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Quit smoking pp

  1. 1.
  2. 2. So Many risks in Life !<br /><ul><li>when there is so much to prevent accidents and health problems !!
  3. 3. You normally take care to watch out for traffic
  4. 4. You take the foot over bridge to cross the railway tracks
  5. 5. You try to avoid drinking unsafe water
  6. 6. You wear a handkerchief on you face to avoid pollution
  7. 7. You eat healthy to avoid diseases, even join health clubs to stay fit
  8. 8. ????</li></ul>Are you ready to Stop smoking / using tobacco??<br /><ul><li>You could get hit by a car while walking the road
  9. 9. You can get crushed by a train while crossing the tracks
  10. 10. You can get stomach upset by drinking unclean water
  11. 11. You can get lung cancer from Air pollution
  12. 12. You can get lung cancer, chronic lung disease , heart disease by smoking
  13. 13. You can get mouth cancer or other health diseases by chewing tobacco or smoking</li></ul>Do you leave all that to fate??<br />
  14. 14. Need More reasons to Quit ??<br />An Expensive habit<br />These habits cost money.. How much do you spend on tobacco products every year?? Think of what you could do with that money instead..<br />Have you noticed?<br /> The smell of smoke , tobacco on your mouth is not pleasant. While you have become used to it, others around you will notice.<br /> Look at your teeth – are they stained from tobacco use?? Just brushing wont get rid of it. Look at your gums – chances are they are getting loose due to tobacco and they are making place for bad breath causing germs.<br /> The cigarette butts or tobacco juice you leave behind makes a mess. Have you ever burned your clothes or furniture?? Have you ever stained your clothes???<br />
  15. 15. Decide to Quit !!!<br /><ul><li>Quitting is something that you really want to do very strongly, so you can get though these first few weeks without tobacco.
  16. 16. Know your reasons for stopping. Don’t let outside influence like friends hold you back. Remember good friends should care about each others health’s.
  17. 17. Focus on all the reasons you want to quit – are any of these reasons important to you?
  18. 18. To avoid health problems
  19. 19. To save money
  20. 20. To prove I can do it
  21. 21. To please some one I care for</li></li></ul><li>PREPARE !<br />IDENTIFY YOUR TRIGGERS NOW !<br />What are the times and places you usually some or chew tobacco?<br /><ul><li>These are your “triggers”. They remind you of tobacco.
  22. 22. Select 3 of your strongest triggers and write them down on the next page in “ MY PLAN”
  23. 23. Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco at these times
  24. 24. Also avoid alcoholic drinks, supari products and paanmasala, since they are potential triggers and are harmful.
  25. 25. Try roasted Chik peas (Channa), Ground nuts (Shengdana), Anise seeds (Sauf) or other harmless seed mixtures.
  26. 26. Drink plenty of water </li></ul>TRIGGERS !<br />PICK A QUIT DATE NOW!<br />Don’t Delay setting a date, but give yourself time (a week or more) to:<br /><ul><li> Prepare yourself mentally and physically for quitting
  27. 27. Reduce your tobacco use to half the usual amount before your target date, by avoiding tobacco when you crave it the most.
  28. 28. Choose a low stress day to quit.</li></ul>Write your quit date on the next page in “MY PLAN”<br />
  29. 29. My Plan !<br />My own reasons for quitting<br />______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br /> My Target date for Quitting:<br />Day Month Year<br /> ______ _______ _______<br />My Strongest triggers:<br />______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br />
  30. 30. YOUR FIRST WEEK <br />“Coping with withdrawal”<br />Tobacco cravings:<br />Think about benefits of quitting<br />Wait 3 -5 mins. and breath deeply or take a walk<br />The craving will pass<br /> Irritability:<br /> Walk away from the situation<br /> Try deep breathing or exercise.<br /> Ask others to be patient.<br />Constipation:<br />Eat more vegetables, chappati’s<br />and fruit. Drink plenty of water.<br /> Hunger:<br /> Eat regular meals. Hunger is sometimes mistaken for tobacco cravings<br />Cravings for sweets:<br />Eat fruits like banana, guava ,<br />kismish etc.<br />Headaches:<br /> Use relaxation and meditation techniques. Try warm bath.<br />QUITING DAY<br /><ul><li>On quitting day, throw out all your tobacco
  31. 31. Start this special day with an early morning walk
  32. 32. Sit in a different place at breakfast time
  33. 33. Keep busy and active
  34. 34. When cravings come use your substitutes
  35. 35. Reward yourself for quitting – make it a special day.</li></li></ul><li>YOUR SECOND WEEK !<br />“Dealing with the triggers”<br />Plan ahead to be ready to deal with triggers<br />Tobacco Cravings<br />May be as strong this week as <br />Last, but will come less often <br />and go away sooner.<br />Diet:<br />Food will taste better<br />Confidence:<br />Confidence levels will be higher.<br />Continue to use the same will power and strategies that pulled your through the first week<br />
  36. 36. If you Slip…<br />Try not to slip even once<br />But if you do, get right back on track<br />Don’t feel discouraged or guilty<br />Throw out any remaining tobacco<br />
  37. 37. Major risks to health from Tobacco !<br />Heart Decease Smoking & Chewing tobacco<br />Chronic chough Smoking<br />Tuberculosis Smoking<br />Lung Cancer Smoking<br />Other Cancers Any tobacco habit<br />Death in Middle More common among Age tobacco users<br />
  38. 38. More Steps to Good Heath !<br />Take a daily walk of 30 to 40 mins.(or 2 of 20 mins) in an open area near your residence or workplace. Or walk a longer part of the way to your workplace<br />Take 15 or more mins. for meditation and/or prayer some time during the day.<br />Add more raw vegetables and fruits into your daily diet.<br />Reduce the amount of oil and other fats, salt and sugar you consume.<br />