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  1. 1. Company profile P.K.S.Varma / 09331660324 [Pick the date] Page 1 of 10
  2. 2. About Us:DREAM KRAFTS is formed with a objective to design, develop and implementcreative & innovative designs, procedures and standards that will ensure asafe environment and superior guest service for the global amusementindustryDream Krafts is a consortium formed by various Individuals and companieshaving vast experience in their respective fields with proven track record ofsuccessful projects & ventures coming together with an aim and objective tooffer turnkey solutions related to Amusement, Leisure &Tourism, Hospitality,Mixed use developments etc.Our scope of work will be customized to address your particularrequirements. We will assist you with development of multi-focus programsfor phased implementation to accomplish Barrier Free compliance.Why Dream Krafts?Starting & operating an amusement park, Water Park, business or aprofessional sports complex of any size presents a broad diversity of complexand challenging opportunities. There are many organizations today utilizinglarge numbers of technically diverse systems and creative human factors andactivities that we normally expect to operate harmoniously. It may not beeconomically feasible for you to sustain staffing levels with technical expertisein areas of specialized management.
  3. 3. We explore methods to increase productivity and control cost to ensure yourcompetitive position in the Market. We evaluate your current strategy andverify how it can impact your guest or employee experience, and shareholderinterests. There could be omissions, missed opportunity or inefficientorganizational structure - all of which lead to increased business pressure thatwill ultimately consume earnings. A fresh third party look at practices willconfirm present programs and provide suggestions for optimization of space,personnel, capital assets, and expense allocations.Our insights have been cultivated with the experience shared by ourassociates who are pioneers in their own respective verticals with practicalmanagement experience.Our goal is to acquaint you with information & services relating toAmusement Industry that can be professionally provided by Dream KraftsPvt.Ltd, either exclusively or in combination with other resources we willteam with to give you the most comprehensive assistance possible.OUR VISIONWe are dedicated and committed to design, develop and implementprocedures and standards that will ensure a safe environment and superiorguest service for the growing amusement industry with global perspective.
  4. 4. Our Mission:We are committed to provide Consulting Services as in Turnkey solutionsthrough application of practical experience to assist all segments of theamusement industry develop a safe environment to deliver exceptional guestservice. We intend to maintain a uniform balance between innovativesolutions, sensible planning and fiscal responsibilities. We contributeessential knowledge to propose a reasonable solution to meet the challengesfaced by our clients.Dream Krafts would like to be a leader in terms of consulting services in theDomain of leisure, Amusement etc. with an aim and objective to setupbenchmark in design, development and operations etc. in the prospectivegrowing market like India, bringing in technological advancements andsystem implementation in all respective phases of the project.Areas Of Expertise: 1. Film Cities & Studio Complexes 2. Theme parks / Amusement & Water parks. 3. Leisure & Tourism Destinations 4. Mixed use Developments ( Retail / Residential ) 5. Hotels & Resorts 6. Sports centers 7. Family Entertainment Centers 8. Cultural and Ethnic visitor centers
  5. 5. Consulting Services (Turnkey Solutions)Dream Krafts shall: consult, advise, recommend, review, evaluate, coordinateand assist, where, when and as appropriate, to complete the following tasks,including but not limited to: 1.1.Preparation of Master Plan 1.2.Establish, Staff and Equip Local Office, 1.3.Due-Diligence on Land, 1.4.Select and recommend “other” contractors, to perform studies, work and tasks required, 1.5.Perform the following, but not limited to: 1.5.1. Feasibility Study. 1.5.2. Geotechnical Study. 1.5.3. Environmental and Social Impact Study. 1.5.4. Waste Water and Solid Waste Study. 1.5.5. Reforestation Study. 1.5.6. Construction Utilities and Access Study. 1.6.Develop Detailed Project Report. 1.7.Determination of the best suitable technologies to be utilized for the Project. 1.7.1. Engineering cost estimate. 1.7.2. Construction cost estimate. 1.7.3. The estimated operating cost for the project.
  6. 6. 1.8.Selection of Investment Banker and / or other means of equity investment.1.9.Selection of Debt Provider.1.10. Branding, Promotion and Marketing activities1.11. Recruitment, Staffing and Training1.12. Structuring and implementation of Business Processes1.13. Operations
  7. 7. Amusement Consulting Services (Amusement parks, Themeparks, Water parks)The list of specialized services in relation to Amusement Industry whichincludes Amusement parks, Water Parks, Snow parks, Family Entertainmentcenters, Sports complexes, Virtual reality & simulation etc.1. Market Study & Feasibility Analysis2. Concept Identification & Market Trends 2.1. Comparative Analysis / SWOT Analysis 2.2. New concept identification with Technological innovations3. Master planning4. Schematic design 4.1. Facility elevation pictures & Concepts 4.2. Landscape Designs 4.3.Bird Eye View of the park 4.4.Interior Designs 4.5. Building elevations ( Themed )5. Detailed Design development & Construction drawings6. Detailed Engineering Design ( External only )( Power Distribution / Drainage system / Sewage Treatment Plant / Storm Water collection / Road Network / Street Lighting etc).
  8. 8. 7. Project Management & Supervision8. Ride Selection & Installation9. Vendor Identification / Negotiation / Procurement10. Skilled Manpower supply ( Artisans / Fiber glass / Carpenters / Sculptors / Fabricators etc)11. Lighting Design (Landscape lighting / Decorative lighting / Street lighting / Domestic lighting etc.12. Sound & Acoustics Design & Implementation. ( P.A / Professional / Theatre / Club music.)13. Strategic Planning & Marketing support ( Revenue Model Design & Implemetation / Point of sale / ticketing system etc. )14. Brand Identity / Logo design / Marketing & communication kit development / Ad& promotional strategic planning, design & implementation.15. 3D animation / Audio-visual / Power point presentation.16. Environmental Impact Assessment / PCB clearance.17. Liaison services for the necessary approvals and licenses.18. Park Security Services & Standard Operative procedures.19. Disaster and Crisis Management
  9. 9. Other Support Services:Financial Services (Developers & Operators) : 1. Valuation / Business Appraisal 2. Mergers & Acquisitions ( M&A advice ) 3. Project Finance ( Debt & Equity ) 4. Economic Impact Analysis etc.Post Opening Services / Operations: 1. Man Power Recruitment & Training 2. Product /Operations Training. 3. Operations Manual Development 4. Disaster and Crisis Management. Etc. 5. Events Planning etc.