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Introduction to QuickBooks 2009


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The presentation provides an introduction to setup and using QuickBooks 2009 to manage Vendors, Customers, Employee, Company and Banking information. …

The presentation provides an introduction to setup and using QuickBooks 2009 to manage Vendors, Customers, Employee, Company and Banking information.

The topics include: Starting QuickBooks, Using the QuickBooks, the basic features and functionalities of QuickBooks 2008, the difference between Vendors, Customers, Employees, Company and Banking Information, Setting up the company information and Opening/Closing the QuickBooks file

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  • Good morning, good evening or good afternoon depending of where you are in the world? Welcome to today’s webinar. Sunita will be presenting an “Introduction to QuickBooks 2008” brought to you by NR Computer Learning Center. My name Vazi Okhandiar and I am your coordinator today.
  • NR Computer Learning Center located is Southern California has been providing computer training since 2002. We specialize in providing computer services to Small and Medium size companies. We have weekly webinar and workshops in the area of QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel, Online Marketing, Website Design, Security Awareness, Basic Computer, Networking, Project Management.
  • I would like to make few announcements before we begin.Sound: This is a streaming audio event. Make sure that sound on your PC is turned on.Questions: Type your questions using the “Ask a Question” Text box.We encourage everyone to participate in our interactive Question and Answer session at the end of the event. Please feel free to present question any time by typing the question under “Questions” text area on the right panel and then clicking on the submit button.Now on to the presentation.Sunita Mehrotra to present “Introduction to QuickBooks”.
  • Sunita has over 15 years of experience in software development and providing IT training with specialization in Financial Industry. She has been involved in providing training and setting and operating of financial system for small business for the over five years. She is also. Her area of specialization include financial management and accounting practices for small businesses.  She has worked for H&R Block, Superior National Insurance Group, William M. Mercer, Applied Information for Marketing (AIM) and TCAM. She has a Master’s in Computer Science and Mathematics. She is certified in Taxation, Accounting and Financial Planning. She is also Certified in Microsoft Excel 2007 and QuickBooks ProAdvisor.
  • And with that is the close of my presentation and I will pass it back to Vazi. Here is my contact information and feel free to contact me if you have any question. I will stay on the line for 15 minute to answer any question you may have. And Vazi back to you.Vazi:Al right. Thanksto Sunita for providing informative presentation. As a reminder, to participate in Q&A, just type your question in the text box, located on the right panel, and then click on the submit button. And now we will start with the first question to Sunita, “ How…”
  • So that concludes the days event. For those of you who did not get their questions answered, one of our expert will send response via email. For more information, please visit our website. The information is open before you. Thanks for attending today’s webinar on “Introduction to Quick Books” by Sunita Mehrotra brought to you by NR Computer Learning Center. Please note that, within 24 hours you will receive an email with link to today’s presentation and additionally you can view today’s even by visiting This webinar is a copyright by NR Computer Learning Center. Thanks for your time and have a great day.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Introduction to QuickBooks
      Webinar ID: 321-842-275
      Use microphone or
      Dial: 312-878-0222
      Access Code: 665-028-153
      Feb 18, 2010
      NR Computer Learning Center
      2100 W. Orangewood, Suite 110
      Orange, CA 92868
      (714) 505-3475
    • 2. NR Computer Learning Center
      • Established in 2002
      • 3. Located in Orange, California
      • 4. Provide workshops/webinars related to Small & Medium size Businesses (SMB):
      • 5. QuickBooks & Microsoft Excel
      • 6. Online Marketing / Social media
      • 7. Website Design
      • 8. Security Awareness
      • 9. Basic Computer
      • 10. Networking
      • 11. Project Management
      • 12. and more
    • 13. NR Computer Learning Center
      • Corporate Training
      • 14. Online and Onsite Training
      • 15. Provide Test Preparation Classes, Software and Courseware
      • 16. Authorized Testing Center for Certiport, Pearson and Prometric
      • 17. Partners
    • Webinar Logistics
    • 18. SunitaMehrotra
      • Over 15 years of experience in IT and Financial Industries.
      • 19. Specialized in Financial Management and Taxation for Small businesses
      • 20. Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor
      • 21. Education: MSCS, BSCS, MCAS Excel 2007
    • Overview
      • Starting a QuickBooks
      • 22. Using the QuickBooks
      • 23. Understanding the basic features and functionalities of QuickBooks 2008
      • 24. Understanding the difference between Vendor, Customers, Employees, Company and Banking Information.
      • 25. Setting up Company Information
      • 26. Opening and closing the QuickBooks files
    • QuickBooks 2008
      Electronic accounting system is used for:
      • Organize and monitor company finances
      • 27. Keep track of bank accounts, billing cycles, and inventory
      • 28. Prepare and print checks
      • 29. Automate transactions
      • 30. Create budgets
      • 31. Generate reports and graphs
    • QuickBooks Comparison
      Simple Start Free:
    • 32. Starting QuickBooks
      To start QuickBooks, double click the QuickBooks icon on the desktop
    • 33. Creating A Company
      QB comes with 2 sample files
      Click the icon to open an existing company
      Click the icon to create a New Company
      When creating a company use EasyStep Interview
    • 34. Company Information
      • List of information for setting new company in QuickBooks
      • 35. Started Date
      • 36. Company Contact Information
      • 37. Industry (Chart of Account)
      • 38. Bank Statement (Balance)
      • 39. EIN Number
      • 40. Preferences
    • Chart of Accounts
      • Is a complete list of business accounts
      and their balances
      • Is used for tracking flow of money
      • 41. Can be customizes according to the
    • 42. The QuickBooks desktop
    • 43. Toolbar
      Title Bar
      Menu Bar
      Icon Bar
      Navigation Bar
    • 44. Navigation Bar
      Customer Center
      Vendor Center
      Employee Center
      Report Center
      Online Banking
    • 45. Icon Bar
      Credit Cards
    • 46. The QuickBooks desktop
    • 47. Five Controls
    • Company
      Chart of Accounts
      Build Assemblies
      Items & Services
      Adjust Quantity On Hand
      Marketing Tools
    • 52. Employees
      Payroll Center
      Enter Time
      Pay Employees
      Pay Liabilities
      Process Payroll Forms
    • 53. Vendors
      Purchase Orders
      Receive Inventory
      Enter Bills Against Inventory
      Enter Bills
      Pay Bills
      Manage Sales Tax
    • 54. Customers
      Sales Orders
      Create Invoices
      Statement Charges
      Finance Charges
      Receive Payments
      Create Sales Receipts
      Refunds & Credits
    • 55. Banking
      Record Deposits
      Write Checks
      Check Registry
      Print Checks
      Enter Credit Card Charges
    • 56. QuickBooks Learning Center
      To start QuickBooks Learning Center, by clicking Help from Menu bar and then selecting QuickBooks Learning Center.
    • 57. Context-sensitive help
    • QuickBooks files
      • Only one company file can be open at a time
      • 60. QuickBooks files are continuously updated as you work
      • 61. There’s no Save command under File menu instead there is a save button to save the transaction.
    • Opening a company file
      To open, select window Explorer and then select the file or click on the QuickBooks Icon.
    • 62. Summary
      • How to Start QuickBooks
      • 63. How to View a sample file
      • 64. How to Navigate on the QuickBooks desktop
      • 65. How to open an existing company file
      • 66. How to use the Help system
      • 67. How to close QuickBooks
    • Q & ASunita Mehrotra:
    • 68. NR Computer Learning Center2100 W. Orangewood, Suite 110Orange, CA 92868www.nrclc.com714-505-3475
      For information on future event, please visit