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Catalogue to be distributed to key officials in China. Designlobby has the support of the Greek Embassy in Beijing as well as the Consul of Guangzhou. DL is also supported by the Greek Graphic Design ...

Catalogue to be distributed to key officials in China. Designlobby has the support of the Greek Embassy in Beijing as well as the Consul of Guangzhou. DL is also supported by the Greek Graphic Design Association and the Hellenic Institute of Architecture.



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    • OUR PUBLICATION Designed by广州市越秀区中山一路21号天兴大厦 Designers United东塔23A-05房(邮编510600) www.designersunited.comSuite 03, 12th Floor, Yu Yuet LaiBuilding, 43-55 Wyndham Street, This book is the first of three booksCentral, Hong Kong we will publish. We are active inPrinzessinnenstrasse 19-20, 10969 following Main design categories:Berlin, Germany 这本书是我们即将出版的三本书中的第 一本。我们主要从事如下设计类型:Copyright 2012 by Design Lobby(Batzokas Vassilios / Jorg van denHoven) Architecture & Urban Planning,All rights reserved Eco Cities and InteriorsPrinted in the Peoples Republic of 建筑与城市规划、生态城市、室内、零China DESIGNLOBBY PORTFOLIO 售空间设计First edition in 2012 Design, Branding and communica-Grateful acknowledgement is made tion, Graphic design, Art designto the following for the permission and Motionto reprint excerpts of their work:All companies mentioned at the 设计、品牌塑造与传播、平面设计、艺end of this book and in special all 术设计与动画设计Greek and Dutch designers con-tributing to this book. Fashion design and textiles 服装设计与纺织品设计Nothing in this publication can becopied without the written permis-sion of the authors. You now read book 1: Architecture & Urban Planning,Vassilios, Batzokas Eco Cities and InteriorsHoven, Jorg van den 本书为:第一卷:Design Lobby Agency – Asian 建筑、生态城市与室内设计Design PartnerAthens, Amsterdam, Berlin,Guangzhou, Hong Kong, PhnomPenh 2012
    • WWW.DESIGNLOBBY.CN ers in Asia. We work together Design Lobby代表的是一支整体的设 in China on design projects. We 计团队 Design Lobby Agency is a group — Textile and Fashion Design have Chinese staff and Chinese 我们起名为Design Lobby因为我们是 of designers from Europe and — Music & Advertising Video project managers to secure good 一支在亚洲的国外设计师团队。在中 Asia: Greece, Holland, Germany, Productions communication, safe guard Chi- 国,我们共同致力于完成各种设计项 UK, China, Cambodia, Hong nese clients values and cultural 目。为了确保良好的沟通、保证中国客 Kong. Design Lobby Agency 是由来自 interpretation, and to support 户的价值观与文化得到充分诠释以及支 欧洲和亚洲的设计师队伍组成的, our designers to create the right 持我们的设计师能够创造出符合每个项 We are active in following main 其中包括了来自希腊、荷兰、德 design identity and soul for each 目特点与灵魂的设计,我们也聘请了中 design categories: 国、英国、中国、柬埔寨以及香港 project. 国的员工与项目经理。 的设计师。 We embrace our Design prin- Architecture, Urban Planning, 我们主要做以下类型的设计: ciples of: 我们的设计理念: Eco Cities and Interiors 一 建筑、生态城市与室内设计 Design, Branding and Communi- 二 设计、 品牌塑造 与传播、 — Innovation o 创新 cation, Graphic Design, Art De- 平面设计、 — Pragmatism o 实用 sign and Motion 艺术设计设计 — Design=Business o 设计=商业 Fashion Design and Textiles 三 服装设计与纺织品设计 — Out of the box thinking o 另类思维 DESIGNLOBBY PORTFOLIO 我们主要的设计业务包括: — Rebellion o 叛逆精神 In short we represent the follow- 一 建筑与城市规划 — Analytic thought o 分析性思维 ing key design businesses: 二 室内设计与家居装饰 — Building and Urban Planning 三 电器及电子消费产品8 — Interior Design and Home 四 品牌塑造与广告策划 Deco 五 零售空间设计与展览及活动策 — Consumer and Electronic 划 Products 六 传播设计与插图 ABOUT THIS BOOK 关于本书 — Branding and Advertising — Retail Design, Exhibition & 七 数码媒体、 This Book is mainly about our 本书所涵盖的所有项目是在过去的数年 Event Design 动画及网页设计设计与网页设 Architecture, Eco-cities and inte- 间,受客户委托并由我们的合作伙伴所 — Communication Design and 计 rior projects of the past years. 执行的。 八 纺织品与服装设计 Illustration — Digital Media, Motion Design 九 音乐及广告视频制作 本书主要介绍了我们多年来所完成的设 Over the years many Asian cli- and Webdesign 计项目,其中包括建筑、生态城市与室 ents have been looking for new 内设计。 ideas, or added value influences to boost their projects or invest- All the work in this book has ments. Following several years been executed by our associates of experience in the architecture in the past years. All projects industry Design Lobby’s found- DETAILED BACKGROUND OF have been commissioned by cli- ers have indentified that clients DESIGN LOBBY 详 细 背 景 介 绍 ents. in Asia appreciate modern ar- chitecture and exotic architects. Design Lobby stands for integral We call our self Design Lobby, as However, sometimes cultural Design Team. we are a group of foreign design- perspectives may influence the outcome of projects.
    • 多年来,许多亚洲客户一直致力于寻求 现在,我们将以书本形式向您展示De- CONSTANTIN CAKIOUSSIS CONSUL GENERAL OF GREECE 新的设计理念或为其产品增添附加价 sign Lobby Agency这一独一无二的 值,以增加更多的项目收入及投资回 平台。通过这个平台,我们希望我们未 GREEK DESIGN the same time, mathematics were 报。根据过去几年在建筑业所汲取的经 来的客户能了解我们的工作领域,欣赏 希腊设计 developed and scientific basis of 验,Design Lobby的创办者了解到亚 我们合作伙伴的设计,让我们有机会参 building and decorating were 洲的客户大都钟情于现代主义的建筑及 与到你们的项目中去。同时,我们也希 By Mr. Constantin Cakioussis laid.The golden rule was formu- 来自海外的建筑师。然而,在某些时 望能够向您展示我们过去数年的项目成 Consul General of Greece lated and stereometry invented. 候,一些源自文化角度的差异 可能会 果,特别是我们的合作伙伴在设计每个 Guangzhou Names such as Daedalus, Iktinos, 影响 了项目的最终成果。 项目时所采用的不同风格与理念。 的演讲者共同合作成立了雅典建筑工作 Kalikratis, Issidoros, Anthemios 坊 and many others in a long unin- With over 10 years experience in We believe there not a specific terrupted time to modern ones China and over 20 years of work identity to our work, except the Since times immemorial, Greeks like Pikionis. in the international building and quality and identity we can offer have been combining stone and urban planning industry Design our client in each specific proj- sunlight in order to create struc- 经过一代代建筑师和工程师们的不懈努 Lobby offers an ideal platform ect. tures consecrated to their goods 力,线条被设计得更加纯粹完美,规则 for project owners, commission- The greatest pride we present and heroes. They also, more pro- 得以制定,审美上也得到了提升。同 ers, government planning bu- this book and the associates ar- saically, created cyclopean walls 时,还形成了数学这门学科,奠定了建 DESIGNLOBBY PORTFOLIO reaus, local architecture compa- chitects and designers of Design to protect cities, intricate palaces 筑和装饰的科学基础,创立了黄金法 nies and real estate investors. Lobby Agency that have contrib- with complicated structures like 则,发明了求积法。在源源不息的历史 utes to realise this. labyrinths to house kings and 长河中,也造就了很多建筑等方面赫赫 凭借在中国10多年来以及在国际建筑 their people. Latter, churches 有名的人物如Daedalus、Iktvinos、10 与城市规划行业20多年来的服务经 我们不会去刻意定义我们的工作,但在 will receive kings and people and Kalikratis、Issidoros、 Anthemi- 验。Design Lobby为项目所有者及委 每一具体项目中,我们会为客户带来 harbor their souls. And in order os、当今的Pikionis等等。 托者、政府规划部门、当地建筑企业和 独特的品质特点与个性标识。该书的出 to decorate them, they created 房地产投资商提供了一个理想的平台。 版,是Design Lobby Agency 及与 objects of beauty the tradition of Modern Greek architects and 我们合作的建筑师与设计师们共同的成 which we can still follow today. designers are carrying in their We now bring you this unique 果同时也是我们莫大的荣幸。 bones their long evolution and platform of Design Lobby Agen- 很久以前,希腊人就已知道利用石头和 in their souls the respect for this cy in a book form. By this way 日光条件建造房屋以供奉他们的物品和 tradition. They create today we hope that our future clients 英雄们。更为不足称奇的是,他们同时 modern structures for modern can assess the scope of our work 2012 Design Lobby 还建造了巨石墙来保护城市以及一些结 people. But they understand they and appreciate the design of our Batzokas Vassilios 构复杂、犹如迷宫般的宫殿来供国王及 importance of tradition and they associates to engage us in their Jorg van den Hoven/南美龙 其臣民居住。此后,还建造了教堂用来 translate it into modern expres- projects. Also we hope to show 接待国王及其臣民们以及庇佑他们的灵 sive forms. you the results of so many proj- 魂。为了装饰这些建筑,他们创造了各 ects of the past years especially 种美不胜收的物品,且流传至今。 当代希腊建筑师及设计师们骨子里也一 the various styles and concepts 直传承着这些悠久历史演变传统,且对 that our associates put in each Through successive generations 这些传统的尊重也渗入了他们的灵魂。 project. of architects and engineers lines 他们虽为现代人建造现代建筑,但是他 were purified, rules were formu- 们深谙传统的重要性,并将它转化成现 lated and aesthetics refined. At 代艺术表达形式。
    • From ancient temples, through 人的灵魂则是他们的裁决者。冷峻严肃 The architects and designers sign Lobby 团队正是这一悠久传统的 medieval churches to modern 的数学家们则受印象的影响,因此他们 composing the team of Design 传承者,他们的作品为他们带来了无数 buildings, Greek architects, de- 最终设计出的结果是无比惊人的完美。 Lobby are true carriers of this 殊荣和奖项,得以证明他们的工作以及 signers and artists have always long tradition and their works 这个团队有足够的能力来迎接他们工作 put the human being at the cen- And as the poet says the artist’s have brought their distinctions 质量要求中任何最为困难的挑战。况且 ter of their calculations and have soul must feel deeply what his and awards which speak for 中国是一个有着悠久且充满鲜活历史的 always practiced the old adage: brain has conceived prior to pro- their work and the capacity of 地方,这样的一种良好环境,正是创意 “Man is the measure of every- pose it to the public. And Greek the team to meet the most chal- 工作者们所理想向往的,无论何地或是 thing.” Thus everything, even artists cannot but compulsorily lenging requests in the quality 何种大小规模的项目,他们都能承接, huge structures like Cyclopean combine perfect conception with of their work. After all China 以施展他们的才能。 walls, Knossos palaces or Hagia a profoundly artistic outlook. is a place with a long but living Sofia Church, have as their mea- history. An environment, ideal At hand you have a fine example suring unit the human being: 正如诗人所说的那样,艺术家在告之公众 for creative workers that have of what Design Lobby can do but also the human eye was and 构思想法前,当他们在脑海中进行构思 proved their capacity to deliver when properly challenged. still is their vantage point as the 时,其灵魂必须深邃。同样希腊艺术家们 undertakings of any size any human soul is their judge. Cold 也会不由自主地把完美的概念和深刻的艺 where. 现在, 如果给予恰当的激励Design mathematics are to be subjected 术视野融合在一起。 Lobby能向您很好地证明其所能做的 DESIGNLOBBY PORTFOLIO to the impression so that the re- 由众多卓越建筑师和设计师组成的De- 一切。 sult is appealingly perfect. Buildings in Greece have sur- vived through time and history because they were and still are12 conceived to be living quarters and utility oriented structures JORG “YORK” VAN DEN HOVEN innovation in China has endless and their characteristic made FOUNDER - CEO ASIA potentials. During his project for them to survive for such a long the World Bank in Cambodia in time. This pragmatism perme- Jorg van den Hoven is a leading design pioneer in China since 2010 he planned a new strategy ates the creation of structures for design in China. As consul- even today. The judicious use of 2001. After working for his own digital design agency during his tant for private and government materials, the respect and pro- motion of the environment are a studies, for Toyota’s Advanced Mr. Constantin Cakioussis permanent concern and a field of Technology Dept. and having Consul General of Greece Guangzhou research. serviced various clients in dif- design organisations he observed ferent industries. He started his the various potentials and cre- 从古代庙宇到中世纪教堂再到现代建 希腊建筑之所以能经受住时间和历史的 first company in China in 2005, ative improvements that would 筑、希腊建筑的设计,历代设计师和 考验,是因为它们曾经乃至现在仍被认 and quickly that resulted in the benefit both China and design- 艺术家们都喜欢把人作为设计考虑的 为是活的住所以及以实用性为导向的建 first international award win- ers. 中心,且一直都践行这样一条古老箴 筑结构,它们的这种特点使得它们能在 ning (Dutch) product design 言:“人是一切事物的衡量者”。因此 如此漫长的历史岁月中存活下来。这种 company in South China. After, His strenght have always been 任何事物,甚至是诸如巨石墙、克诺索 实用主义甚至延伸渗入进当今的建筑建 working for the Netherlands starting up new enterprises, ini- 斯宫、圣索菲亚教堂这样的巨型建筑设 造当中。审慎明睿的选材,对环境的尊 Minstry of Foreign Affairs on tiating new strategies and new 计都把人作为它们的衡量单元;且人的 重和改善是它们永久的考量范围及研究 the Creative Industry in China inniatives. Bringing his back 慧眼曾经是现在仍是他们的出发点,而 领域。 he realised that the power for ground as: Industrial product
    • design engineer (BSc.), Product design events. He has also been He is the Founder and Creative 该 设计中心于2009年荣获了欧洲十 Innovation Manager (MSc.) his responsible to launch various Director of the free 24/7 access, 佳公司 奖。此外,他还是“ THE AR- courses at Sun Yat Sen Univerity business and design platforms in innovative materials library for CHIVE” 设计图书馆的创立者及创意 MBA program, and his functions South China, and was the co-au- architects and designers called 总监,该图 书馆位于塞萨洛尼基,对 as strategist for companies and thor of the Chinese book “Added THE ARCHIVE operating 24/7 建筑师和设计 师提供一周七天、每天 organisations in branding and Value Design”. located in Thessaloniki. (www. 二十四小时的免 费开放。 technology assessments, he cre- carteco.gr, www. thearchive.gr) ated a new perspective towards Jorg van den Hoven(南美龙)先 He is also responsible for the fol- (www.carteco.gr, various organisations, including 生是设计业以及其他行业的设计师与创 lowing projects: Green Design www.thearchive.gr) his own design company. Hav- 业家。他自2001年开始在中国工作, Festival organized in 2008 and Vassilios 负责了如下活动: ing met Mr Vassilios in 2011 both 随后自2005年起客居中国。他曾是一 2010 in the heart of Athens at 2008年负责举办了“绿色设计节” realised together they cover most 家中国的产品设计公司Ask4Me设计的 Syntagma Square from his NGO 2010年他成立的非政府组织 Brain- aspects required for a good de- 首席执行官,也是阿姆斯特丹数码媒体 Brainlab . (www. greendesign- lab 在位于雅典中心的 Syntagma sign agency and insight required 顾问公司Amazuro的首席执行官。 festival.gr, www.brainlab.gr) 广场 也负责举办了该节。(www. to understand design, achitecture Athens Architecture Workshop greendesignfestival.gr, www. and fashion for the Asian mar- 他的设计机构一直都获得荷兰、德国、 in collaboration with Profesor brainlab.gr) 与Nikos Ktenas 教 kets. 英国与中国的设计奖项,他公司的客户 Nikos Ktenas and Simona De 授、Simona De Giuli 教授以及其他 DESIGNLOBBY PORTFOLIO 也遍布世界各大洲。 Giuli with visiting professors 一些客座教授和包 括像详细释义” 安 He cooperated with many de- 他曾为荷兰驻中国政府完成了多个设计 and speakers including Anto- 东尼奥·奇特里奥这样的演讲者共同 sign organisations in Guangdong 项目,同时也在与许多广东的设计组 nio Citterio. (www. aa-w.net) 合作成立了雅典建筑工作 坊。(www. like: Canton Fair product De- 织合作,如广交会产品设计中心、广州 Producer of Invisible Hotel Ex- aa-w.net)“隐形酒店”展览会的制作14 hibition, curated by architect sign Center, Guangzhou Design 设计周、佛山设计周、深圳设计展、顺 人,该展览 会由建筑师Memos Filip- Week, Foshan Design Week, 德工业设计展、深圳建筑双年展、中国 Memos Filippidis with members pidis及该委 员会的一些非常著名的 Shenzhen Design Expo, Shunde 设计奖、金堂奖、中国工业设计协会。 of the committee very important 建筑师,如戴 卫.奇普菲尔德、罗曼.德 Industrial design Expo, Shen- 作为一名出色的设计师,他曾被邀请到 architects such as David Chip- 鲁根、Juergen Mayer(于尔根·迈 zhen Architecture Biennale, 许多大型的设计活动上发表演讲。凭借 perfield, Roman Delugan, Juer- 耶)及乔尔·桑德 斯等负责。ESW China Design Awards, Jin Tang 在设计上深厚的造诣,他合著出版了名 gen Mayer and Joel Sanders. [eso]室内设计年会的 制作人和创办 design awards, China Industrial 为Added Value Design的书籍。此 Producer and Founder of ESW 人,2012年在奥纳西斯文 化广场举办 Design Association, and has been 外,他还在华南地区开展了各种业务与 [eso] Annual held Conferences 了该年会。 (www.esw.gr) ARCHIS- a invited speaker in a range of 建立了多个设计平台。 for Interior Design which took EARCH.gr 建筑与设计类电子 杂志的 place in Onassis Cultural Centre 创办人及编辑 39.22.设计团体的创立 in 2012. (www.esw.gr) Founder 者及其创意总 监。/www.3922.gr and Editor of ARCHISEARCH. gr e-magazine for Architecture For more information about Vas- BARTZOKAS “BILLY” VASSILIOS tre, a company awarded under and Design. (www. archisearch. silios P Bartzokas please visit: FOUNDER - CEO EUROPE his management as one of the 10 gr) Founder and Creative Direc- 欲了解更多有关Vassilios P Bartzo- tor of 39.22. Design Collective. Vassilios Bartzokas is one of the best companies in Europe for the kas 的信息,请登入网址 [www.3922.gr] most influential people in Greece Customer Focus Award at the in the Design and Architecture European Business Awards, to- www.bartzokas.com Industry. Vassilios is the former gether with companies such Bartzokas Vassilios 是希腊设计与建 www.netvibes.com/vassilis_ CEO of CARTECO Design Cen- as DELL, DEUTSCHE TELE- 筑领域最具影响力的人物之一,同时 bartzokas KOM, AIR BERLIN and others. 还 是Carteco 设计中心的前任CEO, www.about.me/vpbartzokas
    • DESIGNLOBBY 于任何企业来说,同时管理形形色色设 Design Lobby is your partner 计公司设计带来的各种产品系列及项目 to work with because: 选择我们 WHO WHY WHEN WHERE 实非易事。 Design Lobby作为您的合作伙伴的理 WHO谁 In addition we support organi- Design Lobby Asia consists of 由: zation with the preparation for Design Lobby offers turnkey de- — We select what designer Partners, Associates, design sign project solutions and man- creating great products, innova- groups, designers, project man- matches your needs tive designs or best selling prod- ages the project from strategy till agers, and researchers that un- detailing. 我们会根据您的需求进行设计师匹配 ucts or projects. We support in derstand design needs and busi- — We can undertake various the management of marketing, ness results in China. We only sub-projects at once sales and strategy. Several of our work with professionals that 而Design Lobby 为此能提供一揽子的 我们能够同时开展多个分级项目 partners are government consul- already have experience with 项目设计解决方案以及从战略开发到零 — We offer integrated solution tants supporting local industries projects in China and Asia and 售的全方位项目管理。 in a trans parent way increase sales and international understand the culture of China. 我们能提供一整套清晰明了的解决方案 distribution by creating added We offer a full range of ser- vices for our Chinese clients to 亚洲Design Lobby由合伙人,设计团 value by design. Companies that hire design- make things less complicated. ers should be involved in each 队,设计师,项目经理以及熟悉中国客 此外,我们能帮助企业在创造优质产 We internally select with the cli- phase of the project. If designers DESIGNLOBBY PORTFOLIO 户对于设计及经营成果需求的研究人员 品、进行创新设计、创造热销产品及各 ent what partner matches their outsource sub-projects it’s hard 组成。与我们合作的专业人士都是在中 项目的开展上做好充足的准备,并辅以 needs and objectives. We call for the decision maker and the 国乃至亚洲有相关项目工作经验以及 市场营销、销售及战略规划管理上的各 that design management! design manager to control the 深谙中国文化 。 种支持。我们的合作伙伴中有数名是政 progress on all stages. Design16 府的顾问, 他们都十分赞同各地方产 我们能为中国客户带来全方位的服务, Lobby Team works with a fixed Chinese companies do under- stand the need for design. How- 业通过设计带来的附加值来增加产品销 为他们带来各种便利。我们会根据客户 amount of people and design- ever they also work in a dynamic 量及国际市场份额。 的需求以及目标来匹配其合作伙伴。这 ers as a collective. We don’t out- economic environment that re- 就是我们所说的设计管理! source, as we can develop virtu- quires pragmatic thinking and WHY 为什么 ally all parts of the project our We work as design collective to Good design managers and in- selves with our own partners. design needs. novation managers know exactly create more value for Chinese We work as a multidisciplinary organisations and companies. with which design company they team! We work with people that un- should work for and in what derstand the economic needs, Brands and companies in China sometimes have a difficult time phase of the design project. the soul of Chinese products and It saves money, time and realizes 对于那些自己雇佣了设计师的公司来 branding needs of Chinese or- finding the right design com- 说,他们需要亲自参与到项目的各个阶 pany. Moreover, it is a really the best design output for the ganisations. company. 段,同时如果设计师将子项目外包出 difficult job for any company to 去,这将让管理决策者与设计管理者很 我们相信中国的企业是了解设计创新的 manage various product port- 难操控整个项目阶段的整体进展。而 需要的,他们也正是生存在一个对于实 folios and projects with various 我们能为中国客户带来全方位的服务, Design Lobby团队,作为一支拥有固 际主义思维方式及设计都有很高要求的 design companies. 为他们带来各种便利能够清楚地知道哪 定人数的设计师与工作人员队伍,我们 一家设计公司适合他们以及设计项目的 不需要外包工程,因为我们能够和我们 不断变化的经济环境里。而我们的合作 哪些阶段是他们想要做的。 这样不仅 伙伴对于中国的经济需要,其产品的灵 作为一个设计团体,我们致力于为中国 的合作伙伴独立地开发项目的每个部 节约了金钱、时间同时还为公司带来了 魂及中国各种组织的品牌推广都有着很 各组织与企业创造更多价值。中国的品 分。我们是一支能应对多种项目的团 牌与企业有时候难免会为寻找一家合适 最佳的设计产出。 队! 深的理解。 的设计公司而烦恼。更重要的是, 对
    • Jorg “York” Van Den Hoven Bartzokas “Billy” Vassilios We work with the best designers 价值观,以此,我们能给我们的亚洲 Founder - Ceo Asia Founder - Ceo Europe in each field to give companies 客户提供更好的服务。 a leading edge in business and make them more competitive! In 2012 we officially launched the concept of Design Lobby at 我们与每一个领域最好的设计师合作, various fairs and for various cli- 因此我们能让企业变得更具竞争力、 ents. In 2012, the concept was so 并在商务事业中占主导地位! well received by our clients that we decided to open our business WHEN 何时 for other Asian countries. We Design Lobby is the new name solely work with reliable design of a Dutch and Greek design partners and designers that are group cooperating in China. Lo- the best and most adherent to cal Dutch was founded in 2008 our Dutch and Greek Design ide- during the largest Dutch design ology. mission in Hong Kong ever and Local Dutch was rewarded by 2012年,在各种展会上和不同客户群 DESIGNLOBBY PORTFOLIO 5 design projects during the 里,我们正式展开了Design Lobby概 Business of Design Week by the 念的宣传。随后,我们纷纷收到了客 Design Lobby 不仅与不同设计领域的 ence of our Management and De- Dutch government. After vari- 户对于这个概念的好评,这促使我们 设计专家合作,而且我们服务的企业还 signers in China and their years18 ous successful projects in China, 决定在亚洲其他国家开辟新的市场。 遍布全中国,如广州、深圳、香港、 of experience in China working Hong Kong, and Malaysia we de- 我们致力于与值得信赖的设计团队和 上海等! with Chinese companies. cided to expand our services and 设计师合作,他们是荷兰与希腊设计 locations. When in 2012 Design 理念的坚定追随者。 And we are expanding, includ- 但我们的优势更多地体现于我们在中国 Lobby was established to pro- ing in other countries. We are 地区所派出的管理及设计师实力上, mote Greek design in China and As of 2012, we also have worked designing for companies in coun- 以及他们在中国与各中国企业多年合 when we met, we found the same exclusively with some of the best tries like: Malaysia, Cambodia, 作的资深经验上。 design values would create better designers of Greece that have a Myanmar, Indonesia and, of services to our clients in Asia. permanent basis in Berlin (Ger- course, Amsterdam (the Neth- By combining our strengths and many). 在2012年,我们专门与一些 erlands), London (UK), Berlin our presence in Asia and Europe, Design Lobby 是荷兰与希腊设计团 长期在德国柏林工作的最好的希腊设 (Germany), Italy, and Athens we can better service Chinese 队在中国展开合作后的新命名。Local 计师合作。 (Greece). clients with even their oversees Dutch 于2008年成立,由当时在香港 demands and international strat- 的最大荷兰设计代表团阵容组成。并 WHERE 何地 同时,我们也在其他国家扩大服务范 egies in addition to their local 凭借5个设计项目在商业设计周上荣获 Design Lobby works with vari- 围, 我们为这些国家的企业提供设计 design projects. 由荷兰政府颁发的奖项。在顺利完成 ous design specialists in vari- 服务 ,如马来西亚、柬埔寨、缅甸、 了多个中国、香港和马来西亚的项目 ous design fields. Lucky for you 印度尼西亚,当然还有荷兰阿姆斯特 从我们的优势与目前在亚洲与欧洲的 后,我们决定扩大 我们的服务范围与 they are not only in one location: 丹、英国伦敦、德国柏林、希腊雅典 发展现状来看,我们能更好的服务中 区域。当2012年Design Lobby 在中国 Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong 以及意大利等。 国的客户,且除了他们当地的设计项 成立,计划推广希腊设计时,我们相 Kong, Shanghai…we can serve 目外,我们还能满足他们的海外需求 遇了。我们发现我们拥有相同的设计 companies all over China! But, our strength lays the pres- 并帮助他们进行国际战略开发。
    • Our Greek and DutchAWARDS associates, partners and REFERENCES groups have been re- warded the following prices: 我们希腊与荷兰的合作 伙伴和团队曾获得以下 奖项: DESIGNLOBBY PORTFOLIO20
    • Architecture Airports && Urban Planning Comercial Spaces建筑与城市规划 机场22
    • Banks - Offices& Headquarters银行 办公室
    • Culture文化
    • 58CULTURE
    • 60CULTURE
    • Cruise Liner Design游艇设计
    • Government政府
    • Health - Hospitals& Education健康 - 医院, 教育
    • Housing& Residential房屋-住宅
    • Interior Design& Home Deco室内设计与家居装饰
    • Hotel & Resorts酒店- 度假村
    • 134HOTEL & RESORTS
    • 136HOTEL & RESORTS
    • 138HOTEL & RESORTS
    • 140HOTEL & RESORTS
    • 142HOTEL & RESORTS
    • 144HOTEL & RESORTS
    • 146HOTEL & RESORTS
    • Industrial &Business Parks工业-商业公园
    • Infrastructure& Bridges基础建设-桥梁
    • Urban Architecture& Landscape Design园林设计与建筑
    • Lighting Design& Architecture照明设计与建筑
    • Leisure& Sport休闲与运动
    • Restaurant Design餐厅设计
    • Shopping mall& Commercial Areas商场-广告
    • XL Tower迪拜XL塔
    • 208XLTOWER
    • 210XLTOWER
    • Exhibition& Event Design展览及活动策划
    • Retail Design零售空间设计
    • Project Management Consultancy & Reserarch Infrastructure development Urban Planning Architecture For Ecocities in ASIA 研究 设计 管理 对eco城市在亚洲 DESIGNLOBBY230 ECO DESIGN 生态城市 Research and Design Eco市发展 Collected Works till 2012 基础设施 结构 Prof. Dr. ir. M. Weijnen 设计 Prof. Dr. Drs. M. de Jong ir. J. S. Chr. van den Hoven Architecture ir. N. Mars Residential Shopping Centre We are a foreign design and reseach Commercial entity in Asia focussing on the wide scope of: City Planning — Urban Planning Landscaping — Eco City development Eco-Cities — Infrastructures Urban Planning — Architecture Infrastructure — Design Retail and Interior design Building Management 我们是唯一的外部设计和研究实体在着重宽范围的 Occupancy Management 亚洲: Way finding 城市规划
    • ABOUT ECO CITYDESIGNLOBBY TEAM Prof. Dr. Drs. Martin de Jong Academic Director and Eco City SpecialistECO CITY DESIGN Prof. Dr. ir. Margot Weijnen Director Next Generation Infrastructures and Eco City Consultant Ir. Jorg van den Hoven Commercial Directior, Project manager and Designer Ir. Neville Mars Principal Architect and Eco city Expert The experts and designers of Eco soil. Eco-cities provide the an- City Design Lobby are from a swer to this need. 如今,人们的消 spin of from a leading reseach 费能力越来越高,他们有能力让自己 institute of Delft University of 生活在一个充满绿化、干净舒适的环境 Technology in the Netherlands 里。当大气、河流、土壤污染让人们想 “Next Generation Infrastruc- 逃离这片土地时,生态城市的出现正好 tures” and from and Europe- ECO CITY DESIGN BY DESIGNLOBBY 满足了这一需求 。 an Designer and Architecture groups. Eco市设计大厅是从主导的 Municipalities are keen to use reseach学院下一代基础设施空转和欧 the opportunities emerging from 洲设计员和建筑师 this trend. Urban governments are eager to show that they too232 中国对生态城市日益增长的需求 want to take responsibility for creating a more liveable environ- Real estate developers are no less 能建筑,其市场占有率正持续增长。投 More and more urban gov- ment. Apart from meeting the interested. They see business op- 资者、建筑商和经纪人都纷纷想通过提 ernments in China build new needs of their citizens, they want portunities to design and build 供极具吸引力的产品来满足人们这些愿 eco-cities or transform existing to show that they are making housing, offices and factories and 望。 neighhorhoods into eco-cities. a contribution to lowering the accommodate customer wishes. We can speak of a truly new emission of greenhouse gases. Lush and well-decorated parks 什么是生态城市? trend and we are only at the be- with ponds and fountains around ginning. This is not surprising. 各市政府渴望利用好这一趋势下涌现出 Eco-cities are cities with more smart buildings that consume 的各种契机,同时也迫切想要证明他们 green space, where less energy less energy enjoy a growing mar- 在中国,越来越多 的市政府建立了新 非常乐意承担起为市民创造一个更加宜 and materials are consumed, ket share. Investors, builders and 的生态城市或将原有居民区改造成生态 居环境的责任。除了满足市民的要求以 more reused ad more waste brokers are eager to respond to 城市。 可以说这是一个新趋势,但这 外,他们还想证明他们同时也正在为降 recycled. They consume less these wishes by offering attrac- 仅仅是一个开端,且一点都不足为奇。 低温室气体的排放做出贡献。渴望利用 tive products. gas, oil and electricity per km2 这个机会,证明他们想为人们创造一个 and a greater share of the en- People have more and more 更宜居的环境承担起责任。除了满足人 ergy consumption is delivered money at their disposal and can 们的需求以外,他们也想让大家看到他 房地产开发者对此 也大 感兴趣。他们 through renewable sources, such afford to spend it on living in a 们在为降低温室气体的排放作出应有的 看到了设计和开发房屋、 办公楼 、工 as solar panels and wind. The green and clean environment. 贡献。 厂以及满足客户愿望的商机。 坐拥着 streetscapes in eco-cities are less They want to flee polluted air, “business opportunities to design” 带有水池和喷泉、四周花草葱郁、装饰 dominated by cars and their fuel contaminated rivers and dirty 齐全的公园,且能降低能源消耗的智 emissions and pay more atten- tion to pedestrians, bicycles and
    • “Reducing the use of various forms of public trans- by offering excellent broadband port. 生态城市是指那些拥有更多绿化 facilities at home. materials and energy 空间的城市。在这种城市中,能源及原 在某些情况下,生态城市也有其他名 料消耗更少,且有更多的再利用与废物 字。有时候,他们被称为智能城市,在 循环利用机会。 这些城市在每平方千 这些城市中,通过最先进的数字基础设 is at the centre of the 米的土地上消耗更少的汽油、石油以及 施,如家庭极速宽带设备,人们能清楚 电力,且通过太阳能以及风能这些可再 的了解到能源的消耗量及如何高效地穿 生能源,使得平均能源消耗份额更多。 梭在城市里或者说如何避免上下班路途 political agenda” 在这些生态城市的街道画面中,汽车及 所花费的大量时间。 其尾气排放的情形已不再充斥,而是优 先考虑行人、自行车以及各种形式的公 “Reducing the use of materials 共交通。 and energy is at the centre of the political agenda” In some cases eco-cities go by other names. They may some- Or they may be called , just to times be called, where state-of- emphasize that reducing the use ECO CITY DESIGN BY DESIGNLOBBY the-art digital infrastructures of materials and energy is at the ways that make good use of air 城市。中国的大部分城市在保护环境努 show how much energy is con- centre of the political agenda. circulation. Polluting industries 力的基础上,更是希望能够更好地提高 sumed, how to travel most ef- Adequate measures are taken to are kept at bay and healthy life- GDP水平。因此,高耗能、高污染的 ficiently or how to avoid time- diminish the need for air condi- styles encouraged. 制造业在发展的过程中逐渐被淘汰,取 consuming commuter trips at all tioning by designing buildings in 有时他们也会被称为低碳城市,其目的 而代之的则是凭借高教育水平人群所带234 来的高科技工业及高附加价值的服务。 在于借此来强调政府的工作重心是要减 少能源与原料的使用量。对此,政府采 这些服务,将为其带来更加迅猛的发 取了许多有效的措施,如通过设计出能 展。 充分利用空气循环的大厦,来降低人们 对空调的需求。同时,政府也对污染企 All in all, eco-cities have many 业采取了牵制措施,提倡健康的生活方 attractive qualities and serve 式。 various positive goals, but how can this be done? And most of them are at the same time. Since many cities in 总的来说,生态城市在具备许多吸引人 China focus not only onsaving 的特征的同时,更能为各种环保政策的 the environment, but also on in- 执行作出积极的贡献。 creasing their GDP, they phase 可是,这将如何完成呢? out dirty manufacturing. They focus instead on high-tech indus- tries and high value-added ser- vices that generate faster growth through knowledge brought in by well-educated people. 而他们其中的大多数更能被称为知识
    • OUR APPROACH我们的解决方案 Conceiving, designing, building the local environment and cre- and mantaining eco-cities is a ates a specific identity where ECO CITY COOPERATION MODEL complex task with many aspects. developers of most other neigh- Many scientific disciplines must borhoods have a hard time ex- be brought together to develop plaining what is special about an integrated plan that bring their products. their various elements together. ECO CITY ECO CITY Client / In fact, it is a form of urban 那么,组建一支拥有上述提到的系统的 Designlobby Objectives Government planning or design that also ab- 学科背景的专业人才队伍,则是完成这 sorbs engineering, infrastructur- 样一项艰巨任务的最有效的方法。但这 al, economic, financial, organiza- 个团队应该是一个能互相帮助互相扶持 tional and design elements. ECO CITY DESIGN BY DESIGNLOBBY 的团队,是一个在一起进行几个小时甚 ECO CITY FUND 至几天的头脑风暴后能提出一些新的理 我们的解决方案 念和整体思想的团队。 且这些理念与 生态城市从其构想、设计、开发到维护 思想能体现对当地环境的尊重,同时也 绝非易事,因为其涉及了很多方面的因 能为那些苦于介绍其建筑产品特殊性的 Research & Consultancy Architecture236 素。开展一个整体的计划需要许多系统 社区开发商们创立一个具体的标识特 Development & & 的学科来支持,这就把各方面的因素汇 征。 Management Design 聚在一起了。 而我们的解决方案,正是城市规划及设 Economic and financial viabil- Flexible - Intelligent - Reliable Infrastructures 计在与工程,基础建设,经济,金融, ity are a man concern for eco 组织以及设计元素的结合。 city development in China, as it should be anywhere else. This Strategic Asset Management The only to be effective in such may often mean smart solutions an assignment is to compile a rather than application of the Sustainable Technology Assessment & Trade team consisting of people with latest and the greatest technolo- strong backgrounds in the above gies, which often proves risky. Urban Planning, Architecture, Land Scaping, Design mentioned disciplines. But it should also be a group of 如其他地方一样,在中国,经济能力与 Public Design, Interior Design, Branding, Way Finding people well-attuned to one an- 财政状况是人们对生态城市发展一个重 other. 要的考虑因素。这往往意味着我们需要 Eco City 的是智能的解决方案,而不是最新最 Implementation, Management & Monitoring A group of people that can be 尖端 技术的应用,因为这已经被证明 locked up in a room to brain- 了是不稳妥的方法。 storm for hours or days and then comes up with something new and something integrated. It is also something that respects
    • Developing a Special ECO-2- ZONE at the Intersection of Three Huizhou and Dongguan. We de- Cities veloped an integrated strategic How Ping-Qing-Xin can become A vision for turning Pingdi and the World-Class Innovation Hub region around it into an ECO- 低碳城市-坪地 2-ZONE, where an ecological 曹妃 深圳市政府及龙岗区政府 agenda of respecting existing Client Shenzhen and Long gang natural values was combined district governments with an economic agenda of in- dustrial tranformation from manufacturing towards R&D 任务 概念总体规划 Assignment Master plan and Future Vision and high-tech services. 项目 委托 在城市规划与设计阶段,我们参与到了 Project Commission 位于深圳最北部及惠州与东莞边界的坪 城市 河北曹妃甸生态城 地的起草计划,并为坪地及其周边地区 City Caofeidian Ecocity ECO CITY DESIGN BY DESIGNLOBBY 关于生态区的改造提出了一个综合的战 面积 略计划,这个生 Size 53 km2 LOW CARBON CITY 周期 PINGDI, SHENZHEN 态区把尊重现有的自然价值的生态议程 Schedule 2010-2011 及以研究开发和高科技服务为方向的从 状态 正式被国际发展和改革委 员会 Our people have been involved 制造业向工业转型的经济议程相结合。238 in projects at different scales. ECO CITY DESIGN 采纳作为低碳城市的 试验点 Status Official adoption by NDRC Concepts and plans at the level We wrote this vision based on CASE01 案例 (central government) as Low Carbon City pilot of urban development plans, neighborhood blocks and indi- thorough analyses of ecologi- cal, economic, infrastructure, vidual buildings belong to our geographic and other aspects of repertoire. Pictures and impres- Pingdi and its environs. Upon sions of various examples of each completion ou vision was adopt- of those levels are given here. ed by the Shenzhen and Long- gang district governments and 我们的团队一直在参与项目开发的不同 pushed to the Chinese central 阶段。城市发展规划的概念与计划,临 and Dutch national governments 街地区的大厦与独立的建筑物都在我们 for support. This led it to become 的开发范围内。这份介绍涵盖了在这个 one of eight national pilots in 项目的各个阶段中的不同例子的概念 Low Carbon City development 图。 and extensive Dutch export sup- port in its further implementa- At the urban planning and de- tion. sign level, we have been involved in drafting a masterplan for 我们根据对坪地及其周边地区的生态、 Pingdi at the very Northern edge 经济、基础建设、地理和其他各方面的 of Shenzhen, at the border with
    • 因素的全面分析,得出这样一个计划。 行,比如与一座大学相互融合。 在计划完成后,它就被深圳市政府及龙 岗区政府采纳并受到中国政府及荷兰政 府的支持。这让其成为国内八个低碳城 绿色核心 市发展的试点的其中之一,并能在以后 GREEN HEART 的建设里获得来自荷兰出口业的大力支 持。 坪清新的项目的中央地带将会是 一个连结各种城市功能的绿核。 混合都市模型 HYBRID URBAN MODEL At the heart of the Qingxi- Xinxu-Pingdi project is a green 坪地生态特区需要吸收引入三个主要城 center that unites the different 市模式:有机增长模式 urban parts. 新项目的启动继续让龙岗成为该地 Organic growth model 区的中心城市。坪 ECO CITY DESIGN BY DESIGNLOBBY 现有的城市化模式可以被理解为一种超 地,清溪,新圩城市群将通过提供 越规划的有机生长模式,尽管如此,这 高端绿色居住环境, 种扩张模式无论是空间上还是经济上依 而非区域竞争来实现繁荣。这个高 然可以是有效的。 端居住圈将能够辐射 轨道交通先导开发模式 从龙岗到坪山,惠阳,最后至大亚 湾一线。240 Transit orientated develop 与之相反的则是TOD模式,一种在香 New projects across the area 港被成功应用的模式;这种模式可以通 continue to make Longgang a 过高效的大运量轨道交通方式连接城市 major regional center. 中心并定义居住区带 The Pingdi, Qingxi, Xinxu urban 的发展方向。 system will thrive not by com- 卫星城/园区模式 peting, but by providing a green high-end residential hub that Satellite / campus model 在中国, supplements the new districts 新城或者卫星城模式非常普遍,然而, from Dayawang to Huiyang to 这种模式常为人诟病。它的增长难以控 Pingshan to Longgang. 制;此外,他本质上是不可持续的;除 非,能够在高水平的城市功能支撑下实 现自身运作的自给自足才能变得较为可
    • Neville Mars (DCF) and sus- tiered approach will be applied. tainable business, inter-culturalIn a first phase, a unified theo- collaboration and public man- retical model for collaboration, agement, Dong Wang (HITSZ). spatial design and business de- Within the framework of a Gov- velopment is formulated. Based ernment to Government collabo- on this model a future vision for ration, this not-for-profit project the Ping-Xin-Qing project site is team and the consortium it leads,generated and then tested using will address the multi-scale and evolutionary planning tools such regulatory challenges and devel- as computer aided simulation op the model of Holistic Urban and planning in relay. The first Planning with local partners for parts of this vision are now com- a unique cross-border project pleted and will be finalized sum- site Ping-Xin-Qing in Shenzhen, mer 2011. During this phase dif- China. ferent stakeholders collaborate within a pre-competitive frame- ECO CITY DESIGN BY DESIGNLOBBY work. In the second phase, Dutch From model to model city in and Chinese companies are in- Ping-Xin-Qing vited to tender to be included in the Ping-Xin-Qing consortium To achieve this ambitious level that will jointly contribute to its242 CASE01 of integration a remarkable two- detailed development. 案例 HOLISTIC URBAN as the Pearl River Delta, where PLANNING (HUP) - urbanization is too aggressive for THE DUTCH METHOD traditional eco-design or long- term planning methods to have a Holistic Urban Planning, or fighting chance. HUP, is a planning method cur- rently being developed by the HUP brings together four main Ping-Xin-Qing project team, a components, represented the multi-disciplinary consortium of four partners leading this con- Dutch specialists and institutions sortium. These can be under- to achieve a progressive Dutch- stood as: sustainable technology Chinese sustainable knowledge and next generation infrastruc- district in suburban Shenzhen. tures, Margot Weijnen (NGI), The goal is a model that achieves Collaborative Governance, Mar- integrated design for new ecoci- tin de Jong (TUD, HITSGS), sus- ties built in environments such tainable design and planning,
    • 案例 ECO CITY DESIGN FROM GENERIC曹妃 甸管委会 CASE02 案例 TO GENETICA CASEClient STUDY IN EVOLUTIONARYMunicipality of Caofeidian PLANNING任务 概念总体规划Assignment By Neville MarsMaster plan and Future Vision Does it make sense that the new The Dynamic City Foundation ecocities heralded in Asia and the (DCF) set out to develop a plan-项目 委托Project Commission Middle-east look the same? That ning model viable within these they are designed like any gener- harsh conditions. Evolutionary城市 河北曹妃甸生态城City Caofeidian Ecocity ic car city and constructed far Planning allows a city to respond from the rest of urban society? to market needs without hav-面积Size 75 km2 Today sustainability still too of- ing to abandon its fundamental ten means suburbia with solar principles along the way - much周期Schedule 2009 - 2010 panels. Pressure in the boom like the fractal-like structure economies prevents innovation of an organically evolving city.状态 完成 ECO CITY DESIGN BY DESIGNLOBBYStatus completed to be integrated or localised. Un- We aim to introduce a shift in fortunately it is precisely here, in China’s planning culture from countries like China, that entire duplication to one of adapta- ecocities are built from scratch tion; a transformation of the Ge- From 0 people and at hyperspeed. This would neric City into the Genetic City,246 offer vast opportunities for in- where sustainable qualities are novation, yet ironically this ap- ingrained in its core components in 2010 towards proach of top-down overhaul from conception. makes China’s cities intrinsically static and their design short- DCF applied this evolutionary 1,000,000 in lived. Designed and built over- planning model to an ambi- night these instant cities have tious new ecocity in China. In trouble incorporating emerging a unique collaboration with 5 2040 green technologies and respond- Dutch and 5 Chinese progressive ing to new desires and regula- design companies a long-term tions. Outdated as fast as they growth strategy for Caofeidian are erected, China’s short-term was developed; not by design- investment cycles effectively un- ing all at once, but in relay; each dermine the long-term visions team adding to the previous pro- needed to achieve sustainability. posal. The result is a simulation While today’s ecocities are de- of thirty years of sustainable ex- signed on a framework of regula- pansion: the city as the product tions that effectively prevent the of an accumulation of evolving most basic sustainable concepts ideas, able to emulate the com- - like the pedestrian-friendly city plexity and organic logic of a - from ever truly happening. slowly maturing city.
    • 何为生态?目前并没有权威的定 Genetic city 义;同样,生态城也难以拥有明确 “进化城市” 而权威的定义;但我们心中都有各 自对“生态”的疑问或者信念;正 “Genetic City”作为BARC项目发 因为没有定义,才赋予我们这个项 起人Neville Mars 提出的概念, 目丰富的实验空间和探索空间。 词源上取自基因(gene),同时 又与generic city 对仗:意在顺 Generic city“ 庸常城市”(又 应“Generic City庸常城市”市场 译“广普城市”;“通属城市” 驱动模式的大前提下,强调城市是 ): 作为一代代人不断建设的结果,而 “Generic City” 是库哈斯广为人 非某一代人或某一群人在某一刻的 知的理论,其核心就是市场经济模 决定或设计这一城市进化观念。 式下驱动的普通城市发展模式。此 也正因为此,十个团队分期接力设 论之所以著名,只因普通;一是普 计的策划,正为了模拟城市在一代 通到一旦你要讲“特殊”的事情都 代人的观念引导下的渐进式进化发 ECO CITY DESIGN BY DESIGNLOBBY 得拿这个“普通”来当参照系;二 展,虽然每个设计团队都来自一个 是他能将林林总总的纷繁复杂的“ 时代,但我们都有不同的背景,我 普通”一言以蔽之;因此几乎所有 们必须以我们的预测与远见,以各 CASE02 关于当代城市发展的模式都不约而 同地引用此论作为某种开篇,此处 自设定的未来时代为准,做出承前 启后的规划设计;而这种对未来的250 案例 我们也不例外。 代入和假设,无异于科幻作者们所 常做的努力。 而在其背后的若干态度:一是对 曹妃甸生态城的科幻纪事 河北省唐山市南部70公里的渤海 这种强大模式的无奈却积极的承 BARC —超越中国建筑规范 何博文 Bowen He / 动态城市基 岸边,举目四望,是广袤无垠的盐 认——市场经济到哪,庸常城市就 建设一个既生态又与众不同的新城 金会(Dynamic City Founda- 田,农地和荒野地;原住民稀少, 能到哪!;二是对这种模式的戏 市,我们遇到的阻力是什么?为何 tion) 以渔业养殖和制盐卫生,历史上是 讽,解读,批判的无休止的残念; 新城建设最终总是流于庸常城市? BACKGROUND/ 背景关键词 唐朝一名妃子的封邑,这就是建设 我们为何最终总是无法得到我们想 中的曹妃甸新城所在地。 三是不可浇灭的意欲突破的冲动; 要的? 曹妃甸新区将近1500平方公里, Caofeidian 曹妃甸: 堪比深圳;而其中大约70-80平方 建筑规范(这里也同样泛指包括规 公里的土地(一部分将在未来的填 划法规等)是对城市建设做定性和 北京的重工业都到哪去了?答案就 海工程中产生),将会集中建设一 定量控制的具有一定强制力的法律 是曹妃甸。除了首钢,曹妃甸正在 个新城市——曹妃甸国际生态城。 法规。首先,规范的内容当中,往 上马的还有石化工业和将要负担全 往以定量的方式,对开发进行限 华北电煤运输的曹妃甸港,而这些 Eco-city 生态城: 制,以定性的方式对土地使用方式 大型企业的落户必将带来可观的定 建设生态低碳社会,是全球的诉 进行预设;其次,作为自上而下的 居人口,以此为契机,建设一个新 求,也是中国政府的既定方针。而 城市规划和管理方式,从中央延伸 兴城市成为一项全国瞩目的新决 在曹妃甸,这块以后将重工业林立 到地方;第三,往往会以较为模式 策。 的滩涂盐碱地,正野心勃勃地打造 化标准化的系统来对待城市。尤其 一座定位领先全球的生态新城市; 突出的就是控制性详细规划,这种 很大程度上借鉴于美制Zoning的
    • 城市规划方式,很大程度上成了庸 Start from Scratch 常城市的温床,其结果就是:在商 从头绿: 业利益和政策制约的双重博弈下, 设计的取值往往趋于双方利益的最 从头绿,就是从无到绿,我们面对 大化,因此各项取值趋于唯一,从 的是一张白纸,我们需要的是设计 而造就了千城一面。更为人诟病的 整个系统,而不仅是添砖加瓦。 莫过于,规范和法规的所谓制约, 现状条件对于设计师而言,往往是 往往并没有确凿的理性依据,而多 依据而不是制约;对于没有现状 为“拍脑袋”的随机结果; 限制的条件,才是设计师真正的挑 因此,为了实现某些生态设计意 战; 图;例如,提高密度,增加道路效 如果说,在一个原本成熟的城市基 用/宽度比,实现混合功能等,都 础上,逐步改进以实现高效紧凑的 不得不与现行规范产生冲突;因 生态城市,会是有所依凭或者说相 此,为了提出更具有前瞻性的生态 对容易的方式;那么,在一片荒芜 ECO CITY DESIGN BY DESIGNLOBBY 城设计观念,我们首先需要突破 的盐碱滩上从一无所有到打造一座 规范——Beyond the Architec- 理想的生态新城,就显得更加富有 tural Regulation of China 挑战性了。252
    • 案例 ECO CITY DESIGN滨海新城 CASE03 案例CBD/ Binhai Green CBD客户 天津滨海新城管委会Client: Municipality of Tianjin, Tang-gu任务 城市总体规划Assignment Urban master plan项目 受邀竞赛Project Invited competition城市 天津, 于家堡City Tianjin, Yujiapu面积Size 35 km2周期Schedule 2008 - 2010 ECO CITY DESIGN BY DESIGNLOBBY状态 完成Status completed IN THE WORLD’S254 MOST ASPIRING PORT AREA’S, LIVABILITY AND GREEN POTENTIAL Background 绿色潜能 PROFITABILITY MUST Current planning initiatives are Working on the edge of technolo- being focused on the new Binhai GO TOGETHER. WITH gy and planning, the world’s first area, a 2270km coastal corridor green CBD can become a connecting the District Dagang TODAY’S TECHNOLOGY reality. A CBD that doesn’t just look green, but is truly sustain- in the South with the Hangu District in the North. Right in AND INTEGRATED able; an attraction more alluring for investors and residents alike, the middle is Tianjin port (one of China’s largest) and the new PLANNING A UNIQUE now and tomorrow. Tangu CBD area. Present gov- ernment planning statements JUXTAPOSITION OF suggest that NBA will be the new, green economic port of Northern THESE CONDITION IS 采用最前卫的规划理念和技术, 世界上第一个绿色的CBD诞生 China. The current condition POSSIBLE. 了。这是一个不只是看起来绿的 however is far from green, as the CBD,而是一个贯穿了可持续发 area is entirely industrial. Con- 展精髓、对投资者具有强大的吸引 trary to planning initiatives, in- 力的、现实的和未来的 CBD。 dustrial uses continue to prevail within the area. A clear example 在最让人向往的港口区域,宜居度和经济效益必须同时实 现。将当下的科技与整体规划相结合,两者的并存将 独树一帜。
    • Region Goals: Connecting and expand- ing existing lines and anticipat- Beijing Tianjin -45mins oh high ing future lines in a configura- “绿色工业综合区” speed train tion that reaches most people Tianjin - Tangu 40mins by light and makes most connections. rail “GREEN INDUSTRIAL HYBRID” 利用最少量的交通设施为远期的 Formerly an industrial inlet, just CBD南北片区居民提供最佳的交 5 kms away from the port, the 通可达性,同时利用最少的投资建 recently designated Tangu CBD 立区域内最广泛的交通连接。 is currently in the process of be- ing vacated in order to enable The result; maximum acces- development. The area will act as sibility for the CBD from both the central axis of the new Bin- the expanding North and South hai Area stretching the Hangu areas, with minimal obstructive District in the north to the of infrastructure and maximum ECO CITY DESIGN BY DESIGNLOBBY District Dagang in the South. regional connections with mini- mum investment. Regional Analysis Onset 在自由市场经济条件下,控制城市256 自然生长的主要工具对基础设施进 In order to attain optimal mar- 行投资。对于港口城 市而言,大 ket flexibility we looked at the 量的交通需要通过轨道运输方式来 worlds top CBD, Manhattan, 地区规划 Regional Concept 解决,对于同样一个绿色友好的步 and used the primary tool used 行城市,轨道交通也是最理想的选 to help guide flexible develop- 择 ment; The grid. In a free market the principal The cities green plan was de- tool to shape the natural growth signed around what is currently of this is the construction of the As the existing land uses of the of the city is investment in infra- recognized as the most compre- new gasification Cycle power area completely contradict its structure. In a port area heavy hensive form of ecological plan- plant, located a mere 6 km out- current land uses, we are propos- transportation makes the use of ning; watershed planning. side of the new CBD. Scheduled ing the creation of a new green tracks obvious, and in a green to be completed in 2010, this coal industrial hybrid. The design pedestrian friendly city too, A market oriented grid system burning plant is being built on acknowledges the area’s existing track-based transportation is the designed around ecological buf- newly developed land, extend- uses (rather than trying to forget ideal option. fer zones, works through design ing out onto the West sea waters, them), and incorporates them 目标:整合现有交通线路,预测未 to make a flexible and inherently while large tracts of land beside into the concept of a ‘green cor- 来交通走向,创造可达性好的交通 green CBD. are barren and waiting for ‘in- ridor’ 网络。 vestment’.
    • 主要功能分区: The core functions: 1. 临水休闲景观带 Recreational Riverbank 2. 三维休闲购物区 3D-Leisure and Shopping 3. 办公区 4. 教育区 Educational district 5. 高脚阳台居住区 Terrace Housing 绿色生态公园环带 内部水循环系统 对外交通主干道 内部交通网 6. 零售商品/创意产业一条街 Green Park Belt River Belt Local Connecting Arteries Local Road Network Small commerce and creative industries 7. 公园绿化带 Park Belt 8. 城市大型活动场地 Urban Event space 9. CBD城市主干道 CBD main street 10. 临河生态景观带 Ecological Riverbank CASE03 11. 城市肌理 滨水区和净水弯岸街区多样性 Generic urban tissue 12. 城市规划展览馆 现在未来不断变化的状况中实现宜居性和灵活适 Urban Planning Hall 应性。多样性很难被某一个团队或者机构所设 案例 计,而更重要的是能够在长期的发展过程中形成 内部交通网 湿地岛屿 车站 桥梁与隧道 Local Road Network Wetland Islands Stations Bridges and Tunnel 多样性。我们规划小型地块能够为不同时期不同 设计者提供足够的发挥空间。 ECO CITY DESIGN BY DESIGNLOBBY Water and Green 止洪水灾害。绿色生态带和绿岛在 The first guiding tool, water and 雨季吸收和涵养从各个方向流失的 green are designed as two inter- 陆地上的雨水,在涨潮期逐级阻挡海 locking belt systems that incorpo- 河上涨的洪水。258 rate the existing water and green resources. Water Conservation 网格单元设计 Management, Filtering Cell Pattern Planning 规划引导的第一步:利用现有的水 The river is aligned by wetlands 资源和生态资源构造并行的水循环 that work as in internal water fil- 系统和绿色生态带状系统。 tering system. In addition “grey water” is piped to the north Flood Prevention where it is discharged into a The green belt and watersystem built wetland. There the water is works together to create a double naturally filtered and stored. The flood prevention system. Storm wetland is also a reservoir, used water run-off from the city is ab- for other municipal needs such sorbed in every direction either as landscape watering, street into the green park belt or river cleaning, public water fountains, belt. Rising water levels from the and grey water inputs. Haihe are addressed in stages, first by the wetland buffer, then 与流经公园的河流并行设置的是湿 by the waterfront park along the 地污水处理系统。污水由管道运输 CBD. 到北部的湿地污水处理系统,经该 系统过滤后转化为市政用水,为城 绿色生态系统和水循环系统双重防 市绿化、清洗街道等提供的中水。
    • 260
    • PROFILES We like to thank the Design Lobby Angelopoulos Angelos / Interior Design Group) and several branches of National Bank of Greece, Vasilis Grigoriadis Agency team of: www.angelosangelopoulos.com (civil engineer) starts his collaboration with George Venetsanos (architect) focus- ing on the design and construction of a series of private projects. Angelos Angelopoulos was born in Greece. He has been working as an interior 我们对Design Lobby Agency团队 designer since 1989. Having a common academic background, Nikos Kouzoupis (architect) and Con- 表示衷心感谢: At the age of 24, in 1990 he designed his first boutique hotel ANDROMEDA stantinos Orestis Despotis (3D Visualisations Expert), George Venetsanos’ fellow ATHENS, which was among the few boutique hotels in Europe at that time. students at the University of Kent Canterbury School of Architecture, joined the — Senior Partners 高级合伙人 Since 1999 he has designed the interiors of more than 40 hotels, most of which were boutique hotels. Among his projects one can find residences, condomini- team forming Division Architects. Each project is primarily treated as a pretext for creation and dialogue, caus- — Design Groups 设计团队 ums, apartments, restaurants, clubs, show rooms, commercial buildings, office ing “divisions”, generating solutions that combine and serve its programmatic — Partners 合伙人 buildings etc. content. Thus, a building is divided into blocks, forms, spaces, elements, uses, is — Assoc. Partners deconstructed and eventually reunited, combining all the individual components — Associates He lives and works in Athens and he has done various projects all over Greece, to end up with a single result of solid and compact architecture. as well as in Cyprus, in Turkey, in the United States of America in Manhattan and lately in Florida. He designs exteriors, interiors, gardens as well as furniture So Division as in disintegration, deconstruction, differentiation, all concepts and decorative objects. which enclose within genesis through intense and conflicting actions that lead to creation. AWARDS & DISTINCTIONS His work and projects are often presented in the Greek press, as well as in the most important international magazines of interior design, fashion and life style Division建筑是一家融合了两种不同建筑视角而形成的建筑公司,于2010年 some of in the US, England, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Turkey, Romania, 成立。 China, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and Russia. The Jury of 2005 Hospitality Awards following the rules established by the Chairman of the Advisory board 我们已经形成了各种规模和种类的业务活动,如我们承接过的项目对象有锡罗 and its members have distinguished Mykonos Theoxenia hotel as finalist in the category Best Innovative concept in hotel lodging. 斯的娱乐场、(Aigaio AE 娱乐场),勒托妇科&外科诊所(海吉尔集团)以及 希腊国家银行的几家分行。且Vasilis Grigoriadis(土木工程师)与George The above award was given in recognition of the most originalconcept/incorpo- Venetsanos(建筑师)联手合作,专门承接私人项目工程的设计与建造。 rating technical innovation, quality of service, design andndecoration. Angelos Nikos Kouzoupis(建筑师)和Constantinos Orestis Despotis(3D Angelopoulos is repeatedly chosen and is included, among some of the leading 可视化专家)有着相同的教育背景,他们是大学同窗,都曾在肯特郡坎特伯雷 DESIGNLOBBY AGENCY TEAM A&m architects / Architecture AMK / Architecture & Interior Design designers of the world, in ANDREW MARTIN INTERIOR DESIGN REVIEW (2005, 2006,2007,2008, 2009,2010, 2011), which is considered, by the interna- 大学建筑系学习并组成团队创建了Division 建筑公司。 www.am-architects.gr www.amk.g tional press, as the bible of the interior Design. For someone to be included in A&M Group traces its origins back to 1982, and was founded aiming to provide AMK is a firm of architects and designers with a proud record of international this edition is equivalent to win an Oscar nominee for Interior Design. 我们的每一项目都被视为创意与对话的窗口平台,对各建筑成分进行分割,并 architectural, engineering and technical services with an emphasis on energy ef- projects. In 2010 Taschen, which is the most important publication for the design world as 制作出能结合并服务于整个建筑系统结构的方案。因而,我们先是把建筑分割 ficiency, new technologies and Computer Aided Design. they feature interior design, architecture and life style, included one of his proj- 成了不同的区域、形状、空间、组成成分和用途,然后我们对每一建筑进行解 In 2006 under the leadership of Michael Mavroleon, A&M Group was restruc- AMK not only manages major land-based design projects (more than 35 hotels, ects in INTERIORS NOW VOL.1, and also chose it for the cover of the book. tured, embarking on an ambitious reorganization and recruiting program aimed at restaurants, shops). It is also specialized in designing cruise ships (more than 80), 构最后进行重组。这样通过整合各独立成分的方法创造出了独存仅有、坚固结262 enriching the Group’ skill – sets and capabilities. ranging in size from 800 to 2,000 guests, and in value from US$1 to US$300 实、浑然一体的建筑。所以Division建筑公司,在经过分解、解构、差异化 million. “Floating hotels” are the most difficult design projects. They have to Angelos Angelopoulos生于希腊,自1989年以来一直担任室内设计 后,并在一个总的理念指导下,经过各种激烈及相互碰撞的行动决议,最终形 Today A&M provides services in Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, Hungary and EMEEA meet strict standards of safety and functionality, as well as vibration and weight 师。1990年,他当时24岁,第一次设计了精品酒店“ANDROMEDA 成了一切所需的概念。 consisting of 40 talented architects, engineers, project managers, graphic design- parameters. Yet modern cruise ships must also satisfy the high expectations of ATHENS”,成为当时欧洲少有的精品酒店之一。自1999年以来,他已经为 ers and technologists who use the most contemporary ideas with an evolving passengers within strictly limited space. 40多家酒店进行了室内设计,其中大多数为精品酒店。Angelos的设计项目 GFRA / Architecture system of organization, using leading edge software technology, ideas and appli- www.gfra.gr cations even in minute construction details or materials. The firm offers an array AMK has won international acclaim for its design of restaurants, lounges, 还包括住宅、分户式产权公寓、普通公寓、餐厅、俱乐部、展示馆、商业大楼 of architectural design, project and construction management services, either on theatres, conference centers, meeting rooms, libraries, fitness facilities, health 和办公大楼等 The office gfra architecture was founded in 2004 by Tasos Gousis, Joost Frijda standalone, or an integrated basis. spa centers, discotheques, night clubs, casinos, teenager’s clubs, internet cafes, and Eddie Roberts as a result of many years of cooperation in previous associa- children’s play areas, swimming pool areas, bars, pubs, lobbies, atria and guest Angelos在雅典生活工作,其承接的各种项目遍及希腊、塞浦路斯、土耳其、 tions where they participated with the major Greek projects of the previous These include interior fit – outs and building infrastructure, upgrades and new accommodation – from standard rooms to royal suites. Whatever the project, 美国曼哈顿及近期的佛罗里达州。他从事室内外设计及花园、家具、装饰物品 decade, such as projects for the Olympic Games, the new Athens airport and “Greenfield” than encompass all levels of architectural, engineering, construction whether on shore or afloat, AMK can handle every aspect of design and architec- the Acropolis Museum competition. Joost Frijda is Dutch and has received his and project management services. A&M GROUP’S focus on “turnkey” solutions tural work from A to Z. AMK is not just a highly creative team; it is also skilled 设计。 degree from the Delft University of Technology, while both Tasos Gousis and and in-house civil, mechanical and electrical engineering capabilities provides in negotiating with suppliers and undertakes on-site supervision in any location. 荣誉奖项 Angelos的作品经常出现在希腊媒体及许多著名室内设计、时尚和生 Eddie Roberts, who has a Welsh background, are graduates from the NTUA the expertise to undertake complex projects. We have an excellent record of delivering all projects on budget and on time. 活类全球性杂志上,这些杂志的出版地包括美国、英国、法国、意大利、葡萄 (Athens Polytechnic). Fotini Anagnostou becomes part of the team in 2007. In 牙、德国、土耳其、罗马尼亚、中国、印度尼西亚、泰国、日本和俄罗斯。 2008 Nota Tsalta joins and supplements the team with the experience she gained The group provides its clients with an unparalleled depth of talent, creativity AMK——陆上海上的酒店专家 在2005年的酒店大赛大奖的评审中,评审团根据顾问委员会主席及其成 at prominent architecture offices. and technical know – how to meet their project challenges, goals and aesthetic criteria. AMK公司是优秀建筑师和设计师之家,其负责的国际项目成绩斐然。 员制定的规则,判定麦克诺斯西奥尼亚酒店入围 “酒店住宿类最佳创意概 The multinational background of the team makes them search for new ideas and 念”奖的最终评选参与。该奖项根据最具原创性理念,并综合技术创新、 forms in architecture, to give a ‘European’ spirit to their design. This has been A&M集团创立于1982年,主要提供建筑、工程、技术等方面的服务,专注于能 AMK的经营领域除了主要的陆上设计项目(超过35家酒店、餐馆和商店), 服务质量、装潢设计方面的标准而颁发。该酒店的室内设计由Angelos负 recognized by the numerous publications and participations in exhibitions such 源效率、新科技及计算机辅助设计。 还包括游轮设计(80多艘)。其设计的游轮大小不一,有由容纳800乘客的到 责。Angelos Angelopoulos作为世界顶级设计师之一,屡次出现在被 as the biennale of Young Greek Architects and the international Piranesi exhibi- 2000乘客的,价值有由100万美元到3亿美元不等的。“漂浮酒店”的设计 国际性出版社视为室内设计圣经的《NDREW MARTIN 室内设计评论》 tion. At the same time they have a realistic approach and through close coopera- 如今,A&M 集团为希腊、塞浦路斯、埃及、匈牙利、欧洲、中东及非洲国家提 tion with the client and the consulting engineers, aim of the office is to maintain 供服务。集团招揽了40名优秀的建筑师、工程师、项目经理、平面设计师及技 难度最高,因为必须达到严格的安全和功能标准以及振动、重量这些参数的要 (2005,2006,2007,2008, 2009,2010, 2011)杂志上。能在该杂志出现 the quality of design and technology of architecture to a maximum. 术人员。这些优秀人利用不断更新推进的管理组织体系及顶尖软件技术,采用 求,而现代游轮的设计则还须在空间极其有限的条件下能设计出满足游客极高 就相当于获得了室内设计方面的奥斯卡奖提名。 The many specializations of the office include: housing, hotels, education, of- 最为现代化的理念,对这些理念及专业技术的应用甚至细致入微到每个建筑细 期望的游轮。 2010年,设计界最具影响力的《Taschen》一书将他的其中一个项目作品放 fices, cinema/theatre, retail, interior design, public urban/green spaces, re-use/ 节及材料应用上。公司提供一整套单项或综合的建筑设计、项目及建筑工程管 在了该书第一卷的当代室内设计中,并将这项作品用作该书的封面图片。该书 restoration etc. Many projects are situated in the Athens region, but work is 理服务。这些服务项目包括建筑、工程、建设、项目管理服务的各个层面其中 AMK在的餐馆、娱乐室、戏院、会议中心、会议中心、会议室、图书馆、健身 主要谈论室内设计、建筑以及生活方式等主题。 done all over Greece and abroad. Project responsibility includes both design and 包括室内装修、基础设施建设、升级建设及可持续设计。 supervision, and can lead from the initial concept, through obtaining the building 设施、水疗中心、迪斯科舞厅、夜总会、赌场、青少年俱乐部、网吧、儿童游 permit, to the possibility to organize the complete construction process. A&M 集团专注于统包解决方案,拥有室内工程装修及机械电子工程方面的技能 乐区、游泳池、酒吧、酒馆、大堂、门廊、贵宾招待室- 从标准房到豪华总统套 Division Architects / Architecture 掌控,使其能承担非常复杂的工程项目。 www.divisionarchitects.com 房等的设计方面享有国际盛誉。无论是陆上还是水上项目,AMK可以包揽设计 gfra建筑工作室由Tasos Gousis、Joost Frijda 和 Eddie Roberts于2004年 和建筑工作的方方面面。AMK不仅是一极具创造性的团队,而且还非常擅于与 创立。他们10年前共事于希腊一些重大工程项目中,有着多年的合作共事经 集团能为客户提供无与伦比的深层次人才、创新力及专业技术知识以满足客户 Division Architects is an architectural practice established in 2010 by combining 供应商进行协商以及承担对任何场地的现场监控。不仅如此我们还有着按时按 历。Joost Frijda是荷兰人,在代尔夫特理工大学取得学位。和2007年加入该团 项目上的任何挑战、目标及审美要求。 two different perspectives. 队的Fotini Anagnostou及2008年加入gfra 的Nota Tsalta一样,Tasos Gousis 预算交付项目的极好记录。 和Eddie Roberts均毕业于国立雅典理工大学。 Having built up a varied portfolio, covering wide scales and types such as: 团队人员的跨国背景使得他们能在建筑设计领域能寻求到新的创意和形式,也 Casino in Syros (Casino Aigaio AE), Leto Gynecology & Surgical clinic (Hygeia
    • 使他们的设计有着一种欧洲精神特色。这点已从他们无数的出版发行物和各种 Maria Kokkinou与Andreas Kourkoulas 于1987 年成立了他们的公司。2004 T ​ he companies controlled by LEEAD Consulting are: Our main sectors of Master planning, Landscape, Urban Planning and Construc- 展会的参与得到了认可。同时他们有着一种实事求是的工作精神。在与客户和 年,位于Pireos 街贝纳基博物馆的竣工(2006希腊建筑年度最佳建筑机构奖) tion are Private Residential Plots, Public Buildings’ Exteriors and Surroundings, 顾问工程师之间的紧密合作下,工作室旨在使其设计质量和建筑技术发挥到极 以及年度评论杂志《希腊建筑》主题刊物的出饭发行,奠定了他们在希腊建筑 Aeter Architects   Green Roofs, National Driveways, Banks, Hotels, Schools, Urban Plots, Public 致。工作室的业务专长包括:普通住房、酒店、教育、办公、电影院/剧院、 领域中的赫赫声名。他们的作品在国内外的许多展览中被专门重点展出。其作 Harry C. Bougadellis & Associate Architects S.A. Parks, Hospitals, Petrol Stations with Multi-facilities, Sports Centers and Olym- 零售、公共场地或绿地、重新利用/重建等项目。许多项目是在雅典地区展开进 品不仅格外重视选址及具体项目要求而且还注重表达更为广泛层次意义上的人 Denco  pic Games’ Projects. LIVINGSCAPES’ specialization in Landscape Architecture 行,但有些是在全希腊及国外展开进行。 文价值,因而是对希腊现代建筑传统的一种延伸扩展。他们设计的建筑框架边 Development & Engineering Consultants S.A. and Urban Design is giving us the opportunity to provide and maintain the qual- 界及空间关系稳固,加之对各种生活节奏、活动及模式的综合丰富考虑,让日 Ldk   ity of design, data and technology to a maximum level for each of the different K&K Architects / Architecture 常的公共及私人生活变得简单随意,因而也深刻奠定了他们在建筑领域中的牢 Engineering Consultants S.A. and unique clients. We are changing through sustainable design environments, www.kkarchitects.gr 固地位。他们设计的建筑视觉形式各异,但却总能深刻展现出建筑立体空间里 Enb   the city’s existing identity interface. 所潜藏的独特风格品味,令人难以忘怀,不仅如此他们还特别重视建筑形式结 Exarchou & Nikolopoulos Consulting Engineers Overseas S.A. At LIVINGSCAPES we believe that the best rewards, except for the final results, K&K Architects was established in 2000 by Katerina Kotzia and Korina Filox- 构上的编排顺序、建筑材料质地的选取以及采光条件的考虑。 Exarchou & Associates   is our clients’ trust and strong friendship as an outcome of an excellent coopera- enidou. The studio deals with a variety of projects that range from exhibition de- Kourkoulas 是雅典国立技术大学建筑系的副教授。 Consultants For Construction Contracts S.A. tion between us and of course the “adoption” of the new designed public spaces, sign and commercial spaces to private residential projects. Projects also include as a new urban landmark. We are also working very close with most of the Greek participations in competitions and research programmes on urban strategies and Kosmidis Minas / Interior Design All The Above Companies Have Been collaborating on various projects for Architects and other International Architecture firms because we believe that the integration of architecture and landscape. The studio focuses on the creation www.minaskosmidis.com almost 20 years. great ideas are the aftereffect of strong collaborations. of spaces that combine a strong and clear identity with an experiential nature that encourages interaction and involvement. «… an architect is called to enact the role of a director in a play where the script The latest addition to the LEEAD Group of companies is  NEXUS GLOB- LIVINGSCAPES由Georgios Mathioudakis和Emmanuel Mathioudakis 于 is written by the heroes-clients, and which takes place in a particular space and AL  which carries outInternational Law & Contract Management Services on 2010年创立,是EMMANUEL MATHIOUDAKIS+ASSOCIATES In 2006 k&k architects designed and co-curated (with E. Constantopoulos and time scene». behlaf of LEEAD Consulting.​​ (创立于1982年)旗下的一成员公司。 L. Papadopoulos) the Greek Participation in the 10th Biennale of Architecture in   LEEAD Consulting prides itself in bringing outstanding results with highly LIVINGSCAPES 是一家专业的咨询公司,其团队由园林建筑师、城市设计师、 Venice entitled The Dispersed Urbanity of the Aegean Archipelago. In 2006 they Our tools, abstraction, clarity of design, perspicuity, transparency, symmetry, specialized technical 城市规划师及草地灌溉工程师这些专业人士组成。他们承接来自各地区、各种 curated and designed the first Architecture Biennale of Thessaloniki, entitled: flow, balance between volumes, nature’s elements, light. services worldwide. In all areas of consultancy services - technical, operational, 规模大小的公私项目。我们为各种行业领域提供解决方案,如咨询、设计、监 Architecture and the City In Southeast Europe. Projects have been published legal and 管、项目管理及建造等行业领域。同时我们也为各种涉及城市扩张与改造项目 in architectural magazines and catalogues. Their work in exhibition design and Every project is a soul’s deposit, aiming at a proposal that is functionally integral administrative, LEEAD Consulting strives to achieve excellence. We are driven 事宜开发新创意、挖掘新视角。我们会根据具体用途、具体地形要求及客户的 architectural competitions has received numerous distinctions. and aesthetically unique, where the director shapes figures, entering and not in- by a well-defined set of Core Values, including Excellence and Innovation. This 需要创造出新的或改进现有的景观及城市环境。本公司在希腊、塞浦路斯、欧 vading to them. Through an architectural approach, he creates emotional environ- fuels our intense focus on continuous improvement leading to repeated commen- 洲及中东国家有着极其丰富的硬质景观及软质景观设计与建设经验。 Katerina Kotzia and Korina Filoxenidou were trained as architects at the Aristo- ments, filtering the connection between needed and wanted, as well as between dation by our industry, clients and beneficiaries. 我们在总体规划、景观设计、城市规划及城市建设方面的业务范围主要涉及 tle University of Thessaloniki (1997) and they have both attended the postgradu- function and the characters’ aesthetics. 私人住宅小区、公共建筑外围及周边、屋顶绿化、国道、银行、酒店、学校、 ate course MA Design Studies at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and LEEAD 咨询创立于雅典,成功经营了五家希腊顶级咨询公司。LEEAD 咨询荟 城区、城市公园、医院、多设施加油站、体育中心、奥林匹克运动会工程项 DESIGNLOBBY AGENCY TEAM Design (2000) as recipients of the Onassis Institute Scholarships. In 2000 they “ 一名建筑师在一场戏中应扮演导演的角色,而这场戏的剧本则是由我们的英 萃了希腊最好的工程团队、国际建筑法律顾问、建筑工程合同及项目管理公 目。LIVINGSCAPES专业的景观设计和城市设计,使我们能够为需求各异的客 founded the architectural office k&k architects in Thessaloniki and in 2009 also 雄们——客户来撰写,且这场戏是发生在特定的时空里。” 司,他们在设计项目、项目及建筑工程管理、国际建筑法律及合同咨询顾问等 户提供最好的质量保证、最新资料及最先进的技术。我们运用促进环境可持续 in Athens. 我们采用的手段、抽象性、设计的清晰性、简明性、透明性、对称性、流动 领域有着资深经验及极高的专业水准。 发展的设计理念,不断改变着城市的原有的形象标识。 性、整体设计的平衡性、自然环境、光线。 K&K Architects工作室由Katerina Kotzia 和Korina Filoxenidou 于2000年成 每一项目都是灵魂的积淀,旨在形成一个功能完整、审美独特的建筑设计 LEEAD 咨询掌管控制的公司有如下这些: 对于LIVINGSCAPES来说,我们相信除了我们最终所取得的项目成果,我们最 立,主要从事展览设计、 商业场所设计及私人住宅设计等一系列的项目活动, 方案。一场戏中导演的任务是要塑造人物,要慢慢进入这些人物角色而不是随 AETER ARCHITECTS   大的收获便是:客户建立了对我们的信任,并在与我们的精彩合作中结下了深 同时还积极参与各种竞赛活动、城市发展策略项目的科研及景观与建筑融合方 意侵入。同样从一个建筑师的角度来审视一个项目,他也是在创造一个情感环 HARRY C. BOUGADELLIS & ASSOCIATE ARCHITECTS S.A. (建筑) 厚的友谊,当然还有我们新设计的建筑为城市树立了新的地标。 面的研究设计。 境,渗入到客户的想法与项目现实需求以及功能与各种审美要求的联结中去。 DENCO   同时我们还与许多希腊建筑师及其他国际建筑公司保持着非常紧密的合作与联264 工作室注重在兼顾客户体验与突出客户身份的基础上进行空间设计,以促进两 者间的融合与互动。 L+DG Gravanis Thomas / Architecture DEVELOPMENT & ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS S.A.(房地产开发&工程 项目咨询) 系,因为我们相信卓越的想法是强强联合作用下的结果。 www.lightingdg.com LDK   Malvi Architects / Architecture 2006年,在以“The Dispersed Urbanity of the Aegean Archipelago”为主 ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS S.A. (工程项目咨询) www.mal-vi.com 题的第10届威尼斯国际建筑双年展中,k&k architects工作室负责了希腊馆的设 L+DG Thomas Gravanis Lighting Architects is an independent lighting design ENB   计并协同(E. Constantopoulos和L. Papadopoulos)负责希腊馆在其中的参 practice with offices in Athens GR and in central London UK. EXARCHOU & NIKOLOPOULOS CONSULTING ENGINEERS OVERSEAS Mal-Vi Architects is a multidisciplinary architecture & design studio experi- 展。同年,在以“Architecture and the City In Southeast Europe”(“东 S.A. (海外工程师咨询) enced in architectural design and building development, with participation in 南欧建筑与城市”)为题的首次塞萨洛尼基建筑双年展中负责了展馆的设计与 Over the years we have acquired a reputation for providing high quality services EXARCHOU & ASSOCIATES  numerous international architecture competitions. Based in Thessaloniki, Greece 参展。其设计项目已在各种建筑杂志和手册中刊登发表。同时他们的作品在各 for hotels-resorts and spas, corporate buildings and retail projects in our country CONSULTANTS FOR CONSTRUCTION CONTRACTS S.A. (建筑工程合 it focuses on providing ad hoc design and building solutions, by combining a 种展览设计及建筑大赛中已获无数荣誉。 and abroad (UAE, Middle East, Cyprus). Nowadays, we are commissioning two 同咨询) variety of fields and approaching the disciplines in an inquisitive way. The firm Katerina Kotzia 和 Korina Filoxenidou 均在雅典塞萨洛尼基亚里士多德大学 new Starwood hotels in south part of Greece and recently, we have completed a 上述这些公司与各类项目有着长达差不多20年的合作经验。 gets involved in projects that vary widely in both scale and subject, from large 学习(1997)成为建筑师而且都以奥纳西斯奖学金获得者身份参加了中央圣马 new five stars hotel in north Greece (a copy of our newsletter has been attached). infrastructures, to small-scale interiors and industrial design, whether collaborat- 丁艺术设计学院的设计研究的研究生课程(2000)。2000年他们在塞萨洛尼基成 Since 2000, we have collaborated with many UK and US based architectural and 最新加入LEEAD集团公司有 NEXUS GLOBAL  ,代表LEEAD 咨询提供国际 ing with local government on the construction of a bridge over the Thermaikos 立了“k&k architects”建筑工作室, 2009年在雅典的工作室也成立了。 interior design practices and therefore we have the ability to understand your 法律及合同管理咨询服务。一直以来令LEEAD咨询引以为豪的是它为全球客户 Gulf, or designing an ecological catamaran for the Chinese shipyard CMC needs. 提供了高专业水准、成果显著的服务,范围几乎覆盖了所有的咨询领域,如技 Yachts. Mal-Vi Architects’ works have been featured on numerous European and Kokkinou - Kourkoulas / Architecture 术、运营、法律及管理等咨询,且LEEAD 咨询一直力争在这些领域做到极致精 Asian publications. www.kokkinoukourkoulas.com L+DG Thomas Gravanis 灯光设计是一家独立的灯光设计公司,公司在希腊雅 湛。我们有着一套明晰的核心价值理念,包括追求卓越和创新,也正是由于这 典及英国伦敦都设有办公点。一直以来,无论是在国内还是在国外(阿拉伯联 些价值理念的驱动,使得我们格外重注不断超越自我,因而饱受业内同行、客 Mal-Vi Architects是一家综合性的建筑与设计工作室,在建筑设计及建筑开 Maria Kokkinou and Andreas Kourkoulas founded their practice in 1987. The 合酋长国、中东、塞浦路斯),我们为度假酒店、温泉浴场(spa)、企业公司 户及受益者的赞誉。 发方面有着丰富经验,同时还参与了很多国际性的建筑大赛。该工作室设在希 completion of the Benaki Museum at Pireos Street (Award, Institute of Greek 大楼及零售项目提供了极端优质的服务。现在我们正负责希腊南部两个新喜达 腊塞萨洛尼基,它能结合各种学科领域知识,并以一种专业探究的精神来为客 Architects 2006), and the publication of a theme issue of the annual review 屋国际酒店项目。最近我们对希腊北部一家五星级酒店的灯光设计项目已完工 Livingscapes / Landscape Design & Architecture 户提供专业的专项设计及建筑方案服务。公司从事各种规模大小及主体各异的 Architecture in Greece, both in 2004, has confirmed their prominent standing (我们的一份业务通讯副本已附上) www.livingscapes.gr 工程项目,大到大型的基础设施建设,小到小型的室内设计及工业设计。承接 among Greek architects. 的项目活动如:与塞萨洛尼基当地政府合作建设了横跨Thermaikos 海峡的大 自2000年,我们已与英国及美国许多建筑及室内设计公司展开合作,因而我们 LIVINGSCAPES is a member of EMMANUEL 桥,并且为中国造船业的CMC游艇设计出生态双体游艇。且Mal-Vi Archi- Their work, featured in many exhibitions nationally and internationally, extends 能充分了解您的需求。 MATHIOUDAKIS+ASSOCIATES (since 1982) and it was found in 2010 by tects 工作室的设计作品在欧洲及亚洲的许多出版物上均有专题报道介绍。 the tradition of regional modernism with critical attention paid not only to site Georgios Mathioudakis and Emmanuel Mathioudakis. and program but to the expression of broader humanist values. They affirm the Leead Consulting / Landscape Designers LIVINGSCAPES is a professional consulting firm comprised of Landscape Mob Architects / Architecture role of architecture in creating the stable framework of boundaries and spatial www.leeadconsulting.com Architects, Urban Designers, Town Planners and Turf Irrigation Engineers which www.mobarchitects.gr relationships that support and make intelligible everyday public and private life, undertakes projects both private and public with variable locations, sizes and in all its richness of rhythm, movement and patterns of co-awareness. LEEAD Consulting has been established in Athens and manages five premier scales. Mob architects is an innovative architectural practice working in Athens, Greek consulting firms. with extensive experience in architectural design. General Partners are Vassilis We provide solutions in all sectors such as consulting, design, supervising, Baskozos, and Daria Tsagaraki and work together since 1992. Projects of the The visual form of their buildings varies considerably, but it is always a memo- LEEAD Consulting is made up of Greece’s finest engineering, international project management and constructing. We also develop concepts and visions practice include industrial buildings and settings, office buildings, bank branches, rable expression of the underlying spatial qualities of architecture, with equal construction law, construction contract and project management companies for variable issues concerning urban expansions and transformations. We are public open spaces, urban design, landscaping, many residences and residential emphasis on formal order, material texture and the quality of light. Kourkoulas with long-standing experience and high quality expertise in the fields of Project creating new landscape and urban environments or reinforce the existing ones, complexes, shops, interior design etc. The organization of planning procedures is Associate Professor of Architecture at the National Technical University of Design, Project & Construction Management and International Construction Law based on the uses and the necessities of each location’s morphology and clients’ and the extensive experience gained over more than 30 years of practice, result in Athens. and Contract Consulting. demands. Our Office has a vast experience in designing and constructing soft and designs that are realized according to the aspirations and budget of the program hard landscape projects in Greece, Cyprus, Europe and the Middle East. with technical expertise and great attention to detail.
    • The studio focuses its interest on the additional value ensured by the design 技能掌控。从初期设计阶段到工程完工阶段,我们工作室都会认真负责工程项 MOB architects have been awarded from the Hellenic Institute of Architecture STEPHANIA MOSSE的一些客户对象有: research, which helps improve life quality while benefits the environment and 目中的各项日常管理工作。在此期间,我们还能从无数的公司外合伙人及其他 with the First Prize for the best house within the period of 1999 – 2004 for the NIKE(耐克), PORSCHE DESIGN human civilization in general. While occupied with assigned projects, the studio 各合作伙伴那获得支持与帮助。我们所承接的项目范围非常广泛,包括豪华住 project “Two - Family Vacation House in Porto Rafti”. They also gained a “WAF (保时捷设计), S.Niarchos Foundation seeks to participate often in architectural competitions; this allows continuous 宅区(假日型及通用型)、办公区、工业建筑楼、城市设计、受保护遗址、重 shortlisted” nomination in “World Architecture Festival 2008” with the project Selected Clients development in a wide range of research challenges. The studio has repeatedly 要历史性保护区等项目。同时我们还非常热衷于参加各种建筑设计大赛及对建 «Four Houses». In 2011 they were honored from the Hellenic Association of NIKE, PORSCHE DESIGN, S.Niarchos Foundation been awarded in competitions and has received many distinctions whilst many 筑设计及材料方面的前沿创新。我们认为:设计、功能、环境在工程建设时必 Architects, with the Award of best realized building of the years 2005 - 2010 in of its buildings are the result of these awards. Some of the studio’s projects have 须予以综合考虑。每一工程项目就如我们的客户一样,都有其独特性。 Greece, for the project “House in Chalandri”. Parthenios Architects+Associates / Architecture been presented in exhibitions in Greece and abroad, and in lectures given by 团队协作必不可少。与建筑行业富有创造性思维人士分享意见,交流新经验是 www.parthenios.com Dimitris and Liana Potiropoulou, while they have been published in Greek and 非常有必要的。 Their work has been presented in architectural exhibitions within and outside International Press. Greece such as: exhibition of Mediterranean Architecture in Montpellier - France PARTHENIOS architects+associates offer a broad range of premium services 团队成员有: 2000 / Athens - Scape: the 2004 Olympics and the metabolism of the city - to distinguished clients who are interested in creating a unique private or “Potiropoulos D + L Architects”工作室由Dimitris Potiropoulos和Liana Eugenia Manta .建筑师 London 2003 / EU – Japan Year of People - to - People Exchanges 2005 “On: public space since 1974. Their projects include -but are not limited to: private Nella-Potiropoulou于1989年创立。该工作室由两人1982年创建的个人工作 Michail Provelengios .建筑师 the Modern and the Contemporary in European and Japanese culture” in Tokyo residences, office buildings, hospitals, museums, theaters, industrial buildings, 室发展而来。如今,该工作室发展为一个由众多成员组成的专业团队,其中包 Ioanna Chalatsi .建筑师 2006, etc. Projects of the team are frequently published in the local architectural housing complexes, exhibition spaces and landscape design. What makes their 括建筑师、计算机辅助(CAD)技术员、平面设计师以及专业协调员和行政人 press and have been presented in international architecture sites and reviews. office distinguish is not so much the types of projects they undertake as it is 员。工作室能为各种类型及规模的建筑及城市规划项目提供集研究、监督和咨 R.C Tech / Architecture their philosophy towards them: regardless its type each project stands out for its 询为一体的全方位服务。工作室的经营范围还发展到海外,在全球各地提供多 www.rctech.gr Mob 建筑是雅典一家新型的建筑公司,在建筑设计领域有着极其丰富的经验。 unique idea -selected among a large number of alternative explored solutions-, 种类型的项目服务。 其普通合伙人有Vassilis Baskozos和Daria Tsagaraki,且自1992年就开始共 its functionality, aesthetics and construction quality. Bioclimatic architecture and From its Athens-based offices, R.C.TECH has been providing since 1995, a wide 同合作。其承接的项目工程包括工业大楼及其周围环境设置、办公大楼、银行 energy consumption are crucial in their design decisions. Three partners lead a “Potiropoulos D + L Architects”工作室注重建筑理论与建筑设计的结合, array of high-end services and consulting work in the fields of architectural and 分行、公共活动场所,城市设计、景观美化、诸多个人住宅及住宅群、商店、 rich team of experienced architects, interior designers, urban planners, project 因而具有对大型复杂项目工程进行专业研究设计的能力。它是一家被业内视为 industrial design, engineering and construction management. 室内设计等。在规划程序上的组织经验以及30多年来的丰富从业经验,造就了 managers, structural engineers, landscape designers, mechanical engineers and 非常成功且组织严密的建筑公司,其业务范围包括承接各种类型及规模的项目   我们精湛的技术水准以及对细节的专注,使得最终的设计成果既能满足客户的 energy specialists: 工程,如室内空间、居民住宅、专用建筑的设计,项目开发及其他城市工程项 R.C.TECH has established itself as an effective collaborator in the design and 愿望还能符合项目的预算。 • Spiros Parthenios: architect and physicist, a green building specialist, has 目。 construction process of various challenging projects, always paying attention MOB建筑项目“Two - Family Vacation House in Porto Rafti”荣获了由 designed and supervised construction of over 200 private residences, as well as 工作室同时还非常注重其设计研究所带来的额外附加价值,以期在帮助提高居 to site related issues and with the conviction that each project holds unique 希腊建筑学会颁发的1999年度至2004年度最佳住宅一等奖。同时其项目Four restorations of Benaki Museum and Athens-City Museum. 民生活质量的同时还能兼顾环境及人类文明的总体协调发展。除了从事其所承 characteristics. The firm specializes in the design and construction of commercial Houses还获得了2008年世界建筑节的最终入围提名。2011年其项目“House • Panos Parthenios, Assistant Professor of Architectural Design with Digital Me- 接的项目工程外,工作室还经常积极参与各种建筑大赛,使其能在各种项目研 spaces, banks, office and industrial buildings, hotels and high-end residences. in Chalandri”荣获了颁自希腊建筑学会2005年度至2010年度希腊最佳建筑 dia at TUC, a 2000 Fulbrighter, and a 2001 Harvard Digital Media Prize recipi- 究的挑战中不断向前发展。工作室还在各种大赛中屡次获奖,并摘取了各种殊 The firm also maintains a Quality Management System for its design services, 奖。MOB建筑项目“Two - Family Vacation House in Porto Rafti”荣获了 ent, he took his PhD from Harvard GSD in 2005. He has been selected among 荣,且许多建筑物的落成也正是这些参赛作品付诸实际建设的结果。工作室的 fulfilling the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. DESIGNLOBBY AGENCY TEAM 由希腊建筑学会颁发的1999年度至2004年度最佳住宅一等奖。同时其项目Four Europe’s 40 most important emerging young architects for 2009, receiving the 一些项目成果也在希腊及国外的各种展览中予以了展现,且这些成果也出现在  R.C.TECH is founded on the principle of close collaboration as an essential Houses还获得了2008年世界建筑节的最终入围提名。2011年其项目“House “Europe 40-Under-40” Award. 了Dimitris和Liana Potiropoulou 的讲稿中,这些讲稿已被希腊及国际出版社 basis of the design and construction process. From that the firm has developed in Chalandri”荣获了颁自希腊建筑学会2005年度至2010年度希腊最佳建筑 • Ina Partheniou, architect and urban planner, has received the 3rd prize on the 出版发行。这些项目成果在各种建筑大赛中已屡获大奖和殊荣。其中,萨摩斯 a basis of trust and confidence that has allowed the firm to get involved with the 奖。 International Competition for the Sea Public Transportation in Thessaloniki. 的自然历史博物馆荣获一等奖,马罗西的T.E.E(希腊技术协会)综合大楼获三 design and construction of major building projects and work with many inter- Their work has been published on several magazines and books, participated in 等奖,雅典的新卫城博物馆获二等奖,Refurbishment of the Ekmetzoglou和 national clients in Greece. At the same time, the firm has been awarded for its 其作品还在希腊国内外的许多建筑展览中展出,诸如蒙彼利埃的地中海建筑展- exhibitions and distinguished on international architectural competitions. 沃洛斯的Listed Silk-Mill获得一等奖。同时还取得了“The Grand Egyptian design work and has participated in major international events such as the Venice 法国2000/雅典-空间:2004年奥运会及城市新陈代谢-伦敦2003/欧盟-“2005 Museum in Cairo 殊荣等等。Dimitris Potiropoulos的各种项目成果已在国内 Biennale. 年日本友好交流年”, 2006在东京举办的现当代欧洲及日本文化等等。团队的 自1974年创立以来,PARTHENIOS architects+associates公司为各尊贵客户 外各大出版社出版发行并在各种展会上予以了展现。他的各种演讲和书籍主要  The practice relies on its human resources as well as on years of hands-on266 项目作品经常刊至当地的建筑出版物当中,还经常出现在许多国际性的建筑网 站及评论中。 提供了一系列的优质增值服务,为他们创建了独特的私人和公共空间。我们的 项目范围包括(但不限于):私人住宅、办公大楼、医院、博物馆、剧院、工 谈论建筑理论及其工作室的各种项目和研究成果。同时他还是希腊建筑研究所 的共同创建人之一。 experience. The office’s staff includes architects, industrial designers as well as structural and mechanical engineers; some of them with extensive international 业建筑、住宅区、展区和园林设计。公司的与众不同之处不在于承担了各种类 experience. Mosse Stefania / Architecture 型的项目工程,而在于公司的经营理念——不管何种项目类型,每一项目工程 Dimitris Potiropoulos工作室承接的项目包括许多著名建筑物和综合建筑楼的 www.stephaniamosse.gr 都有其独特的设计理念,因而公司会从其功能、审美及建造质量等角度进行考 建设,如雅典国际机场的奥林匹克航空综合大楼、罗得岛“Grande Albergo R.C.TECH公司设于雅典,自1995年公司创立,就一直为建筑及工业设计、工程 虑,从多种备选方案中挑选出最佳方案。绿色建筑及能源消耗是公司在进行设 delle Rose”酒店的翻新工程、雅典奥林匹克体育综合大楼的奥林匹克网球中 设计和施工管理等行业领域提供一系列的各种高端服务和咨询服务。 Stephania Mosse is an architect of greek & french origin, that studied architec- 计方案决议时非常关键的考虑因素。公司的三位合伙人带领了一支由多种人才 心以及Attiki Odo(雅典公路)的Mercedes-Benz Hellas Building Facilities及 R.C.TECH 承接了各种颇具挑战性的工程项目。公司在选址事宜方面非常慎 ture in the Architectural Association School of Architecture (AA), in London. 组成的专业团队,其中有经验丰富的建筑师、室内设计师、城市规划师、项目 Flisvos Marina(佛斯霍斯码头)等。 重,并坚定认为每项工程项目都有其独特性。正因如此,在对工程项目的设计 Her education in the visual arts has been enhanced by her spending 2 years as a 经理、结构工程师、园林设计师、机械工程师及能源方面的专家。 与建设过程中,它为自己赢得了客户眼中高效率合作伙伴的良好形象。公司专 painter and by her participation in various workshops in the broader arts’ field Pro.Plus.Ma Arkitektones / Architecture 注于商业场所、银行、办公及工业大楼、酒店及高级住宅的设计与建设。同时 ( human anatomy course, sculptural casting methods’ course, etc...). She has a Spiros Parthenios: 建筑师、物理学家、绿色建筑专家,设计并监管了200多套 www.arkitektones.eu 公司还能确保其设计服务维持质量管理体系下的要求,以达到ISO 9001:2008 strong interest in eco-farming methods, landscape regeneration techniques and 私人住宅的建设以及贝纳基博物馆和雅典城市博物馆的修复。 国际标准。 a passion for garden design. Her Msc studies in Energy & Environment have Panos Parthenios:TUC数字媒体建筑设计副教授,2000年富布赖特奖学金 pro.plus.ma arkitektones is an Athens-based architectural firm that was estab- substantially influenced her “holistic” design approach in architecture. 获得者,200年哈佛数字媒体大奖获得者。2005年获得哈佛大学设计学研究 lished in 2006. Co-founders Eugenia Manta and Michail Provelengios have been 紧密合作原则被公司视为项目设计与建设过程中一项非常重要的依据,公司也 院博士学位。2009年被入选为40名欧洲年度最重要的新锐建筑师之一,并荣 focusing their activities on various architectural domains. 正是基于这一原则建立起来。正因如此,公司得以奠定客户对我们寄予信任与 Stephania Mosse - Architectural Strategies & Crafts is a creative practice that 获“Europe 40-Under-40”奖项。   信心的基础,并使我们能够参与众多重大工程项目的设计与建设,并与许多在 undertakes commercial projects and engages in experimental work. Its small to Ina Partheniou: 建筑师、城市规划师。获在塞萨洛尼基举办的海洋公共交通国 During our six-year experience, we have been in charge of a significant number 希腊的国际客户进行合作。同时,公司不仅因其设计作品获得了奖项,还参与 medium size guaranties personal attention to each client and its worldwide col- 际大赛三等奖。 of projects. This variety of work has provided us with comprehensive knowledge 了许多重大的国际活动如威尼斯国际建筑双年度展等。 laboration with young & inspired professionals provides a sophisticated response and know-how on different aspects of construction. Our studio takes care of the 重视人才的培养,并有着长期的实战经验正是公司取得巨大成就的重要原 to projects of various scales.  A commitment to material investigation, as well as Potiropoulos D+L Architects / Architecture day-to-day management of a project, from the pre-design phase to completion. 因。其中公司成员包括:建筑师、工业设计师、结构及机械工程师,其中不乏 social and cultural involvement and research allow the practice to develop com- www.potiropoulos.gr During the process, we can count on the support of a large number of external 有些有着极丰富的国际工作经验。 plex strategies for each project with a strong emphasis on providing flexibility in partners and various collaborators. Our experience comprises a broad range of 公司网址 the real-life evolution of the project! Potiropoulos D+L Architects studio was founded in 1989 by Dimitris Potiropou- projects, from luxury residential complexes (both holiday and general purposes), los and Liana Nella-Potiropoulou and constitutes the continuance of their per- over work spaces, industrial buildings and urban design, to protected heritage Stage Design Office / Interior Design Stephania Mosse 是一名希腊法国混血建筑师,在伦敦建筑联盟学校(简称 sonal studio, active since 1982. Today it has expanded into a wide-member team sites and conservation areas of historical importance. We also have a keen inter- www.stagedesignoffice.com AA)学习建筑专业。有着两年的画家经历并参加了各种艺术宽泛领域(如人体 which consists of architects, CAD - operators, graphic designers, specialized est in architectural competitions as well as in cutting-edge innovative designs and 解剖课程、雕塑铸造方法课程等)的研修班,使她在视觉艺术方面的造诣更甚 collaborators and administrative personnel, providing full service of research, materials. In our view, design, function and context must lead to synergy. Founded in 1997 by Stavros Papayannis and George Kyriazis, 一筹。她对生态农业技术及景观再生技术有着浓厚的兴趣,同时对园林设计也 supervision and consulting, in the whole spectrum and in all scales of the archi- Every project is unique, just like the client. Teamwork is of the essence. The Stage Design Office is a multi-discipline studio based in Athens, Greece. We 非常热衷。她在能源与环境专业的理科硕士学习经历很大程度上影响了她的总 tectural and city-planning projects. thought of sharing ideas with creative minds and the exchange of new experi- produce work in the areas of architecture, interiors, advertising, graphic design, 体建筑设计风格。 ences in the field of architecture is very appealing indeed. fashion, public installations, exhibitions, art & photography. The studio operation has also expanded abroad, incorporating projects of differ- Team members: TEAM STEPHANIA MOSSE 建筑策略与工艺(STEPHANIA MOSSE - ARCHITEC- ent typologies in various geographical locations. Eugenia Manta . architect Stavros Papayannis TURAL STRATEGIES & CRAFTS)是一项非常有创意的应用,它可以应用于 Combining the pursuit of theoretical and architectural design issues with the Michail Provelengios . architect Founder, Creative Director 各种商业项目及实验工作中。它规模大小适中,能确保每一客户的特殊需求。 ability to implement studies on large-scale or complex projects, “Potiropoulos Ioanna Chalatsi . architect George Kyriazis 并且被世界各地许多年轻敏锐的业内人士采纳使用。它能为各种规模的工程项 D+L Architects” studio is counted amongst the successful and well-organized ar- Founder, Interior Designer 目提供复杂详尽的策略方案。对建筑材料的细致研究以及对社会文化因素的介 chitectural firms. Its activities include projects of any typology and scale, interior pro.plus.ma arkitektones是一家于2006年成立的建筑公司。公司设于雅典,由 Byron Papayiannis 入考虑与研究使得该项应用能为每一项目工程研发出复杂细致的策略方案并且 spaces, residences and buildings for professional or specialized use, as well as Eugenia Manta 和Michail Provelengios 共同创立,公司的业务活动涉及建筑 Finance Director 非常注重为项目工程提供实时的灵活完善跟进计划。 development and other urban-scale projects. 行业的各领域。在六年的从业生涯中,我们承担了大量的项目工程,使我们有 Nikos Lambaditis 了各种各样的工作经验,并让我们对工程建设各方面拥有了综合的专业知识和 Interior Designer
    • Vassilis Papadopoulos 建筑形式能够构成、提出或是能协商解决这些问题,他都会对其非常感兴趣。 project is a new start given the possibility to reconfigure the materials, redefine 作、制作执行及音像产品的生产制作。Yard 团队集创新思维和专业技术为一 Art Director, Graphic Designer 当科技实验结果对建筑理念提出挑战时,他有时也会屈从于科技实验下的研究 the form and rethink the function. Dialogue is incorporated in the process of 体,并以其专注于细节的专业精神而引以为豪 Garyphalia Gali 结果。 design and in the axis of growth and improvement of an architectural product. Yard 承担并顺利完成了一系列国际知名品牌下的重大项目,这些国际品牌包括 Project Architect NTUA, MA RCA The analysis and recording of each individual, typology and environment in the 耐克、谷歌、可口可乐、微软、绝对伏特加、卡夫食品、汇丰银行、鳄鱼、福 Natalia Vergitsi Vikelas Architects / Architecture course of study are essential. The product of the design process is a concept that 克斯传媒及看步。 Interior Designer www.vikelas.gr creates an architectural story read and translated in different scales. Objective Eliza Veloni of the office is that each architectural undertaking of independent scale contains 其中Yard 所承接的一些重大项目包括,新卫城博物馆开幕式、首个希腊巧克力 Architect AUTH The firm “Yiannis Vikelas & Associate Architects” was founded in 1960. It was substance, quality and creativity. 博物馆的组织策划与展览、可口可乐为特殊奥林匹克奥运会为期七天的设备安 Marianna Vouza later renamed to “I. & A. Vikelas & Associate Architects”, when Alexios Vikelas 装、微软KINECT启动仪式及2011耐克科比布莱恩雅典巡回赛。这些仅为其所 Graphic Designer joined the firm in 2000. 建筑工作室“Vois 建筑”由Katerina Vordoni 和Fania Sinaniotou 2006年成 承接重大项目中的一部分。 立于雅典,由一群充满活力的年轻建筑师组成。两人结识于中学,并同在伦敦 公司的核心理念是要围绕通过个性化体验来传播品牌的精髓。 Stage Design工作室是希腊雅典一家综合性的设计工作室,由Stavros Papay- The firm has dealt with almost every subject in architecture, from interior design 学习,此后一起在波士顿工作,来到雅典后共同创立了“VOIS 建筑”。2009 在不断追求创新、设计及执行创新与设计的动力驱使下,Yard 可在各种预算短 annis 和George Kyriazis 于1997年创立。工作室的服务领域包括:建筑设计、 and private houses, to urban developments and large scale projects, such as 年,Martha Georgiou 加入了该团队,带来了她在一些知名建筑工作室的丰富 缺的情况下带来令人出乎意料的活动成果。 室内设计、广告策划、平面设计、时装、公共设施、展览、艺术和摄影等。 airports, parks, museums and hotel resorts. Recently, in collaboration with the of- 经验。 Yard 团队对设计理念有着全方位的深刻理解, 并不断创造、紧追最新潮流趋 fices of Elias and Konstantinos Skroubelos – under the joint company METRON 势,因而他们的每一创意无不凸显其独创性。 团队成员: Ltd. – and MEAS Ltd. Partner Architects, the firm designed a major Olympic “Vois 建筑” Yard 在国内外均有着极其广泛的社交网络,使其能将每一项目做到极致完美并 Stavros Papayannis project, the Olympic Sailing Center. 由于工作室位于雅典,所以其业务活动主要活跃在希腊地区但同时也在国外开 应对自如。 公司创始人,创意总监 展。主要专注于包罗各种用途和规模的私人项目活动,如私人住宅,住宅群以 George Kyriazis In general, the firm has gained its reputation by the design of high-rise buildings 及商店等。 公司创始人,室内设计师 in the seventies, shopping centers in the eighties and office buildings in the last Zege Architects / Architects Byron Papayiannis twenty years. 我们的灵感取自于日常生活、习惯、生活瞬间以及各类物品等,且每一项目的 www.zege.gr 财务经理 建造过程都是明确的。我们的一个基本规则就是设计上的变换只要项目涉及到 Nikos Lambaditis Studies of private houses and residential complexes, internal spaces and shops 材料的重新配置,形式上的重新定义以及功能上的重新思考,对于我们来说都 Zege architects architectural design office was founded by Tasos Zeppos and Eleni 室内设计师 are maybe not widely known in a total of eight hundred and more studies and 是一个新的开始。在设计与建筑产品成长与改善进程中,我们会注重融入与客 Georgiadi in 1981. After collaborating closely for over 20 years, the two architects Vassilis Papadopoulos constructed projects. 户的沟通交流,且在研发过程中对每一个体,类型及环境的分析和记录也是必 created Zege architects, which comprises architects, interior designers, landscape 艺术总监、平面设计师 Many remarkable architects have teamed up with the firm, in different periods of 不可少的。 architects, draftsmen and executive employees. Several freelance professionals (civil, Garyphalia Gali time, among them, George Manetas, Dimitris Philipidis, Dino Georgiou, Daniela 荣誉奖项 mechanical, lighting and acoustical engineers, agriculturalists, etc) often join Zege 项目建筑师,NTUA, MA RCA Drakouli, Stavros Koutlis and Dimitris Antoniou. 他们的作品在各类建筑杂志上均有出版刊登。 architects’ team to deal with the specific requirements of a project. Natalia Vergitsi 2011年,以全球20名最佳新兴建筑公司之一代表身份,他们被应邀参加由伦敦 室内设计师 Finally, Panayiotis Kalakonas, civil engineer, was one of the basic collaborators 建筑基金举办的Wallpaper 建筑名录展,对于乡村休息寓所的设计做了简短开 The wide range of Zege architects’ activities includes architectural, interior design and DESIGNLOBBY PORTFOLIO Eliza Veloni of the firm. 场白。 furnishing studies, landscape designs, tender packages-detail drawings and site moni- 建筑师, AUTH 作为KM地产建筑师联合协会成员,他们的部分作品将在威尼斯“COMMON toring. The specific natural, historical and architectural context of a project is always Marianna Vouza “Yiannis Vikelas & Associate Architects” 公司成立于1960年。 2000 GROUND”第13届国际建筑展的 “雅典制造”希腊馆内展出。2012年11月, taken into account, resulting in constructions that respect the architectural traditions of 平面设计师 年,Alexios Vikelas加入公司时,公司被更名为 “I. & A. Vikelas & Associate 位于希腊斯佩查岛的“Poseidonion豪华酒店”在2012-2013年度“国际酒店 a place, the environment and the landscape. Architects”。公司业务范围涉及建筑行业的每一领域,小到室内设计、私人住 奖”中荣获“最佳小型酒店”、“希腊最佳酒店建筑”及“欧洲最佳酒店建 In constant dialogue with the client, Zege architects views the design and construc- Simos Vamvakidis Architects / Architecture & Interior Design 宅设计大到城市开发、大型工程项目的设计,如机场、公园、博物馆及度假酒 筑”类一等奖。 tion process as a whole and suggests solutions distinguished by high aesthetics, strong www.svstudio.gr 店等。最近, 公司与Elias工作室和Konstantinos Skroubelos 工作室合作创立了 identity and functionality.268 YARD / Event Design & Management 新公司METRON有限公司,并携手MEAS有限公司为奥林匹克帆船中心这一重 SVstudio is an experimental design studio focusing on digital design strategies 大奥林匹克工程项目进行了设计。 www.yard.gr The special needs and requirements of the end-user are in the core of Zege architects’ based on tectonics and materiality in small and medium scale spaces. Rapid philosophy and shape the way each project is conceptualised, designed and imple- prototyping and custom made computer aided machining and manufacturing 综观, 在70年代公司已在高层建筑设计领域享有盛誉,而在80年代则是购物中 Yard, located in Athens Greece, since 2009, is a production house focused on mented. New trends and developments in contemporary architecture are creatively are part of our design process. We are a design collective who acknowledge the 心的设计,过去的20年则是办公大楼的设计。在对共计800多个甚至更多的私 modern thinking and corporate solutions. incorporated and innovative technologies are used to produce the company’s distinct ephemeral dynamic of contemporary cultural production, often involving diverse 人住宅、居民住宅区、内部空间以及商店设计及建设项目上的研究,相对其他 style and fulfill people’s wishes. For Zege architects, Leonardo da Vinci’s saying and innovative architects in each project, while composing a kind of architec- 方面来说则没那么显赫。在不同时期,许多杰出的建筑师均与本公司合作过, A Team of young and creative professionals consisting of art directors, set “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” is the key to contemporary well-being and tural design wunderkammer. Digital craftsmanship is combined with traditional 其中包括 George Manetas, Dimitris Philipidis, Dino Georgiou, Daniela designers, DOPs, and producers with long experience, guarantee quality and finds its perfect expression in their work. masonry, carpentry and steel works for the production of programmatically and Drakouli, Stavros Koutlis and Dimitris Antoniou. aesthetics. formally intriguing space. 其次,土木工程师Panayiotis Kalakonas 为公司的主要合作伙伴之一。 Tasos Zeppos was born in Zakynthos in 1951. He graduated from the Faculty of Specializing in Strategic Planning, Concept, Branding, Creative Design, Setting Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Turin in 1980 and has been a member of Simos Vamvakidis holds a BSc in civil engineering (TE) and a Diploma in archi- 主要客户: Design, Special Constructions, Production Execution and Audio Visual Produc- the Technical Chamber of Greece(TEE)since1982. tectural engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). “ALFA-BETA” VASSILOPOULOS S.A. tions, the Yard team combines creative thinking with technical knowledge and He was awarded the Fulbright and Mihelis scholarships prior his master’s at the BABIS VOVOS国际建设(BVIC)集团 prides on attention to detail. Tasos Zeppos 与 Eleni Georgiadi 自1981年就开始了紧密合作。20年后,两 University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA, MArchII). He has worked on BASIL & ELISE GOULANDRIS 基金 Yard has undertaken and pulled through a series of premium projects for inter- 位建筑师共同创立了Zege architects,其团队成员有建筑师、室内设计师、 the design & construction of public and private spaces and buildings and has DOMOSTATIKI - CONSULTANT ENGINEER CO.(顾问工程师公司) national brands such as NIKE, Google, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Absolut, Kraft 景观建筑师、绘图师以及行政人员。应一些项目的具体需要,一些自由职业者 been awarded in international architectural competitions. He has being teaching GREEK MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS(希腊外交部) Foods, HSBC Bank, Lacoste, FOX Media Services and Camper. (如土木工程师、机械工程师、照明及声学工程师以及农学家等)也经常加入 at NTUA since 2008 as lecturer “407” and as a PhD candidate, focusing on J&P-AVAX GROUP(集团) The Opening Ceremony of the New Acropolis Museum, The Organization and Zege architects 团队进行合作。 digital & parametric design and computer aided manufacturing (CAM) technolo- MOTOR OIL (HELLAS) CORINTH REFINERIES S.A. Curation of the First Greek Chocolate Museum, Coca- Cola seven-day instal- Zege architects 涵盖的业务活动非常广泛,主要包括:建筑、室内设计及室 gies. He is interested in any architectural gesture that negotiates /proposes / poses 车动机油(希腊)科林斯精炼厂 lation for Special Olympics, Microsoft KINECT launch and the 2011 NIKE 内陈设研究、景观设计、统包招标细节图绘制、工地监测等等。我们总是将每 questions related to the way we experience and interact with the public / private 希腊国家银行(NBG)集团 Kobe Bryant Athens Tour are only some of the very important projects of Yard’s 项工程具体的自然、历史及建筑环境因素纳入我们的设计考虑范围,因而我们 spaces and the people within them, based on today’s social, economic and cul- TRINITARIUM PROPERTIES(置业) S.A. portfolio. 最终建造出来的建筑不仅能够尊重当地的建筑传统同时也能与当地的环境和景 tural context. He sometimes gives in to technological experimentations that come VIOHALCO S.A. 观融合。 to clad an architectural idea. The company’s core philosophy revolves around communicating the essence of a Vois Architects / Architecture brand by means of personalized experience. Zege architects能与客户进行不断的沟通,并将整个设计和建设过程视为一个 SVstudio 是一个实验设计工作室,专门为中小型空间设计提供构造和材料方 www.voisarchitects.com Driven by an ongoing energy to create, design and implement, Yard delivers the 统一整体,其提供的方案不仅有着极高的审美标准还具有突出的标志性和良好 面的数字化设计策略。我们的设计程序主要包括这三个步骤:快速成型、计算 unexpected in all shorts of budgets. 的功能性。因为满足终端用户的特殊需求及要求是Zege architects的核心宗 机辅助定制、生产制造。我们是这样一个设计团体:我们认识到了当代文化产 The architectural office “VOIS architects” was founded in Athens in 2006, by Being original becomes self evident in every idea as the Yard Team creates and 旨,并且这种宗旨也影响了我们对每一项目的概念创意、设计及实施方式。为 品的转瞬即逝性,因而每一项目的设计都会有一些极具创新能力且有多元背景 Katerina Vordoni and Fania Sinaniotou and is constituted by a team of young ar- follows new trends with a deep understanding of design in all its aspects. 了不仅能体现公司独有的建筑风格且能迎合大众愿望,我们会将当代建筑中最 的建筑师参与。为了达到建筑设计各方面的完美融合,我们将现代数字技艺与 chitects. The two met at high school, studied at the same time in London, worked Yard’s extensive network of contacts, both locally and internationally, makes it 新潮流趋势和发展元素以及创新技术,创造性地引入我们的设计建设当中。对 传统的砌筑、木工和钢铁工艺进行结合,最终打造出功能和结构上令人耳目一 together at Boston and at their arrival at Athens started up “VOIS architects”. possible to manage each project with precision and ease. 于Zege architects来说,列奥纳多·达·芬奇的名言:“简约才是至高境界” 新、耐人寻味的奇异空间。 In 2009, Martha Georgiou, became part of the team adding the experience she 非常贴切地道出了现代人幸福感中的关键因素,而Zege architects的建筑作品 Simos Vamvakidis在雅典国立科技大学(NTUA)取得土木工程学士学位和 gained at prominent architecture offices. Having their base in Athens, the office Yard, 是一家位于希腊雅典、主要从事现代思维创意与企业方案解决的制作公 正是对这句话的最好诠释。 建筑工程文凭。在取得加州大学洛杉矶分校硕士学位前就已经获得了富布莱特 is active mainly in the Greek region but also abroad. The main object focuses on 司,成立于2009年。 奖学金(Fulbright)和Mihelis 奖学金。他曾从事公共和私人空间的设计及建 private work that covers a wide spectrum of uses and scales; residences, group of 其团队是由一批年轻且富有创造活力的专业人才组成,其中包括美术指导、场 Tasos Zeppos 1951年生于扎金索斯,1980年毕业于都灵理工大学建筑系,且 造,并在一些国际建筑大赛中获得奖项。自2008年以来一直在雅典国立科技 residences and shops. 景设计师、摄影指导及制作人。他们均有着长期的工作经验,能确保服务质量 自1982年就是希腊技术协会(TEE)成员。 大学任讲师,并攻读博士学位,主要研究数字&参数化设计和计算机辅助制造 并有着独特的审美能力。 Eleni Georgiades 1957年生于雅典,在洛桑一所雅典娜神庙建筑学校学习园林 (CAM)技术。在当今社会、经济和文化大环境下,人们的个人体验以及人类与 Drawing inspiration upon daily life, habits, moments and objects, the architectur- 专门从事战略规划、概念创新、品牌推广、创意设计、场景设计、特殊构造制 建筑学,于1981年毕业。 公共、私人空间之间的互动经常会形成一些值得研究的问题,而只要任何一种 al course of each project is defined. Having as a basic rule the alternation, every
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