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Promotion schedule
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Promotion schedule

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  • 1. Promotion ScheduleStep Promotion medium 1 Word of mouth 2 Internet 3 Social media marketing 4 Stalls in different colleges and schools 5 Pamphlet and brochure distribution 6 Exhibiton at different places 7 Personal selling 8 Meetings with boutiques, Tatsat
  • 2. Period of timeAll the timeAll the timeAll the timeOnce in two monthsThrice in six monthsAugust, october and decemberOnce in two monthsJuly
  • 3. RationaleNew updated website This medium is very popular is very popular with youths and young adults, to create a page on facebook to create awareExercise for creating awarenessFor creating awareness among elder people on events happening in their nearby colonies or in their associated organizati friendships day in first week and festival in teej in mid week , diwali in october and around christmas in december.nearby housing societiesTo tie up with them
  • 4. e on facebook to create awareness about the organization. r in their associated organizations.nd christmas in december.
  • 5. Gant Chart Step Strategy implementation plan July week 1 week2 1 Printing of promotion materials 2 Making of presentations for meetings 3 Fixing up of meetings with boutiques and tatsat 4 Meeting with boutique and tatsat 6 First exhibiton in Delhi University area 7 Second exhibition in iskcon at janamasthmi 8 Supplying goods to distribution channels 9 Updating website and maintaing facebook 10 Third exhibition 11 Supplying goods to distribution channels 12 Forth exhibition
  • 6. July August September week3 week4 week 1 week2 week3 week4 week1 week2 week3
  • 7. ember October November week4 week1 week2 week3 week4 week1 week2 week3 week4
  • 8. Decemberweek1 week2 week3 week4