Life at Tourlandish - We are Hiring!


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At Tourlandish, we are striving to create a next-generation distribution platform that will drastically change the way people experience the world.

Your work here will help travelers meet local business and experts around the world, helping them discover a new place like never before, creating a bond that is a step in the direction of changing the way people see and experience the world.

We are hiring for the positions Sr. Front End Engineer and Head of Engineering.

Just like that second before the big dive or a deep plunge, take a deep breath and write to us at

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Life at Tourlandish - We are Hiring!

  1. 1. tourlandish
  2. 2. We arere-imagining & re-engineering theway people discover the world.
  3. 3. Our goal is to be the #1 onlineplatform for travelers to discoverand bookin-destination services, globally.
  4. 4. And by global, we meanLaunch CitiesBarcelonaDelhiDubaiHong KongParis
  5. 5. Why in-destination experiences?Because that’s why people travel.Not to sit in flights or stay at hotels.Right now, these experiences are offline.And we are going to bring them online.
  6. 6. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also a big market.Like $238 billion big.2x the size of the Car Rental industry.2.5x the size of the Packaged Travel industry.
  7. 7. It’s going to be a wild ride.We will hustle.We will make mistakes.We will learn.We will grow.And it’ll be a lot more fun with YOU aboard.
  8. 8. Who are we looking for?People with> Willingness to learn.> Passion to deliver.> Sense of humor.People who> Get stuff done.> Know how to have fun.> Love working in a team.
  9. 9. # 1Sr. Front End Engineer
  10. 10. Sr. Front End EngineerYour sole responsibility is to create the bestuser experience for our customers.Simple.
  11. 11. Sr. Front End EngineerYour role is to> Craft a visual narrative for our products.> Convert mockups into stunning & stable pages.> Push the boundaries of Javascript.> Deploy code from your first day.> Defend your work against Internet Explorer.
  12. 12. Sr. Front End EngineerYou should have> Strong design instinct.> Hands on experience with HTML5 & CSS3.> Expertise with Javascript and jQuery.> Mobile optimized / responsive web practices.> Knowledge of JS MVC frameworks a plus.(Angular.js, backbone.js)
  13. 13. # 2Head of Engineering
  14. 14. Head of EngineeringYour role is to> Build the product from ground-up with theengineering team.> Ensure best practices around architecture,deployment and scaling the service to millions.> Collaborate with Product and Design team torapidly iterate & build features.> Host hackathons & tech talks.
  15. 15. Head of EngineeringYou should have> Strong CS fundamentals.> Relevant software engineering experiencewith Java, JAX-RS, MySQL.> Exposure to UI technologies (jQuery, AJAX) is a plus.> Experience designing scalable, fault-tolerant systemsand databases.> Conceptual understanding of NoSQL flavours (Redis,MongoDB) and distributed computing (Hadoop).
  16. 16. To ApplySend in your resume and portfolio/work at‘life_${X}’with the job title in the subject line.Substitute ${X} with the value of X where:A = 24-bit HEX code of color REDB = (A>>16) + 1C = 12345678901234567890... (1000 digits)D = decimal(B) * CE = Sum of digits of DF = (E - 5198)G = HTTP 1.1 Status represented by FX = G.replace(SPACE, UNDERSCORE).toLowerCase
  17. 17. # 3Internships
  18. 18. InternshipsAvailable in Engineering, Sales &Content Management teamsTo apply, email the following to life@tourlandish.comwith ‘Internship’ in the subject line.> Resume.> Role you are looking for and why you areare a good fit. (<200 words)
  19. 19. Life at Tourlandish“Early to JOIN, early to rise; makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”- Anyonymous.LearnamazingthingsBuildawesomestuffColorfulenvironmentBountifulboozeHaveseriousfunMeaningfulequity
  20. 20. Suren Sultania. COO.HEC Paris passout. French fail. Consultant in past life,philosopher in after life. Goonerholic.Vikram Jit Singh. CTO.IIT Guwahati grad. Ex-Oracle. Can code a miracle.Guitar junkie. Hates bugs, loves Led Zeppelin.Varun Khona. CEO.Habitual Entrepreneur. Armchair Cricketer. WannabeNomad. Design Donkey. Loves everything funky.People at Tourlandish
  21. 21. OurPassionAwesomeDesignSolidTechnologyWe’re combiningto make a real impact.
  22. 22. Hop On Board!www.tourlandish.comlife@tourlandish.comtourlandish/tourlandish/tourlandish+91 9916685393
  23. 23. Photo AttributionManuel Madeira (500px)Giovanni Cioli (500px)Luke chan (Flickr)Tyagarajan Sundaresan (500px)KIEzuZ (500px)Keny Louie (Flickr)Barry Thomas (500px)Roberto Vattiato (500px)仔子 宋 (500px)Kathleen Tyler Conklin (Flickr)Adrian Limani (500px)OUTEX Photo (500px)George Hutchinson (500px)Aristocrats-hat (Flickr)Luis Ameglio Diaz (500px)Zach Dischner (Flickr)Ryan Wick (Flickr)We would like to thank all the following photographers forcapturing such beautiful moments and allowing us to share it.