Evolution and Future of TV


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Evolution and Future of TV

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Evolution and Future of TV

  1. 1. Click to edit Master title style Evolution and Future of TV Presenter: Vishal
  2. 2. AgendaBackground, Global TV - Shipments and RevenueEvolution of TV, Emerging PlatformEvolution of IPTV, Triple PlayThe Emergence of new TV platform servicesChanging Landscape, Battle Across TV LandscapeValue Chain, Hybrid TV, IPTV in the Living RoomIPTV Architecture, Opportunity For Service ProvidersGoogle vs Apple and Rest, Google TV Under The HoodStatus Today & Predictions - Gartner Hype CurveAppendix - Emerging Trends and Standards
  3. 3. BackgroundAnalog is Legacy - switch off is planned for the next decade around the worldBoom in Digital TV - terrestrial, cable, satellite, IPTV, in all formsHDTV is becoming prevalent and technologies such as 3DTV and mobile TV are taking offShifting Consumer Behavior - access content wherever, whenever and on the device of their choice* HDTV - Television with resolution substantially higher than traditional television systems(standard-definition TV, or SDTV, or SD), usually with a resolution of at least 720P Source: BSI Report 2010, Future of TV
  4. 4. Global TV - Shipments and Revenue, 2009-20106% increase in TV shipments,will rise from 205m units in 2009to 218m units in 2010Avg. selling prices for all TVtechnologies decreased 9% in2009, the first year of decliningaverage prices since the flatpanel TV transition began. Source: Display Search, BSI Report 2010, Future of TV
  5. 5. Global TV - Revenue Source2009 saw a drop in total TVrevenues, with the globaleconomic crisis particularlyimpacting on advertisingrevenueSubscription fees overtakeadvertising revenue inimportance and with theprojected economic recovery.TV industry to grow and hit totalrevenues of $450.3bn in 2013 Source: iDate, BSI Report 2010, Future of TV
  6. 6. Evolution of TV 3D TV High Blu-ray HD HD On Demand Quality DTT Pay TV DVD Mobile TV VOD Analog Broadcast TV Low VHS Legend Color Cinema & Sound On Demand Low Choice/Convenience High Broadcast Source: BSI Report 2010, Future of TV
  7. 7. Emerging PlatformFour Platforms:• Terrestrial• Satellite• Cable• IPTV* Terrestrial - transmission on earth from one point to another that doesnt make use of satellites. Source: iDate, BSI Report 2010, Future of TV
  8. 8. Emerging Trends and StandardsHDTV• Moving from backlit LCD to LED & OLED, Kodak owns the patent, hampering the price and uptake• 3 Formats – 720p, 1080i (HD ready), 1080p (full HD, true)3DTV• Success of Avatar and Alice in Wonderland is pushing Hollywood• Delivers 2 separate stream of - one for Left eye, other for Right eye, requires a specliaised glass• No Standards yet, though work is going onIPTV• Video stream encoded as a series of IP Packets, one programme sent at a time, requires a Set Top Box (STB)• Uses multicasting (IGMP V2) for Live TV and Real Time Streaming Protocol for On Demand• iTV - content distributed by via WebVideo On Demand (VOD)• Offered over converged IP network, offers a highly interactive, customised „anytime‟ video experience• most promising element of the multiplay service bundle, and can lead to an array of new, revenue- producing services for providers such as the marketing and selling of DVD, customised contentMobile TV• Video and voice content on a platform, capable of moving, provides personalised and interactive TV• Digital Video Broadcasting(DVB -H) - for Handheld terminals, Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting – Terrestrial• Delivered via, 2-way cellular network – 3G (Unicast) or 1- way dedicated broadcast (Multicast)* p – progressive scan, i - interlaced, used by analogue Source: BSI Report 2010, Future of TV
  9. 9. Evolution of IPTV Analog TV Digital TV IPTV ALL Live Themed channels, Any Time, Any whereUsage Collective On The TV Set Time shifted TV Any Terminal Terminal - TV Pay TV network bypassed, Pay TV Networks,Access Network - Broadcast Multichannel providers direct channel/content Gatekeeper - TV Channel owner relationship Personal TVServices Broadcast TV Multichannel TV, VOD Social TV TV Channels Subscription Program AdvertisingFunding Public Funding, Advertising TV Package Subscription Program Purchase Advertising Content Right holders Key Content Owners Content Owners, Cable Device ManufacturersPlayers Broadcast TV Channels Channels, Pay TV Networks Search Engine (Google) Social Networks Source: iDate Consulting & Research- Understanding The Digital World, 2009
  10. 10. IPTVA viable platform for digital TV services - driven by telcos’ desire to deploy triple-play services inorder to reduce customer churn levels and boost ARPUInternet enabled TV sets are expected to reach 93m units by 2013, compared with 14.9m in 2009Companies are creating widgets to embed their services within connected TVs. Skype will beembedding its service in a number of HDTVsConsumer habit - evolved from passive consumption of TV to an interactive user experienceGlobal subscribers will grow 31% (CAGR), from 28m in 2009 to 83m in 2013Internet video now accounts for approximately 1/3 of all consumer Internet traffic Source: BSI Report 2010, Future of TV
  11. 11. Triple or Multiple Play Internet Mobile, Games, Home Video on Surveillance Demand Telephony TV(Video) (Voice) Source: BSI Report 2010, Future of TV
  12. 12. Battle Across TV Landscape Content Provider Broadcast Or Studios Cable Youtube, Facebook Hulu Google, Computing Network Telcos Customers Amazon, Power Power Microsoft TIVO Consumer Electronic Manufacturer Device Power Source: Report 2010, TV Delivery Evolution, Alan Quayle
  13. 13. The Emergence of new TV platform services Right TV Content Network Terminal EPG/OS Consumerholders Channel Packager New services providers managing the content Source: iDate Consulting & Research- Understanding The Digital World, 2009
  14. 14. Changing Landscape Right TV Content Network Terminal EPG/OS Consumer holders Channel Packager Advanced STB to move into the digital home (T-Box, T-Hub)Securing exclusive content Gaining space shelve on all platforms Controlling the eco-system New competitors on the VOD market Theme channels challenged by OTT services Triple-play value proposition threatened Direct distribution of (non premium) programming by US majors Network congestion Source: iDate Consulting & Research - Understanding The Digital World, 2009
  15. 15. IPTV in Living RoomThe traditional Pay Tv SetTop Box is only one of themany ways consumers can TV set Internet-enabledaccess rich video content on TV set DTT Es: Sony Bravia, Philips Net TV Embeddedthe sofa screen OTT TV BOXES Traditional Set Top Boxes: BB STB “Ibrido” Lettori Blu-ray/ BB STB Game console BB STB Open Cable, Sat, DTT , (DTT, Sat, Cable, IP) DVD Apple TV Es: xBos 360, PS3 Es: Roku hybrid,IPTV Es: Tivo, CuboVisionA whole new set of devicesare aimed at allowingonline Video consumption IP Broadcast: Internet IPon TV through the (Managed) Satellite, Cable (Unmanaged)Broadband connection• Over The Top TV Boxes• Internet Enabled Tv Sets TELCO IPTV BroadBand Network Source: Telco2.0 2010 Forum
  16. 16. Hybrid TV Landscape Broadcast Network Centric Hybrid Telco Terrestrial + IPTV Telco IPTV One Way Cable Hybrid Cable Terrestrial TV Cable+ IPTV Satellite TV Hybrid Satellite Satellite + IPTV Terrestrial/Satellite + Telco/Cable + OTT OTT Internet TV or Over The Top TV (OTT) Network Agnostic Source: Report 2010, TV Delivery Evolution, Alan Quayle
  17. 17. Opportunity for Service Providers A distribution platform open to all Content Providers (with no cultural obstacles, as broadcasters have, aimed at defending mainstream/premium content ) business A new models primarily depend on Content Owners paradigm Service Providers have to build a Business Model around the nature of the content alongside with the Content Owner, looking for “shareable” sources of revenue If a Service provider has the ambition to place itself at the center of the new Ecosystem , new engagement rules with Content and Application providers have to be set These rules go far beyond the traditional negotiation process with majors/publishers What the Telcos can Offer What the Telco are looking for Content :• Quality of Service and Quality of Experience even • Professional in condition of Traffic Congestion • Rights Cleared• Reach of a big multiplatform customer base • Strongly differentiated by mainstream TV Anytime, Anywhere, Cross-Device • able to reach a wide public individually, or a• Parental Control and DRM critical mass of niches, able generate• Billing, CRM, eTech Support significant revenue• Mass Market Proof Marketing /Communication • That does not require a strong localisation Resources effort (dubbed/subtitled) language-neutral• Digital Identity Management aimed at (ex: Music, Vimeo, Arte Live Web) maximizing Client Contact AND Application Applications: Value • That do not create discontinuity in the UX • That do not set new knots for the Ecosystem Source: Telco2.0 2010 Forum
  18. 18. Opportunity for Service Providers In the most favourable regulatory scenario, Telcos can take advantage of the quality/quantity of data generated by Users while consuming online video, in Generating the perspective of an accurate management of their Digital Identity on three value from screens (Desktop, Mobile, TV)User Generated Data Telcos can rely on a wide consumer base and a pervasive set of capabilities: 3- screens IP Profiling Presence Location Billing Business Impact• Integrating these capabilities in the User Experience Management on the main TV Screen means: • Maximizing video ADV returns, on a degree hardly allowed by other video distribution platforms (context based, behavioural based) • Returning Value To Services and Applications through User Generated Data • Maximizing personalized offering value (Ex: Pay VOD) • Chance to expose User Data as part of Upstream offering to Third parties (Content Providers but also Merchants)• This kind of strategy is possible only if: • Privacy-related regulation allows User Data Management (User Opt-in on selected Services) • IP profiling is validated by the two key markets involved (Advertising e Marketing Services) Source: Telco2.0 2010 Forum
  19. 19. Opportunity for Service Providers – App StoreAs the iPhone case widely demonstrated, an open Application Store that can leverage on crowdsourcing, with an SDK open to third party developers (keeping control on what apps are phisically distributed on the official store) is key to reaching a critical mass not only on “service” applications but also on “content applications” that offer CPs a personalized environment for distributing their “signed” libraryThis solution is ideal to generate value from free content with public APIs, as it transfers the effort of building the application to the developer‟s communityAt the same time, it gives users access to the widest possible free catalogue (a problem for broadcasters, not for telcos).When Premium (Pay) Content is involved, the developement of an application (that leverages on the high powered telco backend), can be part of the Telco’s proposition to Content Providers Source: Telco2.0 2010 Forum
  20. 20. Source: PCWorld
  21. 21. Google TVGoogle launched its own OTT TV software-based proposition (Google TV)Based on Chrome, this software will allow navigation on the sofa screen among all the video contentthat is normally available via desktop browser, as Open Source Applications like Boxee have alreadymade possibleProvides a TV-friendly interface for popular Social Media apps like Hulu, Facebook, TwitterSDK for independent content providers to develop widgets to access their content, and – mostimportant – participation in the advertising rev- sharing programUsers can use their Android phone or iPhone to control Google TV instead of using a remote controlAnnounced in partnerships with Sony (Connected TVs), Logitech and Intel (chipset for a futurededicated STB) Source: Telco2.0 2010 Forum
  22. 22. Google TV Source: Endgaget
  23. 23. Status Today - Gartner Hype Curve Source: Gartner Hype Curve - 2010