Watermarking lecture #4

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This is my Lecture #4 about Basics about Watermarking

This is my Lecture #4 about Basics about Watermarking

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  • 1. DIGITAL WATERMARKING LECTURE #4 Presented ByMrs.Vasanthi Muniasamy
  • 2. Overview Introduction What is Watermarking? What is Digital Watermarking? Behind the Technology. Importance Types of Watermarking. Digital Watermarking Techniques. Applications
  • 3. Conventional Encryption System
  • 4. WatermarkWhat is Watermarking? “Watermarking can be considered as a special technique of Steganography where one message is embedded in another and the two messages are related to each other in some way. “Example :- The presence of specific patterns in currency notes which are visible only when the note is held to light is a well known example for watermark.
  • 5. Example of a conventional watermark Courtesy of Blue Spike, Inc.
  • 6. Digital Watermarking is originated from Steganography
  • 7. Digital WatermarkWhat is Digital Watermarking? “Digital watermarking is similar to watermarking physical objects, except that the watermarking technique is used for digital content instead of physical objects. “
  • 8. Digital Watermark In digital watermarking a low-energy signal is imperceptibly embedded in another signal. The low-energy signal is called watermark. The main signal in which the watermark is embedded is referred to as cover signal since it covers the watermark. An entity called watermark key used for embedding and detecting watermark signal Watermark key is private
  • 9. Behind The TechnologySending Side … Watermark Embedding process  Water mark  Original Image  Key  Water marked image
  • 10. Behind The TechnologyReceiving Side … Watermark retrieval process  Water marked image  Key  Confidential message
  • 11. The Overall SystemThe Technology Roars…
  • 12. Importance Of Digital Watermarking© Copyright Information© On-linemusic industry© News gathering using digital cameras
  • 13. Types of Digital Watermarking Robust & Fragile Watermarking Visible & Invisible Watermarking Public & Private Watermarking Asymmetric & Symmetric Watermarking Steganograhic & Non-Steganographic watermarking
  • 14. Robust & Fragile Watermarking Robust Watermarking:-Modification of watermarked content will not affect watermark Fragile Watermarking:-Watermark get destroyed when watermarked content is modified or tampered with
  • 15. Visible & Invisible Watermarking On Visible watermarking, contents are visible
  • 16. Visible & Invisible Watermarking (Contn..) Invisible watermarking are not viewed on just looking
  • 17. Public & Private Watermarking• Public Watermarking Users of content are authorized to detect watermark• Private Watermarking Users not authorized to detect watermark
  • 18. Asymmetric & Symmetric watermarking In Asymmetric watermarking different keys used for embedding and detecting watermark
  • 19. Asymmetric & Symmetric watermarking (Contn..) In symmetric watermarking same keys are used for embedding and detecting watermarks
  • 20. Steganographic & Non- Steganographic Watermarking Steganographic Watermarking User unaware of the presence of a watermark eg:-Used in finger printing applications Non-Steganographic WM:- User aware of the presence of a watermark. e.g.:-User to detect piracy
  • 21. Digital Watermarking Techniques LSB Watermarking Color Separation Technique Bit Stream Watermarking Word Space Coding, Line Space Coding &Character Coding
  • 22. Applications of Digital Watermarking. Copy Protection Content Authentication Copyright Protection Metadata Tagging
  • 23. References www.watermarkingworld.org www.digital-watermark.com