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Writing Emails For Affiliate Marketing
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Writing Emails For Affiliate Marketing


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For Affiliate Marketers who want to start building their own list

For Affiliate Marketers who want to start building their own list

Published in: Business
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  • 1. Email Marketing For Affiliates : By Varun Pratap Singh Email Marketing For Affiliates Breakthrough strategies from a Marketing & Conversion Expert Varun Pratap To Promote your Business or Service Online/Offline. How to Create Your Autoresponder series to Increase profits? If you are in business then this Meet Varun Pratap: report is a must read. Varun Pratap is a Author, Info- This is like a Masters Course in Marketer and a Consultant. Building Revenue Streams. Besides marketing, his computer In this Free Report: background allows him to combine the powers of technology into proven How many emails should be in your scientific marketing methods. autoresponder series? For more information on Varun and How much content or How much you His services for consultation you can should promote? check out his blog at Which email You should always write before you write your series. If you are not subscribed to my IMBASCIS List, then you are missing Getting attention… how to. out on tons of explosive information on Internet marketing, becoming a And Much Much More… Pro blogger and SEO.
  • 2. How Expert Build VRE’s? : By Varun Pratap Singh H website? ow to write an autoresponder series for your affiliate When you start writing email series, the first question automatically in your mind should be “how many emails is too many?” Hi there, The answer to this question is pretty If you are not using autoresponder darn complicated. So I’ll give you the series to promote affiliate products, best option to try out with. you are losing more than just a heck a lot of commission. Always start with 7 – or 10 part series (that means you have to write You’d be surprised to see, how many 7/10 emails for the series). marketers still don’t have an autoresponder series. Now that’s lazy way cop out. You should write 7 emails and then let It’s 2010 and this tactic is at least 6 them know, that you’ll be sending year old. them more information on the topic. Building a list and getting them to 2. What frequency you should open your emails and buy the stuff mail for? you promote is Basics of Smart affiliate marketing. That’s why in this Again, If it’s possible, you should try article, I am going to cover few out at least once a week for starting. important things needed to be You can always increase/decrease the implemented in any autoresponder frequency. series. There are many marketers who are 1. How many emails should sending emails on daily basis. you prepare for? I do not recommend this unless you have specified that you’ll email daily.
  • 3. How Expert Build VRE’s? : By Varun Pratap Singh For example, my email series on my do tend to cop out and find the lazy website is a step by step marketing way (too much content). plan for next 30 day. Don’t be afraid to sell on every single I am sending at least 24 emails in email. You can always write a small those 30 days. You can get away with PS in the end of an email about the more frequent emails if your product. subscriber know about it. There are many formulas people use 3. Write your Thank you email like 3 content 1 promotion and what first. not. I recommend you to start with what’s you are comfortable with. You should write your thank you email first. This is going to be most Then you should send at least 2-4 important email as this is like an emails per month that’s have introduction and a chance to get to promotion in them. know your reader/subscriber. 5. Work on your subject line 4 How much content, how It shouldn’t take you more than 20 much to sell? minutes to 30 minutes per email to The headache comes into play, when write. people start wondering when to sell, Even that I think is too much time. when to tell. Most of your time should be spent on Most people are not used to the idea the subject line. of selling to others. We’ve be told I highly recommend you to not go “salesman are slimy and what not”. over 65 characters in subject line. Right, so when it comes to selling, we
  • 4. How Expert Build VRE’s? : By Varun Pratap Singh Make your headline curious, snappy, Here are the checklists in question different, and intriguing. It’ll take format. You might find some of these some time to learn this skill. questions odd, but they’ll make sense as you start writing your I spend first few month in learning autoresponder series. how to write good email headlines and get over 60% email opening Email series basics – Before You rates consistently. Even Start to write… You should spend next weekend on Q1). What kind of email series you creating your autoresponder series, if should start? you are serious in affiliate marketing. Q2). Do you have any kind of Checklist for tempting offers you are thinking of to generate a response from your writing an readers? autoresponder Q3). Have you decided on how you series. are going to pitch your Offer (pop up, name squeeze etc)? In addition to my previous article Q4). How many emails you are going about writing an autoresponder to write? ____ series, I am going to provide you this checklist which you should use Q5). Have you decided on the daily(better print it out). frequency you are going to send your emails? If you have not read my previous, article, then you should do it so. Email Promotion basics -
  • 5. How Expert Build VRE’s? : By Varun Pratap Singh Q6). How are you going to brand Q14). Does your email have un- yourself, your name or your website? subscription options? Q7). Have you crafted your “thank As you can see these questions will you” email? help you get focused on writing your series and promoting the products. Q8). What kind of products are you going to promote? You should ask these questions regularly whenever you are writing Q9). Email content – Is there any your emails.I guess that's it for demand for what you are today. teaching/promoting in emails? This is very simple step but really Q10). Are you going to provide any powerful if you implement. bonuses if your subscribers buy affiliate products from your link? PS: Don't forget to recommend my newsletter to your friends. Being Different – Are you going to be Unique or just like hundred Like you know this is the Best other email marketers Newsletter on entire Internet on Making Money using Internet. Q11). Does your email subject line generates curiosity? Intrigue? Or just plain different that others? Q12). Does your email have call to action? Q13). Does your email have a good PS?
  • 6. How Expert Build VRE’s? : By Varun Pratap Singh Why some bloggers struggle even after doing © 2009 – Varun Pratap Singh everything right? All Rights Reserved. Ever wondered why some Published by : bloggers tend to do everything Varun Pratap right from writing to making tons of money while other Strategic Internet Marketing struggles to even pay monthly hosting bills? Click here. 3 hour work week article Distribution Rights marketing plan. You now have the rights to give this Are you wasting your time to report away – For FREE! However – write articles without getting You may not modify this report in any any results? If you can spend 30 way. You may only pass it along “as is”. minutes per day, then this article marketing plan is perfect Thank You, Varun Pratap Singh. for you. Click here.