Journey to the center of SharePoint


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A guide to novice SharePoint-ers on what constitutes a SharePoint ecosystem from a Geological perspective

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Journey to the center of SharePoint

  1. 1. Journey to the center of SharePoint Voyage au centre de la SharePoint Vasu Srinivasan, NIC, Austin SharePoint Users Group (ASPUG)
  2. 2. about:me Vasu Srinivasan M.S. Computer Science, Russia (c. 1990s) Senior Technology Consultant, Texas NIC ( SharePoint sites contributed to:,, and a few intranet/extranet sites Twitter & LinkedIn: vasya10 Tech Blog: #AustinSPUG-ger since Jan 2012
  3. 3. What can you learn about SharePoint in 10 minutes? SharePoint is • a product • a platform • a cloud • an ecosystem Take a tour of the vibrant SharePoint eco-system in 10 minutes
  4. 4. Journey begins… from a volcano not far from Redmond
  5. 5. Earth’s Layers Continental Crust Oceanic Crust Mantle Outer Core Inner Core  Earth consists of many layers.  So does SharePoint.
  6. 6. Continental Crust The SharePoint continental crust consists of many continents • Content Management • Document Management • Records Management • Identity Management • Business Intelligence and BCS • Search • Office365 • Workflow Several continents are still forming • Social • eDiscovery Creatures that fly over this surface • MVPs, MCPs, MCAs • SharePoint Architects • Bloggers and Tweeters • Podcasters • Keynote Speakers Tools they use • PowerPoint • Social Networks • Surface  Earth’s Continental Crust: Layer of igneous and metamorphic rocks  SharePoint Continental Crust: Layer of ingenious rockstars
  7. 7. Oceanic Crust The SharePoint oceanic crust is also known as The Farm Deep under the sea, mostly invisible to the outside world Creatures that roam this layer • SharePoint Admins • SQL Server Admins • IIS Admins • Network Engineers Primarily composed of several servers known as DB Servers, App Servers, Web Front Ends, Search Index Servers etc. Trespassers • Developers Tools used • PowerShell • Central Admin • and many weird tools  Earth’s Oceanic Crust: Part of lithosphere that surfaces in oceanic basins. Primarly composed of sima, thinner but denser than continental crust.  SharePoint Oceanic Crust: The fundamental crust that supports the ecosystem
  8. 8. Mantle The layer where the SharePoint solutions reside, and usually are classified as ootb, 3rd-party, codeplex and customized Creatures that roam in this depth • Developers • Designers Just as an unstable mantle can cause earthquakes, a poorly formed solution with unplanned governance and untested usability can cause SharePoint-quakes Tools they use • Visual Studio • SharePoint Designer • NAPA  Earth’s Mantle: Layer between crust and outer-core. Predominantly solid, but behaves like viscous liquid over a large timeframe.  SharePoint Mantle People: Predominantly nerdy, but behavior-wise very social
  9. 9. Outer Core Right below the Mantle, lies the Outer core, what in SharePoint world, consists of site collections, sites, pages, lists, libraries, d ocuments etc. This is the layer where Business Users have the ability to create sites and content without having to ask IT Staff Savvy business users also create their own workflows and keep IT service out of their way Creatures that permeate the Outer Core • Power Users Frequent visitors • DevOps Aliens and Occasional visitors • PowerShell Gurus • Information Architects  Earth Outercore: Without the outercore, life on Earth would be very different.  SharePoint Outercore: Without the PowerUsers, life on planet SharePoint would be very different.
  10. 10. Inner Core Most people dwell on the surface of SharePoint and never realize how important the inner core is At the inner core of SharePoint, that is the most important part of the SharePoint eco-system, reside the Users A CMS designed and built keeping the end-users at the core has a better chance surviving and appreciated Creatures of the Inner Core • • • • End Users Your Customers Your Partners Your Clients Creatures that should visit this area • Everyone  Earth’s inner core: Though appearing homogenous, is not completely uniform.  SharePoint inner core: Though appearing homogenous, is the most varied part of the ecosystem
  11. 11. Are we there yet? The more you learn about Earth, the more you realize that it is really such a wonderful, unique planet in all the known Universe. The more you learn about SharePoint, the more you realize that it is such a wonderful, unique Content Management System, among many CMS. Welcome to World of SharePoint
  12. 12. References Images and Geological information – thanks to