Digital marketing Simplified


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A lecture that I recently delivered for one of the students groups. it says -
"The Future Belongs to the Awesome"

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  • End note:
  • What’s important is that you try things out for yourself and don’t ask someone else to do them for you. By making your own experiences and mistakes, and having your very own little success stories, you will develop a better understanding and gain more self-confidence when talking to a professional or a techie, since you will really know what you’re talking about.
  • Digital marketing Simplified

    1. 1. So what exactly is Digital Marketing… … Rocket Science!
    2. 2. DIGITAL MARKETING In the new age oftechnology, Digital Marketing is a paradigm shift; a change in way the Marketers used to think.
    3. 3. We live in a world that ischanging so rapidly theconsumers are now in love withchange itself.“If an idea doesn’t workonline, it’s not a good idea.”Using an innovative technology doesn’tmake an idea innovative.
    4. 4. Digital marketing encompasses a variety ofinternet marketing and online mediastrategies to promote brands andproducts, besides generating awareness.Increasingly, this is the medium which isproviding powerful marketing tools thatwill improve branding efforts and boostdirect responsee.g., integrating mobile with digitalmarketing can create personal, long-termrelationships between brands andconsumers using electronic marketingchannels.
    5. 5. DIGITAL MARKETING ELEMENTS• SEO – Keyword Strategy – On-site Optimization Strategy – Off-page or Link building Strategy• Viral Marketing• Social Media Marketing• Paid Marketing• Email Marketing• Mobile/SMS Marketing• Website Metrics
    6. 6. Search Leveraging E-Mail Engine Social Marketing Optimization Media Online Ad Affiliate Social WOM / ViralPPC Reputation Blogging Networks Marketing Bookmarking Marketing Management
    7. 7. TRADATIONAL vs Search Marketing - Paid Search PPC DIGITAL MARKETING - Contextual PPC - Organic search - Shopping Comparison Offline Email MarketingPrint Publication - Bi-monthly newsletterAdvertising - Promotion Offers-Magazines-Newspapers-Other Display Ad & Rich Media Advertising • Banner adMarketing placementCollateral - Video Advertising-Brochures & Posters Social Marketing Offline Online - BloggingTV/Radio Marketing Marketing - Podcasting • Reputation-30 Second Spots Management - WOMM, SMM, SMODirect Mail-Postcards Affiliate-Direct mail pieces Marketing - In-house - Affiliate NetworksTrade Shows- Regional and nationalTrade show appearances
    8. 8. What can Digital Marketing do for you? Google, MSN SEO Long Term Effect Best Traffic Source Text , Image, Banner ads Targeted Traffic PPC Immediate Results Performance Tracking Brand Awareness Banners Boost Link Popularity Text Links Additional Traffic Source Builds reputationArticles / Boost Link popularityPR News Additional Traffic source
    9. 9. BrandSocial Media Management, Engagem ent, Create Buzz, WOM, Viral Marketing Track Marketing Web Campaigns Performance Analytics Optimize Results Establish Community List Building Maintain Loyalty Newsletters Repetitive Sales Boost Link popularity Web Additional Traffic source Directories
    10. 10. Social News Web SitesBlog Search Engines - Digg- Technorati - Mashable- Blogspot - Reddit- wordpress - Newsvine Shared BookmarksCollaborative Content Aggregators - Wikipedia (text) - Furl- Flickr (photos) - Shadow- YouTube (video) - Ping- PodcastAlley (podcasts)- (podcasts)
    11. 11. BLOGGING 101
    13. 13. VIRALDigital can only push the idea forward since itsmore easy to share on digital mediums. It is alsomeasurable and track able.The idea has to be powerful enough itself to gothe distance.During the financial crisis, there was a campaign byHyundai that gave people the guarantee that if theylose their job the following year, Hyundai would buytheir car back. It was an idea that spread virallywithout solely living online.
    14. 14. QR Codes – Quick Response CodesThe key to success is to offer value to theconsumer - codes need to take you tosomething of value - productinformation, how-to-use video, coupons, etc.Mobile optimization is also key. The userwill be getting your message on a 3-5"screen, so video or easily readable text areideal.
    15. 15. QR codes are a great way to give people a ton of infodigitally. Heres a scenario...a restaurant has a QRcode at every table. When you scan it, it takes you toa page you can sign up for their email list. Here isthe beauty of this process...a person is most likelynot going to take a piece of paper home to their PCand sign up for your email list when they could bedoing something else. However, if they are sitting atthe table waiting fortheir food, there is no bettertime to scan the code andsign up on their phone.
    16. 16. QR Codes can be a great way to link traditionaladvertising to digital, increase POS conversion andgenerally engage consumers. Nissan USA hasfigured out a good use for QR codes by providingthem on new cars. They essentially act as a "silentsales person" for on-the-lot consumersBe careful though in blocking yourself into QRcodes, QR codes are a specific type of code. You mayalso want to look at SnapTags which provide morebranding opportunities.
    17. 17. Which do you think is more powerful:A company website or its Facebook page?
    18. 18. • Digital is not a job for specialists anymore.• Lose the New Media Phobia and embrace it.• Live the digital media, make a Techy friend.• Every campaign can be a global campaign.
    19. 19. • Focus on individuals. User behaviors measurement.• Crowdsourcing.• Focus on content: it will always be the king!• The power of status messages
    20. 20. Integrate but don’t interruptA brand should insert itself meaningfullyinto people’s lives by enabling andenriching their existing behaviors, not byrequiring new ones. The real beauty of Digital marketing – the ability to test before you invest. Beta version, pilot testing etc.
    21. 21. Brand  corporations  individualsPeople are starting to realize that there’s notmuch of a line between your personal andprofessional lives anymore. Digital lifestyle istaking over121 million searches are conductedin Google every hour, but only 25% of users scroll past the first page of search results.
    22. 22. Every corporation is shifting towards a moredigital oriented workforce. Almost every jobdescription has a digital element to it now.The people in your social circles — includingLinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ — are also thepeople who will help you network to a new jobor career.
    23. 23. Applying interactive technologiesto Contribute to marketing activities Through Developing a planned approach to improve customerknowledge to Deliver communication & services that matches Individual’s needs.
    24. 24. That’s it!Questions?