading to Amazon S3 • Customer manages encryption keys  SSL  Server Side Encryption • AWS manages the keys with SSELogging  Capture all requests made against a bucket or the objects within the bucket  These logs can be used for auditing purposes AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    16. 16. Secure AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    17. 17. Simple No management No backup Eliminate Rack & Stack No snapshots No provisioning FOCUS ON THE BUSINESS NOT THE TECHNOLOGY  Speed business innovation AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    18. 18. Inexpensive Pricing Options:  Standard Storage  RRS 16 price reductions to date Amazon S3 passes on AWS savings to the customerAWS CONFIDENTIAL
    19. 19. Next Generation Enterprise Storage - S3 AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    20. 20. First, let’s visit some storage basics AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    21. 21. Storage Basics - Block vs. File vs. Object Storage• Block Storage: – Data organized as an array of unrelated blocks – Host File System places data on disk: Microsoft NTFS or Unix ZFS – Structured data is predicted to grow at 18.7% CAGR until 2018• File Storage: – Unrelated data blocks managed by a file (serving) system – Native file system places data on disk: EMC UxFS or NTAP WAFL – Unstructured data is predicted to grow at 47.3% CAGR until 2018• What is Object Storage?: – A new data access, data storage, and data management model • API access to data vs. traditional block or file system access • Metadata Driven, Policy-based, Self Managing storage • No host overhead for storage functions – A system that stores virtual containers that encapsulate the data, data attributes, metadata, and Object IDs AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    22. 22. Storage Basics - SAN vs. NAS vs. Cloud Storage• SAN and NAS are integrated with clients via the operating system• Cloud Storage is an application level integration Datacenter Proximity SAN Ethernet / Optical FC / iSCSI / FCoE SERVERS Datacenter Proximity NAS Ethernet FILESYSTEMS nfs / cifs Cloud Cloud Proximity Storage API / HTTP(S) https:// APPLICATIONS AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    23. 23. S3 blurs the lines and collapses budgetsArchiving is the process of moving data that is no longeractively used to a separate data storage device for long-termretention. Data archives are indexed and have searchcapabilities so that files and parts of files can be easily locatedand retrieved.Backup or the process of backing up is making copies ofdata which may be used to restore the original after a dataloss event. The primary purpose is to recover data after itsloss, be it by data deletion or corruption. The secondarypurpose of backups is to recover data from an earlier time.Disaster recovery is the process, policies and proceduresrelated to preparing for recovery or continuation of technologyinfrastructure critical to an organization after a natural orhuman-induced disaster. AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    24. 24. Storage Basics - Cloud Storage: SDK or Plug & Play? SDK: Application Plug & Play: IT can bridge Developers can on-premises environmentsleverage the S3 SDK for with familiar storage custom application interfaces and integration Web Services API methodologies via Cloud HTTP(S) Storage Gateways AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    25. 25. Cloud Storage Use-Cases for the Enterprise AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    26. 26. Next Generation Enterprise Storage - Overview Customer Data Center Block File Archive Backup DR Direct Connect or Internet Web Services API HTTP(S)AWS CONFIDENTIAL HTTP(S) EU West Region South America Region APAC Region Japan Region (IRE) (Sao Paulo) (Singapore) (Tokyo) US West Region US West Region US GovCloud Region US East Region (N. CA) (Portland) (Portland) (N. VA)
    27. 27. Cloud Storage Gateway Benefits Traditional: Next Generation:On-Premise Solutions Reduce SAN Footprint Gateway + Cloud StoragePrimary BlockStoragePrimary File Reduce NAS FootprintStorageArchivalStorage Eliminate Arch. HW / SWDisk BasedBackup Storage Eliminate B.U. HW / SWTape Infrastructure& Management Eliminate TapeReplicated Storage for Recover in Cloud orDisaster Recovery in any Data CenterOffsite Locations Eliminate Secondary DataGeo-Resilience Centers $$$$$ $ AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    28. 28. Next Generation Enterprise StorageUse Case: Backup & DR with the AWS Storage GatewayBenefits ELIMINATE TAPE!  Eliminate Backup Software Recover Seamlessly in EC2  Backup with 11-9s of durability Reduce DR cost by 50%  Low cost file server storage AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    29. 29. Next Generation Enterprise Storage Use Case: Thin SAN Storage with S3Benefits Massive SAN footprint reduction  Fast, online restores + tape elimination Simplify SAN storage  Integrated disaster recovery Lower costs with data reduction  Low cost file server storage - Dedplication - Compression Enterprise grade security Reduce DR cost by 50% Never migrate again! SAN GW
    30. 30. Next Generation Enterprise Storage Example: Thin SAN Storage with S3Enterprise Class  Dual Controller for High Availability  No Single Point of Failure  Non-Disruptive Software Upgrades  Certified by Microsoft & VMwareiSCSI storage integrates transparently  Self-protecting primary storage  Secondary and data protection storageFeatures that reduce cost, simplifystorage  Thin provisioning  Primary storage deduplicationPerformance with cloud elasticity andcost  WSL and integrated tiering, SSD, and SAS  Multiple cloud providersEnterprise-grade security for the cloud  Local keys and encryption of all cloud data  Protecting both data-in-motion AND data-at-restSimplified, optimized data protection  Fast online restores and elimination of tape  Integrated disaster recovery at lowest cost, complexity AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    31. 31. Next Generation Enterprise Storage Use Case: Thin NAS Storage with S3Benefits Massively Scalable NAS Storage  Eliminate Backup Software for files Eliminate 30% of NAS storage  Eliminate Archive Software for files footprint Combine Production + Archive + Backup + DR Global File Namespace Centralize Capacity Never run out of capacity Never under provision capacity! NAS GW
    32. 32. Next Generation Enterprise StorageUse Case: Thin NAS Storage (cont.) NAS GW NAS GW
    33. 33. Next Generation Enterprise Storage Example: Thin NAS Storage with S3 HTTP(S) EU West Region South America Region APAC Region Japan Region (IRE) (Sao Paulo) (Singapore) (Tokyo)AWS CONFIDENTIAL US West Region US West Region US GovCloud Region US East Region (N. CA) (Portland) (Portland) (N. VA)
    34. 34. Next Generation Enterprise StorageExample: Fast File Transfer into AWS AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    35. 35. Next Generation Enterprise Storage Example: Fast File Transfer into AWS InternetMulti-part Upload Up to 700 Mb/s direct to 1Gb and 10Gb Amazon S3 Connections
    36. 36. Next Generation Enterprise Storage Use Case: File Archive with S3Benefits Significant capital savings  Reduce backup times by 80% Eliminate NAS upgrades  Reduced replication = bandwidth Reduce NAS capacity up to 80% savings Significantly scale existing systems Never under provision = reduced risk Never run out of capacity Archive GW NAS NAS NAS
    37. 37. Next Generation Enterprise Storage Example: File Archive with S3 VNX NTAP Celerra NS VNX File servers Location 1 Location 2 Location 3 Location 4 HTTPS HTTPS HTTPS HTTPS EU West Region South America Region APAC Region Japan Region (IRE) (Sao Paulo) (Singapore) (Tokyo)AWS CONFIDENTIAL US West Region (N. CA) US West Region (Portland) US GovCloud Region (Portland) US East Region (N. VA)
    38. 38. Next Generation Enterprise Storage Example: File Archive with S3 Local file system interface to the SOAP / REST API used by the Amazon storage cloud platform 2 Virtual namespace to seamlessly integrate local and Amazon cloud storage cloud for users Automatically identify inactive and 3 4 CIFS / NFS other appropriate files to store in the Amazon storage cloud 1 Migrate files to Amazon storage SOAP / REST cloud platform without disrupting user access or causing downtime 5 Encrypt every file stored in theLocal Storage Amazon Amazon storage cloud for data security AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    39. 39. Next Generation Enterprise Storage Use Case: Email Archive with S3Benefits Significant capital savings  Reduce backup times by 80% Eliminate email quotas  E-Discovery / Compliance Features Reduce Storage upgrades  Search Increase mail store capacity by 80% Never run out of email capacity Keep all email online Archive GW Email Email Email
    40. 40. Next Generation Enterprise Storage Example: Email Archive with S3Integrates with major email systems100% Email capture  Internal and internet Email Unlimited storage  Lifecycle and storage allocation Full text indexing  Header, body and attachments Advanced searching based on indexing Advanced E-Discovery features  Legal hold  Add comments  Mark as reviewed, saved, needs attention  Add tags Multiple export options  .pst, pdf, text, mime, .eml, HTML, etc. 100% Web-based access AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    41. 41. Next Generation Enterprise Storage Use Case: Tapeless Cloud BackupBenefits Eliminate tape  Secure cloud backup Eliminate tape hardware  Eliminate off-site tape storage Eliminate VTLs (Data Domain) Never run out of backup capacity Maintain existing BU Software + paradigms Backup GW
    42. 42. Next Generation Enterprise Storage Example: Tapeless Cloud Backup• Random Access to ALL • Deduplication 90 day backup: backup/archive files at all times Unstructured Data - 20:1 Structured Data - 5:1• Data integrity Imaging Data – 3:1• NO TAPES OR TAPE LIBRARIES! • Throughput rates: Up to 800 Mbs sustained• No human handling • Ingest/Restore rates:• Infinite Scalability 8 TB/day raw 16 TB/day deduplicated (first pass) AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    43. 43. Next Generation Enterprise StorageUse Case: Tapeless Cloud Backup AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    44. 44. Next Generation Enterprise StorageExample: Backup Oracle Database with S3 Oracle Oracle Secure S3 RMAN Backup Module Region Corporate Data center
    45. 45. Amazon S3 + AWS Ecosystem = Business Value EC2 Direct Connect Import / Export CloudFront Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) EU West Region South America Region APAC Region Japan Region Cloud Search (IRE) (Sao Paulo) (Singapore) (Tokyo) DynamoDB US West Region US West Region US GovCloud Region US East Region (N. CA) (Portland) (Portland) (N. VA) AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    46. 46. Benefits: Financial:  Significant reduction in capital investments  Pay for only what you use: Metered Utility  Eliminate the need to over purchase  AWS prices continue to fall over time Operational:  Streamline and simplify data management operations  Reduction of systems and data centers  Focus employees on proactive and innovative tasks Business:  Never stop the business as capacity is endless  Never slow the pace of innovation  Turn IT into an innovation enabler AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    47. 47. For more information about S3, visit…. AWS CONFIDENTIAL
    48. 48. Thank YouAWS CONFIDENTIAL
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