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Deepak Mahajan

  1. 1. Technology Ecosystem Connecting India Deepak Mahajan Head – Marketing Motorola Motorola General Business Information, MOTOwi4 Wireless SP, Rev 1 Add additional legal text here if required by your local Legal Counsel. MOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered in the US Patent & Trademark Office. All other product or service names are the property of their respective owners. © Motorola, Inc. 2007
  2. 2. India: Strong Economic Fundamentals Increasing Household Disposable Income(1) Increasing Per Capita Income(2) Avg HH disposable income Rupees (‘000) CAGR CAGR Urban 500 4.6% 5.8% 3.6% 5.3% 2.8% 3.6% All India 250 Rural 0 FY95 FY90 FY95 FY00 FY05 FY10E FY15E FY20E FY25E Increasing Literacy(2) • Climbers – Moving from Middle to Upper middle class are aspirators to change and hence product consumers 80 75 • 12.5% of World consumers in India ~ 750+ M 70 55 • 43% of India income is from Rural (Tax free) 60 50 43 • 42M banking users in Rural against 27 M Urban 36 • 41 M Kissan credit card users vs.27 M urban users 40 30 • 12% growth of FMCG & consumer durables 20 10 0 FY 1981 FY 1991 FY 2001 FY 2011E (1) Source: McKinsey Report: The ‘Bird of Gold’ dated May 2007 (2) Source: India stats website; 2011 rate is India’s 10th Economic Plan objective
  3. 3. Rural India – Huge Potential… • Not enough wireline infrastructure • Legacy network with long loop lengths • Unorganized cable infrastructure with poor network Current • High Buried Access Costs Impediments • 200 months of ARPU as Capex for growth • Limited green-field deployment • Limited content offering – restricted utility for access • Far superior roll-out mechanism with the advantage of existing Wireless to be infrastructure of wireless telecom players the technology • Spectrum auction likely in near term – Transforming the Indian industry for choice • Potentially large coverage and faster expansion Wireless is the best technology to drive internet growth in Rural India
  4. 4. Bridging the Digital Divide Demand and Policies Converging Demand Business & Consumers Telecommunications services Internet access Web applications Information Education Health Broadband Internet Access National Prosperity Imperative Business Consumers Governments Favorable regulatory environment Favorable policies Spectrum allocation Outside investment Policies
  5. 5. Focus in Rural Areas • Broadband coverage for all secondary and higher secondary schools by the year 2009. • Broadband coverage of all public health care centers by the year 2009. • Broadband coverage for all Village Panchayats (Local Rural Bodies) by the year 2009. • Plan to provide citizens services in 1,00,000 Community Service Centres
  6. 6. Ecosystem Transformation for the future Access and Core Service and Device Backhaul Applications Network Messaging Telephony Ringtones Voice Centric Narrowband Usage Connectivity Centric Vertical Apps Messaging Telephony Ringtones Internet Internet Apps Media, Broadband Usage Internet Centric Vertical/Horizontal Internet Centric Apps *Yankee Group Research
  7. 7. True “Personal Broadband” Devices Peeeeeee Beeeee aaa
  8. 8. Evolving Technologies Targeting Personal Broadband Opportunity Broadband Centric Fixed Personal WiMAX BB Broadband Advanced 3G 2G/3G Voice Narrowband Centric fixed portable mobile *Yankee Group Research
  9. 9. Rural Telecom Market Dynamics Green Solar Wind • Rural populations • Infrastructure • Reliability Effective in all Markets
  10. 10. Local Sourcing Example Reach Strong-Box Key Reach target – reduced cellsite cost Specific - Customer request for lower cost outdoor Local sourcing targets lower cost Specification, local build, avoids duties Houses standard Horizon II 4/4/4 macro Can upgrade to take 3G Direct air cooling proven reduces power requirement Distributed format easier for remote sites
  11. 11. Development Example Reach Eco-Site Running for 12 Months Wind-Solar Combination Cellsite Horizon II DC Mini 2/2 Configuration via Voltage Regulators to Battery Site Monitoring & Power System Management
  12. 12. Wind & Solar Trial • 1st Commercial Wind & Solar powered cell site • Solution Selection & Integration • Power Management Solutions
  13. 13. Motorola Solutions Moving Technology Forward Fuel Cells Reflow Batteries
  14. 14. Motorola wi4 Solutions Backhaul Mesh Canopy WiMAX Point-to-point, Secure connections over Proven broadband High-performing, high throughput Wi-Fi & public safety bands wireless access standards-based IP connectivity solution broadband wireless access
  15. 15. India’s First Live WiMAX Network at IIT-D
  16. 16. Multiple Applications for personal broadband Voice Telephony Video Telephony IP Television Messaging Mobile TV Service Delivery Platform Craigslis t IMS Service Distribution Environment Network *Yankee Group Research
  17. 17. Final Thoughts • Wireless Broadband is a viable, economic option today, as a – Last mile alternative – “Rusty” copper bypass – Greenfield network deployment – Bridge for the Digital divide • Wireless Broadband is potentially the next major telecom leap Broadband – Disrupts current technologies e.g. cellular, (WiMAX) DSL, fixed line solutions to – Disrupts current cost models reach your – “Overnight” telco creation Business Needs • Motorola’s is positioned to lead the way with over 75 years’ of RF innovation and a proven ability to deliver “end to end” solutions