SQL SERVER BI TOOLS (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS)SQl Server 2008 Integration Servers (SSIS)         SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services...
SQL SERVER BI TOOLS (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS)                                                     Administering reporting service...
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Microsoft BI solutions leverage your existing technology investments in .NET, SQL Server and Office to develop rich integrated reporting and analytics experiences that empower users to gain access to accurate, up-to-date information for better, more relevant decision making.

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MSBI Course Contents

  1. 1. SQL SERVER BI TOOLS (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS)SQl Server 2008 Integration Servers (SSIS) SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services (SSAS) o Over view of Integration Services o Overview of Data Analysis Solutions Solutions o Overview of SQL server 205 Analysis o Integration Services Tools ServicesDeveloping Integration Services Solution Creating Multidimensional Analysis Solutions o Creating an integration services o Developing Analysis Services Solutions solution o Data Sources and Data Source Views o Using Variables o Creating a Cube o Building and Running a Solution Working with DimensionsImplementing Control Flow o Configuring Dimensions o Control flow Tasks o Defining Hierarchies o Control Flow Precedence Constraints o Sorting and Grouping Attributes o Control Flow Containers o Working with Measures o Working with Measure groupsImplementing Data Flow Analytical MDX o Data Flow Sources and Destinations o Data Flow Transformations o Analytical MDX Introduction o Data Flow Paths o MDX queries MDx vs.SQl o MDX Stored ProceduresImplementing Logging Debugging and Error o Adding Calculations to a CubeHandling Customizing Cube Functionality o Overview of Integration Services Logging o Implementing key Performance Indicator o Implementing Logging o Implementing Actions o Debugging a package o Implementing Perspectives o Implementing Error Handling o Implementing TranslationsImplementing Checkpoints & Transactions Deploying and Securing an Analysis Services Database o Implementing Checkpoints o Implementing Transactions o Deploying an Analysis Services Database o Securing an Analysis Services DatabaseDeploying Packages Maintaining a Multidimensional Solution o Package Configurations o Deploying Packages o Configuring Processing Settings o Logging ,Monitoring and Optimizing anManaging and Securing Packages Analysis Services Solution o Backing Up and Restoring an Analysis o Managing Packages o Services Database o Securing PackagesScheduling Jobs
  2. 2. SQL SERVER BI TOOLS (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) Administering reporting servicesSQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) o Server administration o Overview of SQL Server Reporting o Performance and reliability monitoring Services o Administering report server databases o Installing Reporting Services o Security administration o Reporting Services Tools Programming reporting servicesAuthoring Basic Reports o Querying for server information using a o Creating a Basic Table Report web service o Formatting Report Pages o Automating report management o Calculating Values o Rendering reports o Creating custom codeEnhancing Basic Reports o Interactive Navigation SQL Server o Displaying Data o Introduction to SQL serverManipulating Data Sets o Introduction to T-SQL o Constraints o Defining Report Data o Using Parameters and Filters o Joins o Using parameter lists o Functions o ViewsUsing report models o Indexes o Stored Procedures o Creating report models o Cursors o Using report builder o TriggersPublishing and executing reports Difference Between ORACLE & SQL Server o Publishing report o Executing reports SQL Queries o Creating cached instances o Creating snapshots and report historyUsing subscriptions to distribute reports o Introduction to report subscriptions o Creating report subscriptions o Managing report subscriptions