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Social Media Strategy
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Social Media Strategy


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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Published in: Business
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  • 1. 1 Business&ITAdvisory-SocialMediaStrategy,©RightsReserved Social Media Strategy Prepared By : Vishal
  • 2. 2 Business&ITAdvisory-SocialMediaStrategy,©RightsReserved Advisory Services Catalogue Growth Strategies • Market Strategy Development • Competitive Analysis • Profiling • Market Watch and Go To Market • Distribution Channel Analysis • Sales Enablement • Messaging • Buyer Profiling (360 degree view) • Pipeline and Account Management • Executive Briefings • Telecom, Media, FMCG, FSI • Market Research and Feasibility Analysis • Technology Assessment, Roadmap & Enablement • Digital Enablement • Mobility First • Cloud Enablement • Analytics and Reporting • Social Media Strategy IT Strategy and Alignment • IT/Business • Alignment • Business Case Development (Val2.0) • Benefit Realisation • IT Assessment • Due Diligence • Current and Future State Assessments • Improving Business Performance • Operating Model Review and Design • Portfolio Analysis • IT Economics • CFROI, TCO, ROIC, IRR, ROA • IT Sourcing • Insourcing/Outsourcing/Offshoring • IT Cost Allocation/Chargeback/Cost Reduction • IT Talent and Resource Management • IT Performance Management and Portfolio Management • IT Governance/Compliance/Risk Management - COBIT
  • 3. 3 Business&ITAdvisory-SocialMediaStrategy,©RightsReserved Social Media Drivers • Customer Service – Establish Credibility, Operationally Efficient • Brand Awareness - Establish Credibility • Innovation and Upgrades – Most potential, Simplification and Shorter Development • Customer Relationship (Loyalty & Incentives ) – loyalty via rebates or vouchers, can reduce the operational efficiency and simplify the product Before • Branded Presence • Short Term Relationships • Immediate Conversion • Broadcast Marketing • Limited Metrics • One Funnel Benefits After • Branded Presence (revitalisation) • Long Term Relationships • Full Customer Life Cycle • Conversational Marketing • Broad Metrics across the lifecycle • Multiple Funnel across the web
  • 4. 4 Business&ITAdvisory-SocialMediaStrategy,©RightsReserved Social Media Why Source: Capgemini - Social Business Transformation Low High Low Competitiveness SocialCustomersHigh Customer Engagement Corporate Branding Urgent Enterprise Wide Cost Reduction Customer Engagement • Marketing • Sales • Production • Service Enterprise Wide • All Process Corporate Branding • HR • Corporate Communication Cost Reduction • Product Develop. • Production • Procurement • Logistics Social Media is not a fad anymore, it is on the verge of becoming a mainstream medium in a B2B and B2C environment. It is driving major changes in 4 main areas, Customer Engagement, Branding, Cost Reduction and Enter prise wide processes. Following areas under each heading is leveraging this medium for facilitating Digital Transformation Social Media must be a part of Digital Transformation roadmap so that enterprise goals are aligned across all the business units. Risk of running a silo based Social initiative within an organisation or by marketing team only will not give benefits in terms of ROI.
  • 5. 5 Business&ITAdvisory-SocialMediaStrategy,©RightsReserved Social Media Transformation Framework Growth Strategy • Increase Customer Volume (new Segments) • Increase Share of Customer Wallet Financial Perspective Brand Awareness • Improved Awareness • Customer Reach Customer Perspective Internal Perspective Learning & Growth Perspective Productivity Strategy • Improve Efficiency & Effectiveness Communication Governance Products & Services • Simplification and Innovative • Upgrades and Automation • Shorter Development Lifecycle Customer Relationship • Improved Intimacy • Customer Loyalty (Less Churn) Culture & People Technology • Roll out Social Stack
  • 6. 6 Business&ITAdvisory-SocialMediaStrategy,©RightsReserved Social Media More To Come Captures FutureCaptures PresentCaptures Past • There is more to come in Social Media. Digital platforms to this date have captured past and present of a customer quite well, courtesy of Facebook (Primarily Photos) and Twitter (Primarily Announcements). • For capturing future, like announcements, events, meetings, tasks, more work is required. Leveraging Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence will drive emergence of a sustainable platform. Facebook (Photos) Twitter (Announcement) ?
  • 7. 7 Business&ITAdvisory-SocialMediaStrategy,©RightsReserved Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Linkedin) Monitoring & Analytics (Brand Monitoring, Insights) Aggregation (Identity Brokers, Aggregators) Publication (Apps, Management) Social Platforms (Community, Collaboration, Blogging, Innovation, Social Commerce ) Services Infrastructure Source: Altimeter Group, Business Stack Social Media Business Stack • This stack can be used to map current footprint of Social Media penetration within an organisation.
  • 8. 8 Business&ITAdvisory-SocialMediaStrategy,©RightsReserved Social Media Use Cases - Listen Conversations • Share of Voice • Audience Engagement • Conversations Reach Marketing Sales Customer Experience Service & Support Innovation Collaboration Advocacy • Active Advocates • Advocate Influence • Advocacy Impact Innovation • Topic Trends • Sentiment Ratio • Idea Impact Facilitate Support • Issue Resolution Rate • Resolution Time • Customer Satisfaction Rate Source: Altimeter - Social Marketing Analytics: A New Framework for Measuring Results in Social Media
  • 9. 9 Business&ITAdvisory-SocialMediaStrategy,©RightsReserved Social Media Use Cases - CRM Source: Altimeter - Social Marketing Analytics: A New Framework for Measuring Results in Social Media 2. Social Marketing Insights 3. Rapid Social Marketing Response 4. Social Campaign Tracking 5. Social Event Management 6. Social Sales Insights 7. Rapid Social Sales Response 8. Proactive Social Lead Generation 9. Social Support Insights 10. Rapid Social Response 11. Peer-to- Peer Unpaid Armies 12. Innovations Insights 13. Crowdsourc ed R&D 14. Collaboratio n Insights 15. Enterprise Collaboratio n 17. Seamless Customer Experience 18. VIP Experience 16. Extended Collaboratio n Marketing Sales Customer Experience Service & Support Innovation Collaboration 1. Social Customer Insights
  • 10. 10 Business&ITAdvisory-SocialMediaStrategy,©RightsReserved Social Media Need to know more For more information, please contact: Name: Vishal Email: Twitter Handle: sharmavishal Web: Mobile: 0468-675-566 (From overseas – 61 468 675 566)