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Understanding Social Media Dynamics …

Understanding Social Media Dynamics
Why Social Media is important.
How Social Media can be leveraged
How to use Social Media Tools for Brand Promotion
Infographics, YouTube as a tool to increase engagement with customers
Usage of other social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest for Brand promotions

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  • 1. Good Morning
    Varun Daahal K
    Pre Sales
    Position2, Inc.
  • 2. Dave Carroll Story
  • 3. Video Created in Youtube July 7,2009
  • 4. By end of 2009 there are more than 7million views + stories around it
  • 5. Bottom line is :
    Social Media is a very powerful
    Moral of the story - Online customers influence Offline Offline customers
  • 6. Dove Evolution video by Ogilvy
  • 7. Dove Evolution Video in You Tube
    Dove “Evolution” video made in 2006
    Over 5 million people saw it in less than a year
    Imagine paying for a prime time slot in super bowl season for this video ?
    How much did it cost for You tube ! views !
  • 8. Strategy
  • 9. Infographics
  • 10. rmation
    Basically telling a story about brand, product, subject or idea in an interesting way
  • 11. Edward Tufte - Infographics Guru
    Media always come in rectangles.... newspapers, magazines, tv... now it is
  • 12. Why ?
  • 13. ObamaInfographics video
  • 14. Infographic on Google that became Viral
  • 15. Placement Sites
    As Online users liked and shared those infographics, they became Viral.
    Few of the links gained (from popular websites) are:
    *PR – Page Rank
    *Data Source – Word Stream
  • 23. Referring sites Traffic
    The referred traffic we received from Digg and other sites was swift and sudden. Check out this spike, which catapulted our visits by 2455.556 % in one day from landing on the front page of Digg
    *Data Source – Word Stream
  • 24. Organic Traffic
    All the sites that have embedded/linked to the graphics coupled with a 15% bump in organic traffic (the flood of links, citations and brand signals has contributed to a temporal rankings boost
    *Data Source – Word Stream
  • 25. Showcase Infographics
    • Include in Pitches / Proposals, Presentations
    • 26. Publish in Sovereigns
    • 27. Share through Mobiles
    • 28. Share with Clients, Vendors for better understanding of the process
    • 29. Share to educate/shed some light on new areas of analytics
  • Benefits
    • Back links – increase SEO value
    • 30. Sharing – makes Viral
    • 31. Targeted Outreach
    • 32. Unique presentation & differentiation
    • 33. Additional links
    • 34. Anchor text links
  • 35.
  • 36. Conclusion
    If your words or images are not on point, making them dance in colors won’t make them viral
  • 37. Thank You
    Varun Daahal
    Varun Daahal K
    Pre Sales
    Position2, Inc.
    Any Queries ?