21st Century Organization Group Brochure


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21st Century Organization Group Brochure

  1. 1. net∞WORKING™Thought leadership and practical applications for 21st century organizations.
  2. 2. net∞WORKING™ begins with understanding organizations as an ecosystem of networks. We understand the challenge net∞WORKING entails, but contend both individuals and “Co-generating organizations must adopt “And Both” knowledge and innovation” thinking and operating. net∞WORK™ = Understanding human networks as resources to be WORKed to create value for organizations.2
  3. 3. Five Critical Steps organizations as we see daily as stakeholders exert their voices through Our research found 10 net∞WORKING online collaboration platforms. Dimensions* as essential for effective Analyze & Visualize Networks executives to adapt organizational 5. Organizational network analysis (ONA) cultures for knowledge flow and reveals current knowledge flows and economic value creation. We have individual’s roles. Network analysis is a organized as Five Critical Steps. diagnostic approach used to make visible the connection an individual has to Think Networks another within the boundaries of an 1. Organizations function as a complex organization and beyond. ecosystem of network webs radiating out 6. Network maps visualize network analysis from the core to the periphery, the and provide a common view for marketplace. Internal to the organization individuals and groups to discuss the is the familiar formal structure, the revealed patterns and information flows. backbone, like the road system. 7. Network analysis provides new Sustainable enterprises knowingly 2. However, work gets done through the measurement tools into how well engage stakeholders and operate as informal network of relationships and a network. organizations are operating. ONA helps interactions. companies create competitive 3. Knowledge is created through individual advantage by understanding interactions, which are amplified by marketplace disconnects (information net∞WORKING. access, timing, referrals, and control) that provides entrepreneurial opportunities. See Patterns * Open net∞WORKING Organizations: Co- 4. Patterns of participation impact generating Knowledge and Innovation – knowledge flows. Changing patterns of http://slidesha.re/opennetworking participation, in fact changes3
  4. 4. Use Collaborative Technology Take Action 9. Technologies shape work and we shape technology. We are in 10. Balance Intension and control to create networked cultures. a constant evolution with our digital tools so much so that we forget Involve organizational members in developing your values in how quickly a platform fades to be replaced by another. Human action with integrated metrics and rewards, behavior may or may not adapt as quickly reflected in slow To promote innovation and increase value creation, adoption curves in changing organizational cultures. organizations must adopt a new trusting approach to Open networked organizations maximize innovation by using employees recognizing the power each can increasingly collaborative platforms. contribute through their connected personal networks. 21st century organizations demand no less.4
  5. 5. What we provide: Business Strategy – Benefits Human Performance – Benefits Technology Process – Benefits Sustainable innovation, growth and Productivity, innovation and Maximizing collaboration strategies design. efficiency gains. and platforms. o Organizational Strategy and o Stakeholder Networks o Social media strategy Execution - CORE™ development o Network analysis o New market opportunities o Social media audits and o Network Coaching™ development feasibility reports o Performance management o Revenue growth o Enterprise 2.0 research o Multi-national teambuilding o Strategic planning retreats o Web 2.0 tools coaching o Executive Leadership o Large systems change o Online network development development o Business Plan development o Implementation of o Collaboration models collaboration platforms with o Strategy implementation business strategy5
  6. 6. jenny@sageway.com vaxelrod@axelrodbecker.com http://c21org.typepad.com