E retail marketing october 2012


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A quick intro to e-retail marketing to e-commerce beginners.

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E retail marketing october 2012

  1. 1. e-Retail Marketing:“Gain the Space you Deserve!” Nikos Varvadoukas Group e-Business & Digital Marketing Μanager
  2. 2. Who is presenting ? My Origin is Marketing & Retail (GERMANOS, DIAGEO, ADVERTISING) Now E-Commerce Click & Mortar Getitnow.gr & Public.gr & Meandhome.gr Multirama.gr
  3. 3. Can I use everything I will hear? DEPENDS On  Nature of your Company (e.g. Click and Mortar or Pure E-commerce Model?)  Phase of your Brand (Introduction, Growth, Maturity, Decline)  Investment Possibilities (Seeding Strategy or Aggressive Approach?)  Product Portfolio (Own Products or Merchant ?)  Expertise in On line Marketing (Hands on People or Agencies?) SO JUMP IN during presentation
  4. 4. I have Got A Question for You
  5. 5. I have got a Question! Which on line store would you prefer to Buy the book called “The Casual Vacancy” of J.K.Rowling ?
  6. 6. Let me Simplify a bit
  7. 7. I have got a Question! Now Which on line store would you prefer to Buy the book called “The Casual Vacancy” of J.K.Rowling ? SAME PRICE £9 = 11,1€
  8. 8. Let me Help a bit MORE!  Greek Customer Support (Pre and After)  1-3 Days Shipping  Price Guarantee  Free Cash on Delivery  Free Store Pick at 19 Stores  Free return if necessary
  9. 9. The Answer is…………?
  10. 10. It is True that You will NOT Gain Web-Space If you do not answer one fundamental question To YOURSELVES responsibly
  11. 11. Why Should a visitorbuy it from MY E-SHOP?
  12. 12. It is not Good to Focus only on… Making continuous Price Wars Copying what the Competitor Did Executing Blindly On line Techniques
  13. 13. My Recommendation is to BUILD YOUR BUILD YOUR ON LINE BRAND BRAND ON LINE WWW. .com
  14. 14. OK … now WHAT? How can I GENERATERevenues from E-commerce
  15. 15. Retail Revenue Model Visitors ( Bring New / Sustain Old) X Conversion Rate ( Tackle Mental & Practical Barriers) X Av. Basket ( Drive Up and Cross Sell)
  16. 16. Let’s Start7 Things to DO
  17. 17. 1/7 Things to DO Select Carefully your Target Market & Get to Know it  Gender: Male / Female - Unisex?  Location: Greece / Balkans / International  Income High / Low Spenders  E-commerce Familiarity: Light / Heavy E-shoppers  Motivation: Price or Value Oriented  Way of Living: Multitaskers or Single Interests  Purchase Habits Study Them In Focus Group / Live with Them
  18. 18. 2/7 Things to DO Study thoroughly Competition Know their Strengths & Weaknesses  Browse their E-Shop and Note Friendliness Levels  Recognize their On line Services Mix from Corporate Pages  Check Assortment and Commercial Cooperations  Find out their Promotional Tactics  Become their Fan and find out Social Media Strategy  Make a Mystery Purchase to test Fulfillment Policies
  19. 19. 3/7 Things to DO Set Up and Support your On Line Store Positioning  Define Your Key Promise / Brand differentiating points e.g. My E-store stands for giving the best offers notion in the technology market  Decide Values and Personality e.g. Practicality / Entertaining / Expertise / Innovative  Bring your Identity in Life e.g. in the Brand Name, in the Logo, in the Iconography, in the Music of the call center  Keep it Consistent Everywhere e.g. in your newsletters, in the signature of your e-mails to Customers Google Campaign Ad texts , Organic Title, FunPage Description, they way agents speak on the phone Details lead to perfection And perfection is not a detail
  20. 20. 4/7 Things to DO Decide your E-Retail Marketing Mix  Assortment Range. Hard Decision What are My Destination Categories  Price Point vs Competition. Where I follow and where not  Advertising & PR Mix. Do I use both On & Off Line  Build Traffic Partnerships. Price Engines, Deep Affiliation.  Launch Your e-commerce services (24/7 Phone, Free Return, Video Reviews)  Decide Your Packaging (Poor, Medium , or Expensive)  Define whether you Reward or not frequent purchase
  21. 21. 5/7 Things to DO Build TRUST for your Brand  Prove your Intention as an E-shop. Who you are. Your Background - History. Your Vision. Inspire safety.  Put others Speak about you. PR about your achievements , Gain certificates / Seals of Reliability  Demonstrate Good Reputation from your customers in your e-shop My customers say about me
  22. 22. 6/7 Things to DO Convert by Making your Site easy to Browse and Purchase  Clear Web Tree and Product Categories  Advanced Search Functions (Search Box and Facets) / Clean Catalogue  Complete & Inspiring Content  Easy Check Out
  23. 23. 7/7 Things to DO Build Strong Relationships with your Customers  Respect User Permissions.  Try not to Spam in Newsletters. Experiment in Segmentation. Try to be as much Relevant Possible.  Be honest and Kind when there is an Issue. Respond Quickly  Try to Surprise. Try to Excite.  Choose your Social Platform and create Authentic Engagement  Generate Virality
  24. 24. Measure and…Measure My Killer Metrics in E-RetailingI. Branded VisitsII. Frequency of VisitsIII. EngagementIV. Conversion RateV. Post Purchase Satisfaction and Recommendation Intention
  25. 25. A Big Thank You Nikos Varvadoukas Group e-Business & Digital Marketing Μanager www.linkedin.com/in/varvadoukas