Horror questionnaire plus analysis


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Here is the questionnaire with the analysis

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Horror questionnaire plus analysis

  1. 1. BY: Rudy & Qasim
  2. 2.  The result from the questionnaire shows that there's more people from the age of 13 to 18+ that watch horror movies. We decided to rate the movie as 15+ due to blood scenes that could be included. 10-12 13 14% 13-15 30 32% 16-18 23 24% 18+ 29 31%
  3. 3.  This chart shows there are more females than males that watch horror movie but we decided to aim at both gender so that its not biased and also there's only 8% difference between the two gender. Male 40 42% Female 55 58%
  4. 4.  The result shows that the majority of the audience like horror movie. This is really good as it helps with confidence in making our horror movie as we know it will be successful. Yes 64 67% No 28 29% Never watched them 3 3%
  5. 5.  They keep me watching the movie if it is good until the end the suspense and story lines they are scary  They make me jump because they are scary I generally find them amusing. - I don’t them Because they get the adrenaline going  The suspense is always exciting They make me uncomfortable.  I don't like gory scenes and find this just a deflection from poor acting skills. However, I do like the suspense of creepy horror films that don't need all the blood and violence but rely more on light and music to scare the audience.  because its funny when you watch a horror movie with friends and when you see the looks on their faces it just makes me laugh also it can be really entertaining!  There entertaining Because I enjoy the suspense they leave you in and when they suddenly make you jump.  because they are really exciting and really scares people which is funny.  They're Interesting and scary and I like violence and horror There exciting  The knowledge that there will be relief at the end!  I enjoy the build up of tension and the relief when it's over.  I prefer the suspense and psychological fear more associated with a thriller.  the suspense is the ultimate killer.  The levels of suspense and the often over the top violence and gore because Tense sound, the characters actions and the killer because they are really exciting and really scares people which is funny.  There are many reviews to why people like or don’t like horror movies. We went through this and found that the suspense, thrill, psychological, fear, violence, scary lighting and sound etc are all what the audience like and this is what we are going to include.
  6. 6.  none scary Ones that are realistic as they seem to be more scarier than ones that are not at all realistic.  horror movie with a lot of suspense.  one with interesting characters, a good plot, violence, supernatural creatures scary Scream sad Any. - bad Jaws, Piranha 3DD Ones with suspense and gore.  If I was to choose one it would be more of a suspense/thriller type of horror which is more interesting psychologically.  I find that a possessed child or somewhat is always good though, must admit.  thriller scary found footages, possessions. I like ones like the Orphanage  scary ones any if its a horror movie scary Crime horrors (e.g.. Seven), Religious/Satanic (e.g.. Drag me to Hell).  any Paranormal activity lots of jumps and exciting plots including twists Paranormal activity, Mama, the exorcist, scream,  Nothing too gory - atmosphere and suggested horrors are much more important. The result s shows that the audience would like to see scary, suspense, gore, possessed child etc. We took this on bored and we would include some of these features in our movie.
  7. 7.  These result shows that there are so many elements that audience like about horror movie and we have most of these elements because it will attract most of the audience. The scariness 18 19% The killer 4 4% The suspense 24 25% Violence 9 9% Gore 3 3% Thrill 10 11% Characters action 5 5% Everything 18 19% Tense sound 4 4%
  8. 8.  This result shows that most people like the unknown feature and in our movie there’s going to be mixed elements to help and enhance the horror genre. Darkness 14 15% Shadows 5 5% The Unknown 44 46% Ghosts 3 3% Other 29 31%
  9. 9.  blood murdering Darkness, A 'bad guy' Shadows a good horror factor deaths scary things Villains sad horror  A load of people making silly decisions and getting themselves killed.  shock bad stuff Surprises Violence, gore, supernatural creatures and a GOOD PLOT.  The viewer needs to be kept on the edge of their seat and always in suspense.  One that makes tense sounds and makes you jump out of your seat.  dark wrecked places mansions abandoned houses ghosts evil. monsters, villains, fear.. teenage girls. storyline needs to be intense..  Being scary Ghosts/ possessed/ inhuman people  Spooky –atmosphere -fated family blood or ghost, zombies anything like that darkness, suspense possibly blood and/or violence, darkness, dramatic weather Gore, gullible/stupid victims, crazed/freaky or otherwise odd evil character killing terror fear frightening music ghosts, sudden existence of someone, good use of sound effects possession scary things scary stuff realistic special effects, suspense, elaborate plot  A sadistic killer and a stupid character whose only purpose is to be killed horrifically sad at start and then happy and the end Killers, people screaming, jumping out of their house! blood or ghost.  Here are some of the results that people expect to see in a horror movie. It shows that mixed views of people making bad decisions that leads to them to getting killed. Possessed and inhuman characters, blood, violence etc elements . We decided that will have most of these elements in the our movie and expect it to be really good because its what the audience wants.
  10. 10.  Alex vs. Alex  Mama  Woman in black  Exorcist  Scream  Piranha 3DD The  paranormal activity series  Shaun of the dead Nightmare on elm street.  Saw  Chucky  Drag me to Hell  The Omen  THE GRUDGE  The Exorcist  Blair Witch  Doom 3  This result shows mixed horror films that people like and most of the movies they like have blood, violence, gore, possessed people, ghost, animals, etc so we intended to include most of the features that is included in these movies.
  11. 11.  The result show that people like to watch horror movies at night and after 12AM because its more entertaining. So we decided that our movie is best to watch at night. Morning 8 8% Afternoon 12 13% Night 58 61% After 12AM 17 18%
  12. 12.  The result shows that people like to watch horror movies with their friends because they like scaring each other. However we decided that you can watch our movie where ever you like and who ever it maybe. Cinema 10 11% Home 19 20% With friends 37 39% Alone 4 4% Family 15 16% Other 10 11%
  13. 13.  People like a horror movie to be in a haunted house, however we decide to do ours in a forest as it suits our movie script. Haunted house 31 33% Isolation 25 26% Forest 17 18% Other 22 23%
  14. 14.  People decided to see a scary ending to a horror movie. We decided to listen to what the audience have said by making our ending scary, sad and gory. Happy 27 28% Sad 3 3% Scary 33 35% Gory 8 8% Other 24 25%
  15. 15.  good person kill the bad person  sad at the end Someone actually acting sensibly.  maybe a killer, a death, set in a haunted house or in the woods.  Its a bit boring when the survivor(s) always win and patterns are obvious of who dies in what order.  I would like to see happy ending and haunted house  Try creating a new movie with perhaps something that with grab the attention of students. I find it much better if it has students at a school or university, something we can all relate too.  The villain is not truly the villain but the hero/heroine is actually the one that could be called evil Lady  blood violence and suspense Possessions, evil presence, pentagram, Satan worshiping... shocking and interesting end for another movie to start by the first one.  reference to real world features which actually exist e.g. the Book of Revelations in 'The Omen'.  weird things happening to mirrors  If you were making a horror movie I would encourage you to focus on suspense and tension.  You can have more of an impact when you force the viewer to use their imagination - NOTHING is more powerful (that's why books are ALWAYS better than their movie counterparts). There are lots of elements that people would like to see in our movie. People would like to see suspense, scariness, tension, etc. We decided to include most of these elements in our movie and maybe more to make our horror movie the best.