Microsoft Certification Roadmap for Students


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Microsoft Certification Roadmap for Students

  1. 1. Microsoft Certification Roadmap for StudentsWhich path will you take for a career in Microsoft Technology?NOTE: exams with the prefix “072-” are available at low student pricing globally. VIRTUALIZATION ADMINISTRATOR: ENTERPRISE ADMINISTRATOR: WINDOWS SERVER 2008 R2 WINDOWS SERVER 2008 MCITP MCITP 72-659 TS: Windows Server 2008 R2, 70-647 PRO: Windows Server 2008 Server Virtualization Enterprise Administration 72-669 TS: Windows Server 2008 R2, 72-643 TS: Windows Server 2008 Desktop Virtualization Application Configuration 70-693 Pro: Windows Server 2008 R2, Virtualization Administrator SERVER ADMINISTRATOR: SERVER ADMINISTRATOR: WINDOWS SERVER 2003 WINDOWS SERVER 2008 72-642 TS: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuration MCSE MCITP 72-640 TS: Windows Server 2008 70-297: Designing a Microsoft Active Directory Configuration Windows Server 2003 Active Directory 72-640 TS: Windows Server 2008 and Network Infrastructure Active Directory, Configuring Fundamentals of Windows Server 2008 OR 72-642 TS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory 70-298: Designing Security for a Network Infrastructure, Configuring Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Fundamentals of Windows Server 2008 70-646 Pro: Windows Server 2008, Infrastructure and Application Platform 70-294: Planning, Implementing, and Server Administrator Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure 70-293: Planning and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure DATABASE ADMINISTRATOR: SQL SERVER 2008 Elective coursework and exam MCITP SUPPORT TECHNICIAN: SUPPORT TECHNICIAN: 70-450 PRO: Designing, Optimizing and WINDOWS VISTA WINDOWS 7 Maintaining a Database Administrative Solution Using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR: MCITP MCITP WINDOWS SERVER 2003 72-432 TS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Implementation, and Maintenance 72-622 PRO: Microsoft Desktop 72-685 PRO: Windows 7, Enterprise Support – ENTERPRISE Desktop Support Technician MCSA Elective coursework and exam 72-291: Implementing, Managing,70-620 TS: Configuring Microsoft 72-680 TS: Windows 7, Configuring and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Database Administration Windows Vista Client for Desktop Support Tech Server 2003 Network Infrastructure Database Design 72-290: Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment 98-364 MTA: Database Administration Fundamentals Elective coursework and exam INFORMATION WORKER INFORMATION WORKER WEB DEVELOPER WINDOWS DEVELOPER MOS on O ce 2007 MOS on O ce 2010 MCPD MCPD Get your MOS in Office 2007 or 2010 70-519 PRO: Designing and 70-518 PRO: Designing and by taking only one of these certifications: Developing Web Applications Developing Windows Applications Using Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Using Microsoft .NET Framework 4 77-605: Microsoft Office 77-882: Microsoft Excel 72-680 TS: Windows 7, Access 2007 2010 Core Configuring 72-516 TS: Accessing Data with 72-516 TS: Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Microsoft .NET Framework 4 OR 77-602: Microsoft Office 77-881: Microsoft Word 72-620 TS: Windows Vista, Excel 2007 2010 Core 72-513 TS: Windows Configuring 72-515 TS: Web Applications Communication Foundation Development with Microsoft Development with Microsoft 77-603: Microsoft Office 77-888: Microsoft Excel .NET Framework 4 PowerPoint 2007 2010 Expert .NET Framework 4 98-365 MTA: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals 72-513 TS: Windows Communication 72-511 TS: Windows Applications 77-604: Microsoft Office 77-887: Microsoft Word Foundation Development with Development with Microsoft Outlook 2007 2010 Expert Microsoft .NET Framework 4 .NET Framework 4 98-367 MTA: Security 77-601: Microsoft Office 77-883: Microsoft PowerPoint Fundamentals Word 2007 2010 Core 98-363 MTA: Web Development 98-362 MTA: Windows Fundamentals Development Fundamentals 98-366 MTA: Networking 77-600: Windows Vista 77-884: Microsoft Outlook Fundamentals for the Business Worker 2010 Core 98-372 MTA: Microsoft .NET Fundamentals 77-885: Microsoft Access 98-349 MTA: Windows Operating 2010 Core System Fundamentals 77-886: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Core 98-361 MTA: Software Development Fundamentals 77-178: Microsoft Project 2010, Managing Projects Application Design for Developers DIGITALLY AWARE INDIVIDUAL Digital Literacy Certi cate LEGEND Computer BasicsFor student discounts on certifications, go to: MCITP: Microsoft Certified IT Professional The Internet and the World Wide MCPD: Microsoft Certified Professional Developer Productivity Programs MCSE: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Computer Security and Privacy MCSA: Microsoft Certified Systems AdministratorFor information on job roles and certifications, go to: MTA: Microsoft Technology Digital Lifestyles MOS: Microsoft Office Specialist Student Pricing Available Recommended Coursework New to Information and Computing Technology Coursework & Examination Certification NOTE: Individuals can enter the roadmap at any point, depending upon existing skills. Job Role/Achievement© 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.