Confinamento herrmann   ford feed yard
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Confinamento herrmann ford feed yard






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Confinamento herrmann   ford feed yard Confinamento herrmann ford feed yard Presentation Transcript

  • Ford County Feed Yard Inc. by Danny Herrmann
  • Ford County Feed YardWe are a Family Owned OperationStarted in 1972 by George HerrmannFeeding Capacity of 55,000 headAnnual shipments 120,000+ head
  • Ford County Feed YardAlfalfa Hay 18,000 TonsSteam Flaked Corn 3,480,000 BushelsHi Moisture Corn 2,400,000 BushelsSilage 22,500 TonsSupplement 10,500 TonsFat Molasses 5,000 TonsAvg. 600+ tons / day View slide
  • State of Art Computerized Feed mill with micro ingredient technology Plant was Built 1998 $3.5 Million View slide
  • 2.4 million bushel annually
  • Pen Maintenance
  • Hospital CrewGuided by a Consulting VetDoctoring and care of sick animalsTracking of Bullers and AbortsTracking of Animal Health RecordsSafe to Ship
  • Hereford VerifiedFCFY has fed 15,500 CHB cattle since 2005Over 150 producers from 26 different statesProcurement avenues:HerfNetCHB staffHereford state sponsored salesVideo salesSale BarnsDirect salesPartnerships with producers
  • Marketing Hereford Verified Cattle HV cattle +.75/cwt over KS weighted avg. HV cattle +$12/hd in lot avg > 50% choice HV cattle +$25/hd that are QSA, SA, RFID QSA( Quality System Assurance) SA( Source & Age) RFID( Radio Frequency Identification) HV cattle enrolled + $3/hd HV cattle free performance/carcass data
  • Age Verified
  • Sample Pen of HV cattle60 str avg out weight 1368#KS Live Cattle Top $88/cwtWith Hereford Verified Premium withQSA verification $90.52/cwtA premium of $2.52/cwt, or ($34.48 per head)
  • HV vs USPBCompared USPB to Hereford Verified with(Age and Sourced Verification)Pen 656 Total Premium $34.48 per hdPer USPB Web SiteFor Fiscal Year 2006 There membersearned an avg of $21.55 per hd, over theCash Market.
  • Profitable Herefords vs Non Profitable HerefordsHeath programsMineral programsConvert pounds of intake to gainGrading abilityWeigh upShrinkHealth, Health & HEALTH!
  • HV Cattle shipped & fed togetherRanch X, 60 head Ranch Y, 41 headIn weight #604 In weight #667Avg medicine $43.57/hd Avg medicine $16.31/hd52 hd treated $ 43.57/hd 34 hd treated $19.11/hd21 hd treated $ 88.73/hdTotal medicine $2,614.15 Total Medicine $ 668.856 - DEADS 0 - DEADS
  • Difference in response to treatments Ranch X Ranch Yhd treated DOF hd treated DOF51 11-20 34 11-2024 21-3052 31-4014 41-5011 51-607 61-705 71-803 81-901 91-10013 > -100
  • Processing History at FeedyardArrival 10/20/06Relinent, Blackleg, Vitamins, Ivomec, Ralgrow,7cc DraxxinRe-vac-11/16/06Bovi-SheildRe-vac-12/27/06Bovi-Sheild, re-implant
  • Healthy Herefords make Happy Herefords!