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Conference on Rural Telecom Markets by Tele.net

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Abhishek Singh

  1. 1. e-Governance (Opportunities and Initiatives) 15th September, 2009 Abhishek Singh Director Department of Information Technology
  2. 2. Did You Know? My Space, with 200 million registered users could be 5th largest nation Bermuda is the # 1 ranked country in Broadband penetration 31 billion Google searches every month against 2.7 billion in 2006 Total number of SMS sent and received daily exceeds the population of our planet Years to reach a market audience of 50 million: Radio – 38 years; TV – 13 years; Internet – 4 Years; iPod – 3 years; Facebook – 2 years. Number of Internet Devices: 1984 – 1000; 1992 – 1000,000; 2008 – 1000,000,000.
  3. 3. What does this mean?  We are living in exponential times.  Information and Knowledge essential for Development  Access, Sharing and Dissemination of Information is critical for empowerment of all  ICT is the tool and enabler for the process
  4. 4. What can ICT do?  It can flatten the world!  Reach out to all  Create an Information Rich society  Transform people and society
  5. 5. India: Key Challenges  1.2 billion population  22 major Indian languages  80% Indians speak and understand one of these  More than 95% Indian websites are in English language  Approx 5% speaks English  Hardly any content rich portal in local language  Lack of tool to tap vast pool of indigenous knowledge
  6. 6. Digital Inclusion : Tele Connectivity trends Though low in penetration, highest in growth % Tariff per minute lowest in India Low tariff main reason for expected high rural growth 6
  7. 7. Challenges in Financial Inclusion 59% of rural households do not have a deposit account 71% of rural households do not have access to credit from a formal source No mechanism for the poor unbanked to move money around
  8. 8. PRESENTATION OUTLINE  National e-Governance Plan (NeGP)  Vision  Salient Features  Core and Support infrastructure  Status of Mission Mode Projects  E-Governance Service Delivery Strategy  Management Structure  Investments  Key Learnings  Way Forward  Issues to ponder 9
  9. 9. INITIATIVES 10
  10. 10. NeGP VISION “Make all Government services accessible to the common man in his locality through Common Service delivery outlets and ensure efficiency, transparency & reliability of such services at affordable costs to realise the basic needs of the common man.”
  11. 11. NATIONAL e-GOVERNANCE PLAN (NeGP) Web Enabled Service Delivery Process Re-engineering Core Infrastructure Components Common Service Centres Improve Publc Service Delivery (CSCs) Includes State Wide Area Network NeGP (SWAN) Change Management State Data Centre (SDC) 27 Mission Mode Projects Project Management PPP Centralized Initiative Decentralized Implementation
  12. 12. CORE & SUPPORT INFRASTRUCTURE • More than100,000 tele-centers in 600,000 villages. Common Service Centres • Broad band internet enabled (CSC) connectivity • Implementation through PPP • Secured network for Government work State Wide Area • Connecting State HQs ,District Network HQs, Blocks HQs (SWAN) • Minimum 2 Mbps Broadband Connectivity 13
  13. 13. CORE & SUPPORT INFRASTRUCTURE • State of art Data Centers at each of 35 States/Uts State Data Centres • e-Delivery of G2G, G2C and G2B services (SDC) • State Portals, State Service Delivery Gateways • Recruiting 400 Professional from market Capacity • Constituting State e – Mission Teams ( Building Scheme SeMTs) (CBS) • E- Governance roadmaps and Programme Management 14
  14. 14. SERVICE DELIVERY STRATEGY Internet State Data Centre .. CSC State Portal Unique Application ID, Authentication, Message Routing, CSC Internet Guaranteed Delivery, SSDG Transaction Log, Time Stamping, CSC Acknowledgement Status SWAN State Registration Revenue Districts SHQ Blocks Transport Municipalities Collector’s Office Taluks Govt. Departments at various levels Tehsil / Taluks 15
  15. 15. IMPLEMENTATION FRAMEWORK Apex Body ( Headed by PM) Apex Committee National e-Governance ( Headed by CS) Advisory Board ( Headed by Minister) DIT Line Ministries NIC NeGD NISG 16 Provincial /State Governments
  16. 16. PROJECTED INVESTMENT – June, 2009 Schemes Cost (in Rs Crore) Central MMPs 5,406 State MMPs 15,617 Integrated MMPs 6,236 CSC 10,000 SWAN 3,334 SDC 1,623 CB Scheme 313 Total 42,529 PLANNED INVESTMENT IN NEGP PROGRAMME IS $ 9.0 BILLION 17
  18. 18. KEY LEARNINGS Focus on Outcomes not Outputs Transform processes instead of merely translating Build capacity at policy level, management level & operational level Treat e-Governance as evolutionary
  19. 19. WAY FORWARD 20
  20. 20. ROAD MAP Year 2009 -10 21  Infrastructure deployment  SWAN, CSC & SDC  Commissioning of State Service Delivery Gateways & State Portals  Capacity Building scheme implementation and formation of SeMTs  Dedicated Division for National e-Governance Plan  State MMPs scheme preparation , design & development and implementation Year 2010- 11  Application deployment  Roll-out of e-Services  Integration of MMPs
  22. 22. MANAGING LARGE NUMBER OF ELEMENTS  Too many elements -- 11 State MMPs X 35 States  More elements likely in case of Municipalities, e- procurement  Application has similar functionality requiring minor modification / customization  Yet solution design, procurement & management decentralized leading to issues concerning  Inefficiency, interoperability, IPR, cost of future modification / upgrade, strategic control
  23. 23. VARIETY OF SERVICES INVOLVED – POSSIBLE MULTIPLICITY OF CONTRACTS  Data Centre operations / management  Application Development  Physical Infrastructure provisioning  Hardware provisioning  System software / COTS provisioning  Networking  Human Resources  BPO operations
  24. 24. GUIDING PRINCIPLES DRIVING AGGREGATION AND DECIDING NUMBER OF PRIVATE PARTNERS  Federal Structure – Centre vs State jurisdiction  Economies of scale  Ideal numbers would depend on  required competition  nature of solution  required Industry participation / coverage  extent of functional commonality  technological feasibility  minimizing points for contact for end-to-end support
  25. 25. IS THERE SCOPE FOR PPPs ?  Possibilities  One OR multiple at Central Government Level handling all MMPs?  One for each MMP ?  One or multiple at State Govt Level ?  Key issues  Competition vs complacency, Price discovery  Management Control – Strategic & Operational
  26. 26. SCOPE FOR PPPs ?  Private Sector constituents --  companies into Project Development, Facility Management, COTS, SIs, Networking, BPO, etc  Govt constituents --  DIT / Line Ministries / Planning Comm / MoF  NIC , NISG, CDAC, etc  State Govts / Agencies  A Central Vehicle to hold IPRs ?
  27. 27. Mobile @ the Bottom of the Pyramid
  28. 28. Technology is acceptable
  29. 29. From e Gov to m Gov
  30. 30. Thanks for Your Kind Attention Q&A abhisheksingh@mit.gov.in abhish18@gmail.com
  31. 31. NeGP MISSION MODE PROJECTS (MMPs) Central (9) State (11) Integrated (7) • Income Tax • Agriculture • e-Biz • Central Excise • Land Records - 1 • EDI • Passports/Visa • Land Records - NLRMP • Transport • India Portal • Immigration • Treasuries • CSC • MCA 21 • Commercial Taxes • NSDG • National ID / UID • Gram Panchayats • Pensions • e-Courts • Municipalities • e-Office • Police - CCTNS • e-Procurement • Banking • Employment • Insurance Exchange • e-District NeGP COMPONENTS  Policies, Standards and Guidelines  Capacity Building and Training  Infrastructure  Awareness & Assessment (SWAN, CSCs , SDC )  Technical Assistance  Support Infrastructure 32
  32. 32. ROLE OF DIT IN NeGP Act as Secretariat to the Apex Committee Appraise (Technically) all projects prior to approval Provide technical assistance to Central Line Departments / States Implement pilots / infrastructure / special projects Lay down standards and policy guidelines Leverage capacity of existing public and private institutions 33
  34. 34. IMPLEMENTATION STATUS 1 2 4 Post Implementation Implementation 9 Design & Development 11 Pre-NeGP Operational Industry Initiative
  35. 35. ACTIVITY STATUS OF CENTRAL MMPs S.N MMP Scheme Sanction Status Project Stage Completion date 1 MCA 21 Sanctioned Post Implementation Sep , 2006 2 Pensions - do ­ Post Implementation Mar, 2007 3 Income Tax -do- Post Implementation Dec, 2008 Apr, 2010 4A Passport and Visa -do- Implementation EFC Note to be approved by 4B Immigration Design & Dev. Sep, 2014 Nov, 09 5 Central Excise Sanctioned Implementation Dec, 2009 6 Banking Industry Initiative Industry Initiative — 7A MNIC (Pilot) Sanctioned Implementation — Draft Scheme under 7B UID Design & Dev. — discussion 8 e-Office (Pilot ) To be prepared Design & Dev. — 9 Insurance Industry Initiative Industry Initiative —
  36. 36. ACTIVITY STATUS OF INTEGRATED MMPs S.N MMP Sanction Status Project Stage Completion 1 CSC Sanctioned Implementation Jun, 2010 2 e-courts Sanctioned Implementation Feb, 2010 3 EDI Sanctioned Implementation Dec, 2009 Post 4 India Portal Sanctioned Operational Implementation 5 NSDG Sanctioned Implementation Aug, 2008 Contract 6 e-Biz (Pilot) Sanctioned Implementation signed 7 e-Procurement SFC Note under Design Mar, 2010 preparation & Development
  37. 37. ACTIVITY STATUS OF STATE MMPs S.N MMP Scheme Sanction Status Project Stage Completion date 17 Land Records Ph. 1 (Pre- Post Implementation Sanctioned — NeGP) 18 Land Records Ph 2 & Implementation - do ­ — Registration , NLRMP 19 Road Transport -do- Implementation Oct, 2010 20-A Agriculture Post Implementation Operational (Pre NeGP) -do- 20-B Agriculture DPR approved. Note for SFC Design and Development Dec, 2011 under preparation 21 Police Sanctioned Implementation Dec, 2011 22-A Treasuries Implementation Sanctioned — (Pre NeGP) 22-B Treasuries Design and DPR under preparation Mar, 2010 Development 23 Municipality Sanctioned Implementation 2008-13 24 e-District (Pilot) Pilots in 14 States Implementation T + 18 Months Sanctioned 25 Commercial Taxes Note for CNE under Design and Development — preparation 26 Gram Panchayat Design and Revised RFC Note circulated — Development 27 Employment Exchange Design and To be prepared — Development
  38. 38. CSC IMPLEMENTATION STATUS Jammu J&K Kashmir • CSC rolled out Himachal - 50008 Pradesh HP Punjab Punjab Uttarakhand Uttaranchal Arunachal Sikkim • Implementation underway Haryana Haryana Pradesh - 24 States (56,162) CSCs) Uttar Pradesh ASM NGL Rajasthan UP Rajasthan Bihar MGH MNP BiH TRIPURA Gujarat Gujarat Jharkhand WB West Bengal MZR MP JHD Chattisgarh 120000 CHH Orissa 100,000+ Orissa Maharashtra 100000 Maharashtra 88131 ≥ 75% (5) 80000 Andhra 75208 Pradesh Karnataka AP 60000 50% - 75% (3) Karnataka 50008 40000 20% - 50% (9) Pondicherry Kerala Tamil TN Nadu ≤ 20% (7) 20000 Kerala 0 RFP to be issued /SCA Selected (4) Aug 09 Dec 09 Mar 10 Jun 10 *Haryana, Jharkhand & Sikkim reported 100% CSC rollout, however due to financial problems, lack of G2C Services some centers are reported to become non operational 39
  41. 41. CENTRAL MMP PROCESS Conceptualization Identification of Objectives & Stake holders Preparation of Core Scope Document Comprehensive Project Document Preparation of Comprehensive Scheme Preparation and RFP & Selection of a Consultant Design Documents Finalization of Mode of funding Implementation RFP & Selection of Implementing Agency Implementation of Project Components Installation and Rollout Identification of Site for rollout Capacity Building Rollout to identified sites Delivery of Services Electronic Delivery of Services Measuring the success of Implementation
  42. 42. INTEGRATED MMP PROCESS Conceptualization Identification of Objectives & Stake holders Preparation of Core Scope Document Comprehensive Project Document Pre Project Planning Project Planning Identification of Services Scheme Approval Implementation RFP & Selection of Implementing Agency Implementation of Project Components Installation and Rollout Identification of Site for rollout Capacity Building Rollout to identified sites Delivery of Services Electronic Delivery of Services Measuring the success of Implementation
  43. 43. STATE MMP PROCESS Conceptualization Identification of Objectives & Stake Preparation of Core Scope Preparation of Guidelines for holders Document States Comprehensive Project Document Pre Project Planning Project Planning Identification of Services Scheme Approval Implementation Implementation of Approved Scheme Site Preparation Installation of IT infrastructure Delivery of Services Electronic Delivery of Services Measuring the success of Implementation
  44. 44. MCA 21 MCA 21 MINISTRY OF CORPORATE AFFAIRS e-Services Operational Proposed Name allocation to a new company Incorporation of a company Annual filings Viewing of public records Issue of certified copy of documents Registration charges Increase in authorized capital FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 346 Crore STATUS POST IMPLEMENTATION 45
  45. 45. PENSIONS PENSIONS DEPT. OF PENSIONS & PENSIONERS WELFARE e-Services Operational Proposed Provide updated information on government rules/regulations Database of Pensioners Monitor timely sanction of pension/gratuity Register/Monitor Pensioners Grievances FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 0.5 Crore STATUS POST IMPLEMENTATION 46
  46. 46. INCOME TAX INCOME TAX MINSTRY OF FINANCE, CBDT e-Services Operational Proposed Online submission of PAN/TAN forms Online tax calculator Online return preparation & filing utility Payment through Credit Card Payment through net banking facility Website/Aykar Sampak Kendra based tracking of status Direct credit of refund to the bank account FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 693 Crore STATUS POST IMPLEMENTATION 47
  47. 47. PASSPORT AND VISA PASSPORT AND VISA MINSTRY OF EXTERNAL AFFAIRS e-Services Operational Proposed Fresh Passport Issuance (Pre/Post Police verification) Re-issue Passport Duplicate Passport issuance Additional booklet Change in Name, Address Online availability of application form Passport Status Inquiry FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 29 Crore STATUS IMPLEMENTATION 48
  48. 48. IMMIGRATION IMMIGRATION MINSTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS e-Services Operational Proposed Multi channel information availability Multi mode payment of transaction fee Online appointments & status tracking Additional booklet Database of unique case files Use of biometrics Inter agency information & alert sharing FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 1200 Crore STATUS DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT 49
  49. 49. CENTRAL EXCISE CENTRAL EXCISE MINSTRY OF FINANCE, CBEC e-Services Operational Proposed E-filing of import/export declarations Electronic processing of declarations E-filing of service tax/central excise returns Automated clearance of courier assignments E-payment of custom duties Electronic messaging with banks Online tracking of claims, permissions etc. FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 599 Crore STATUS IMPLEMENTATION 50
  50. 50. UID UID MINSTRY OF FINANCE, CBEC e-Services Operational Proposed Generation of a unique identifier number to all residents Issue of the unique identifier number to all the residents FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 1986 Crore STATUS DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT 51
  51. 51. E-OFFICE (Pilot) E-OFFICE (Pilot) DEPARTMENT OF AR&PG e-Services Operational Proposed Services has not been identified as the project is in design & development stage FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed STATUS DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT 52
  52. 52. COMMON SERVICE CENTERS COMMON SERVICE CENTERS DEPARTMENT OF IT e-Services Operational Proposed Issue of certificates/ government scheme Employment exchange Driver’s License Online tax payment Electoral services Pension scheme Public grievance FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 5742 Crore STATUS IMPLEMENTATION 53
  53. 53. E-COURTS E-COURTS DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE e-Services Operational Proposed Availability of judgments, staggered Cause list, statement of witnesses etc. Case Allocation, Disposal and its restoration Registration/ Scrutiny of documents Video Conferencing with outstation witnesses and under trials. Entry/ Transfer of a case Notices through e-mails to the clients FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 442 Crore STATUS IMPLEMENTATION 54
  54. 54. EDI EDI DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE e-Services Operational Proposed Electronic filing and Clearance of export/import documents E-Payment of duties and charges (handling/freight etc) FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed STATUS IMPLEMENTATION 55
  55. 55. INDIA PORTAL INDIA PORTAL DEPARTMENT OF IT e-Services Operational Proposed Accessibility of information to all Ability to file complaints and second appeals Information on organizational and legal framework for good corporate governance Information on Foreign trade Registration of NGOs working for Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Online application submission for grants FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 23.5 Crore STATUS POST IMPLEMENTATION 56
  56. 56. NATIONAL SERVICE DELIVERY GATEWAY NATIONAL SERVICE DELIVERY GATEWAY DEPARTMENT OF IT e-Services Operational Proposed Gateway to interconnect various departments and front end delivery channels Audit logging Authentication & payment gateway interface National services directory Inter gateway messaging Registration/deregistration of service access providers FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 23 Crore STATUS IMPLEMENTATION 57
  57. 57. E-BIZ (Pilot) E-BIZ (Pilot) DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRY POLICY & PROMOTION e-Services Operational Proposed Issue of certificate of Incorporation Issue of certificate of commencement of business Issue of licenses Filing of returns by companies Filing of Employees Provident Fund Issue of importer exporter code Issue of Permanent Account Number FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 29 Crore STATUS IMPLEMENTATION 58
  58. 58. E-PROCUREMENT E-PROCUREMENT DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE e-Services Operational Proposed Vendor management services such as vendor registration & vendor management Indent generation Preparation, Publication, Bid submission and evaluation Contract management services such as •Monitoring delivery schedule •Alerts and notices to contractors •Payments General services like procurement MIS etc. FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed STATUS DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT 59
  59. 59. LAND RECORDS (Pre- NeGP) LAND RECORDS (Pre NeGP) DEPARTMENT OF LAND RESOURCES e-Services Operational Proposed Services have been merged with Land Records (NLRMP) project FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 587 Crore STATUS OPERATIONAL 60
  60. 60. LAND RECORDS -NLRMP LAND RECORDS - NLRMP DEPARTMENT OF LAND RESOURCES e-Services Operational Proposed Updated and validated land data Survey using modern technology Computerization using uniform codes Integration of textual and spatial RoR data Data storage with backup & disaster recovery Connectivity with financial institutions FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 4814 Crore STATUS IMPLEMENTATION 61
  61. 61. ROAD TRANSPORT ROAD TRANSPORT DEPARTMENT OF LAND RESOURCES e-Services Operational Proposed Vehicle Registration Services Driving License Services Smart Card based RC and Driving License FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 148 Crore STATUS IMPLEMENTATION 62
  62. 62. AGRICULTURE AGRICULTURE DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE & COOPERATION e-Services Operational Proposed Information to farmers on agricultural inputs Information on Govt. schemes to farmers Information on soil test based recommendation Information on crop management practices Information on weather and marketing of agriculture produce FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 146 Crore STATUS DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT 63
  63. 63. POLICE POLICE MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS e-Services Operational Proposed Complaints/ information transmission to the concerned police station Status of complaint/case registered at a police station Details of arrested persons, wanted criminals, illegal activities etc. Details of stolen/recovered vehicles, arms etc. Senior citizen registration Verification requests for servants etc. FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 2000 Crore STATUS IMPLEMENTATION 64
  64. 64. TREASURIES TREASURIES MINISTRY OF FINANCE e-Services Operational Proposed Services has not been identified as the project is in design & development stage FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed STATUS DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT 65
  65. 65. MUNICIPALITIES MUNICIPALITIES MINISTRY OF URBAN DEVELOPMENT e-Services Operational Proposed Registration/ Issue of Birth/ Death Certificates Payment of Property Tax Payment of Utility Bills Management of Utilities that come under ULBs Grievance and Suggestions Building Plan Approvals FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 787 Crore STATUS IMPLEMENTATION 66
  66. 66. e-DISTRICT (PILOT) e-DISTRICT MINISTRY OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY e-Services Operational Proposed Issuance of certificates like caste, domicile etc Pension under social welfare scheme Revenue courts Government dues and recovery Public Distribution System RTI Grievance Handling FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 2400 Crore STATUS IMPLEMENTATION 67
  67. 67. COMMERCIAL TAXES COMMERCIAL TAXES MINISTRY OF FINANCE e-Services Operational Proposed Online application for registration Online filing of returns Clearance of refunds Online payment of tax Online dealer ledger & verification Facility to dealer to obtain various information services FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed STATUS DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT 68
  68. 68. GRAM PANCHAYAT GRAM PANCHAYAT MINISTRY OF PANCHAYATI RAJ e-Services Operational Proposed Issue of Trade License and NOC House Related Services Certificates such as Birth, Death, solvency, etc Dissemination of Information on internal processes of Panchayat such as agenda, voting, resolution etc FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 4240 Crore STATUS DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT 69
  69. 69. EMPLOYMENT EXCHANGE EMPLOYMENT EXCHANGE MINISTRY OF LABOUR e-Services Operational Proposed Registration and placement of job seekers Collection of labour market information Career counseling and vocational guidance FUNDS Sanctioned Proposed 2700 Crore STATUS DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT 70