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An overview of Starsoft India and its services offering. For more details contact

An overview of Starsoft India and its services offering. For more details contact

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  • 1. © Starsoft 2009
    Your idealIT Business Partner…
    to make you move towardsSuccess and Beyond…
  • 2. © Starsoft 2009
    • About Starsoft
    Fast Facts
    Vision and Mission
    Technology Expertise
    Domain Expertise
    Value Proposition
    Why Starsoft ?
    Adequate Infrastructure
    • Services Offering
    Software Development
    Case Studies
    Web Development
    Case Studies
    Remote Infrastructure Management
    • Product Initiatives
    • 3. Clients
    • 4. Engagement Models
    • 5. Delivery Models
    • 6. Thank you
  • 7. © Starsoft 2009
    About Starsoft
    Fast facts about Starsoft
    • Established in the year 2000
    • 8. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
    • 9. Intel Registered Software Development Partner
    • 10. Extensive work experience in HR, Healthcare, Media, Telecom, Banking and Finance, Manufacturing, Gaming, Remote Infrastructure Management and Utilities
    • 11. Strong profitable financials
    • 12. 40% annual growth
    • 13. Over 50 developers & 20 consultants with an average experience of 3 years
    • 14. Quality Focus: ISO 9001-2000 certification in process
    Vision, Mission and Values
    To provide business responsiveness, quality and cost advantages to our customers’ IT operations, through best proven IT practices.
    To provide continued customer satisfaction by maintaining value driven and positive work attitude employees, and become the leading Global IT Service providers.
  • 15. © Starsoft 2009
    About Starsoft
    Technology Expertise – Best of breed exposure
    Operating System
    Windows XP, 2003 and Vista
    Programming Tools
    Visual Studio, .NET 2008 (VB.NET, C#), VB6, JAVA
    Web Technologies
    ASP, ASP.NET, HTML, XML, Java, Java Servlets, JSP, EJB, Perl, CGI, PHP, JavaScript, WML, WPF, WCP, WWF, Web Logic, Web Sphere, Web Objects, TCP/IP, Sockets, MOSS
    Web Tools
    Visual Studio.2008, Cold Fusion, FrontPage, Flash, Dreamweaver, Web Matrix, SilverLight, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Blend
    Web Servers
    Internet Information Server (IIS), Apache
    Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access, MSDE
  • 16. About Starsoft
    Domain Expertise
  • 17. © Starsoft 2009
    About Starsoft
    Value Proposition
    • Business Service Management
    • 18. Business Impact Analysis
    • Enhanced Productivity - ITIL Best Practices
    • Cost reduction savings to 50%
    • 19. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction : Pro-active approach
  • © Starsoft 2009
    About Starsoft
    Why Starsoft -Differentiator
    Starsoft with its comprehensive and flexible Services, offers a unique business proposition to its clients.
    Achieve Low Operations Costs: Starsoft achieves Lower Operations Costs through reduced manpower cost for maintaining, dedicated resources on diverse technologies and staffing for peak load, Service Delivery Center to low Cost Location
    Delivery of Improved Service to end users: This is done by having defined process for IT service management, adopting Best Practices, Better enforcement of SLA's
    Realization of finite, predictable budgets: Starsoft helps its clients avoid time and cost overruns that occur due to technical/human errors in an internal IT set-up
    Engagement Governance
    Service Infrastructure
    IT Services
  • 20. © Starsoft 2009
    About Starsoft
    Adequate Infrastructure / Communications
    For any successful business relation, communication line should always be open and the key executives should be reachable 24/7. Hence Starsoft leverages applications like Skype, GTalk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, DimDim Web meeting applications to effectively communicate with clients as and when required. By using these applications we save costs related to long distance communication. Also the key executives are reachable 24/7 on their cell phones. (We Invite You To Try This Once)
  • 21. © Starsoft 2009
    Services Offering
    An Overview
    • Custom Software Solutions
    • 22. Development, Deployment and Maintenance
    • 23. SaaS Implementations
    • 24. SOA based application development
    • 25. Product co-creation and co-development
    • 26. Web Applications Design and Development
    • 27. Web 2.0 Modules Implementations
    • 28. Complex e-Commerce Websites
    • 29. Design and Branding Services
    • 30. Remote Infrastructure Management
    • 31. Application Monitoring and Management
    • 32. Server Monitoring and Management
    • 33. Network and Security Monitoring and Management
    • 34. Database Monitoring and Management
    • 35. Other Services
    • 36. Data Entry Solutions
    • 37. Support and Maintenance
  • 38. © Starsoft 2009
    Software Development
    Case Study: Contract Staffing Software; a complete solution for staffing needs
    Need: The Client is a leading contract staffing enterprise for hospitals with a requirement for a 360O control and view on the staffing process. The Client wanted a system where in his customers could raise request which will be intelligent enough to send the same to its affiliated providers based on his business needs. The Client also wanted to monitor the whole process.
    Starsoft Solution: A web based solution using ASP.Net with AJAX, MS SQL Server and MS SQL Server reporting service was developed making use of 3 Tier Architecture. The application had internal checks and approval process for creation of request etc., based on the business needs which were very much customizable. The application also had tracking mechanism to track where the request is headed how many candidates were submitted against it and all its statistics.
    • This enabled to stream line the process for Staffing management
    • 39. This enabled the client to have a tab on all its process just in clicks
    • 40. This enabled the client to have better control over the entire process with minimal effort
  • © Starsoft 2009
    Software Development
    Case Study: Adrenalin 2009; a complete HRMS product
    Need: The Client, a leading HRMS suite development company required few experts to meet there product deadline. The Client wanted some challenging modules to be developed like: Minutes of Meeting, My Needs, Performance Management system, Attendance management system with card punching system and Application maintenance from its technology partners. The Client also wanted these modules in a specific timeframe.
    Starsoft Solution:
    • Adapt their technology and standards to build modules based on the specifications
    • 41. The product had internal checks and approval process for creation of request etc., based on the business needs which were very much customizable
    • 42. The product had a plug-in type deployment mechanism
    •  This enabled the client to achieve their targets in other words its spells profit.
    • 43. This enabled the client concentrate more on sales than development.
    • 44. This enabled the client to have better control over the entire process with minimal effort
  • © Starsoft 2009
    Web Design & Development
    Case Study: SharePoint Rebranding; customized SharePoint Portal
    Need: The Client, a leading Media brand had their collaboration CMS built on share point which needed branding. The Client wanted attractive layout and skins for its portal.
    Starsoft Solution:
    • Gave them a fantastic rich UI on SharePoint
    • 45. Design the themes according to there branding standards
    • 46. The skin had a plug-in type deployment mechanism
    •  This enabled the client to have a customized SharePoint portal like their brand
    • 47. This enabled the client to have rich UI for each of its product
    Sample Design Works
  • 48. © Starsoft 2009
    Remote Infrastructure Management
    Application Monitoring & Management
    Pro-active monitoring & Incident management
    Problem, change & Configuration management
    ITIL compliant process, SLA driven engagements
    Server Monitoring & Management
    Asset management, Patch management
    Availability management
    Network & Security Monitoring & Management
    Process Consulting & Reviews
    Database Monitoring & Management
    Implementation/Migration Support
  • 49. © Starsoft 2009
    Support Services
    Scoping, Knowledge Acquisition, Project Co-ordination, Hands & Eye Support
    70 – 90 % Offshore
    ITIL best practices
    Risk mitigated transition
    Seamless integration of client processes
    Ongoing Risk Management
    Remote Monitoring
    Pro-Active Performance Monitoring, Threshold Alerts, Dashboard Reporting
    Incident Management, Service Desk for Escalations, Knowledge Repository
    Level 1 Support
    Level 2 & 3 Support
    Problem Mgt, Change Mgt, Capacity Mgt, Performance Mgt
  • 50. Products Initiatives
    Some of the Starsoft's Key Product Offerings are
    PayMe- A fully integrated Payroll Management Software
    BankOn- It is a user-friendly bank workflow management software that encompasses the technology requirement banks in general and Cooperative Banks in particular
    I-SAW - It is a Compliance & Audit Tool. Information Security Work Bench (I-SAW) is a state-of-art information gathering, analytical and reporting solution intended to improve the productivity and work quality of consultants, auditors, and analysts performing information security program assessments
    Genius - Genius is a fully integrated enterprise wide solution
    Mastering Basic Skills (MBS) – It is a psychometric tool used to evaluate memory and concentration
    Data Entry Software - It is a Data Entry Framework for creating Templates, Writing Rules and Conditions, managing workflow and reporting solution intended to improve the productivity and work quality for Data Entry / Back Office Processing Operations
  • 51. © Starsoft 2009
    Client We Serve
  • 52. © Starsoft 2009
    Engagement Models
  • 63. © Starsoft 2009
    Delivery Models
  • 64. © Starsoft 2009
    Delivery Models
  • 65. © Starsoft 2009
    Delivery Models
  • 66. © Starsoft 2009
    Thank you
    We Look Forward To Work With You