Best Practices for Launching an Enterprise Business on Magento


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Best Practices for Launching an Enterprise Business on Magento

  1. 1. Best Practices for Launching anEnterprise Business on MagentoKen BauschVP, Consumer DirectOneida LtdRich LyonsCEO & PresidentLyons Consulting Group
  2. 2. Agenda 2Background: What is an Enterprise Business?PreparationPicking the Right PartnerLaunchResultsFuture Plans on MagentoSummaryQuestions & Answers
  3. 3. background: what is an enterprise business?
  4. 4. Enterprise 4“An undertaking, especially one of some scope, complication, and risk.”RevenueHigh Traffic VolumeAggressive Growth PlansLarge IntegrationsCustomizationsMultiple Business UnitsMultiples Sites
  5. 5. Oneida Background 5Incorporated in 1880, Oneida Ltd. is one ofthe world’s largest design, sourcing anddistribution companies for stainless steeland silver plated flatware for both theconsumer and foodservice industries.The company originated in a utopiancommunity established in the mid-nineteenth century, and has had a strongreputation for quality and "Perfectionism"since that time.Oneida was ranked as the number onetabletop brand in the 2009 bi-annual surveyconducted by Home Furnishings News.The rankings recognize top brands inconsumer familiarity and popularity. Inaddition to receiving first place in thetabletop category, Oneida was ranked 23rdamong all housewares brands, jumpingfrom 39th place in 2007
  6. 6. Oneida Background 6Oneida launched the first version as an informational site in1996. We were one of the first tabletopcompanies to establish an onlinepresence.Over the next decade, evolvedas primarily an informational site andbegan tentatively selling direct toconsumers. We fell behind our leadingtabletop competitors who had moved moreaggressively into direct selling.In May 2006 a significantly launched with full electroniccommerce functionality. The site was animmediate commercial success withsignificant sales and traffic increasesversus prior years. wasrecognized by inclusion in Internet RetailerMagazines list of Hot 100 Web sites for2007 and won a Bizrate Platinum Circle ofExcellence Award reflecting overallcustomer satisfaction with Oneida.
  7. 7. Oneida Background 7In 2009, recordedvery strong sales growth,outpacing the industry andour competitorsRevenue = trending to 8-figuresHigh Traffic Volume = mid 7-figures annuallyAggressive Growth Plans =double sales by 2012Large Integrations = SAP,WMS, CRMMultiple Business Units andSites = Food Service (B2B),International
  8. 8. Oneida before Magento 8Limited by Legacy Platform• Our 2006 eCommerce partner had done a good job getting us up to basic eCommerce standards.• Limitations became clear in Q4 2009: • Solution was customized and challenging to maintain and modify, making it difficult to meet our changing business requirements • Adding new functionality, such as PayPal acceptance, was time consuming and costly • Performance issues • Shared database
  9. 9. Oneida before Magento 9Requirements for New Platform• Industry leading eCommerce shopping and customer experience• Site management tools and ability to optimize business• Full contact center/call center functionality• Integration to SAP platform• Ability to support both business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) transactions• International capability• Potential to customize utilizing internal resources to meet any unique business requirements
  10. 10. preparation
  11. 11. Research and Platform Selection 11Very broad selection process• Looked at all business models: license, SaaS, managed, full service• Reviewed multiple vendors including incumbentShort list firms• eCommera/Demandware• Hybris• iCongo• VendaChose Magento/LCG solution• Value• Flexibility• Scalability• Personalization• Promotions
  12. 12. Project Objectives 12Create a comprehensive new that will:• Maximize direct sales revenues• Retain and/or expand upon the best functionality of the current site• Interpret use case scenarios to accommodate the needs of disparate users performing disparate tasks• Consolidate customer relationship data and provide self-service tools to modify and update preferences• Romance the consumer with compelling content that relates to her aspirations and communicates the rich history of the Brand• Incorporate key Brand identity elements (logo, font, color palette, photographic style) to communicate a consistent message online
  13. 13. Dedicated Oneida Team 13Need for Speed• Critical to have a new platform live prior to Q4• Dedicated internal team to projectProject Leader• Andrew Ruggeri – Director of eCommerceExecutive Sponsorship• Ken Bausch – VP, Consumer Direct, Andrew Church – CFOCross-Functional Team• Melinda Perry – SAP SME• Ginny Freebern – Customer Service SME• Ryan Laurey – Web Designer• Amy Loughran – Category Merchant• Michael Ziemba – Manager of Technology & Infrastructure
  14. 14. picking the right partner
  15. 15. Partner Selection 15Experience• Executive sponsor had prior experience with LCG implementing an enterprise integrated SaaS eCommerce solution on time and on budget (Reader’s Digest)• LCG experience with consumer brandsFull Solution – LCG Commerce• Creative Design• Development• Integrations• Customizations• Hosting• Monitoring & SupportScalability• Able to grow with Oneida
  16. 16. LCG Commerce – Powered by Magento 16Robust and Flexible• A complete solution• Fully customizable and extensible• Based on open-source Magento• Enhanced by lyonscg• Delivered in a SaaS model• Supported and updated by lyonscg• Quarterly review meetingsThe lyonscg Advantage• Best practices & expertise• Allows you to focus on marketing & promotions instead of technology• The lyonscg guarantee
  17. 17. Full Solution Capabilities 17 eCommerce Strategy Enhancement, SupportUser Interface Design Technology Design Site Construction and Maintenance Audience Mapping Data Definition Site Construction Plan SaaS Model Solution UX Specifications Construction/Critical Inventory Management Support Plan (Wireframes) Path Hosted Service & Navigation Design Order Management Methodology Definition Support 24/7 Promotions/ImageVisual Design Systems Project Plan Support Contracts Management Third Party System Quarterly Strategy Content Analysis Test Plan Integration Reviews Analytics & Reporting Client Readiness
  18. 18. Creative Design 18Discovery, analysis and User-centered Design approach
  19. 19. Project Management & Support Tools 23• Project management & collaboration portal for lyonscg clients during implementation• Project documentation• Task assignment• Issue tracking and management• Document repository and archive• Complete visibility and transparency for lyonscg and clients• Transition to Operations Support Center (OSC) post-launch TeamView Screen Shot
  20. 20. launch
  21. 21. Transformative Event 26Sales and Traffic• sales had reached a plateau in September• Immediate increase in site traffic and conversion• Decline in bounce rate• Increase in goal conversionsCustomer experience• Best in class tabletop site• Site content, multiple images and attributes facilitate selection process• AJAX cart• Time spent on site down slightly, but “global conversion” up• Holistic visibility to customer service levelsScalability• Processed more than 10,000 contact center transactions in Q4!• Performance improved as load increased
  22. 22. Transformative Event 27Instant Reaction - Internal• has never been faster and more responsive.• Amazing, remarkable, awesome!!! This is what makes all the time and effort worth it.• The image on the homepage is now pretty much all 3 – a product hero, good brand representation and promotion.• We’re starting to kick some ___ down here.Instant Reaction - External• Just received my new Oneida flatware and mixing bowls – so excited. They look even better than the picture online. The process was super easy and my order was shipped and received quickly.• You actually improved your search ranking with your new site launch, this is extraordinary as most of my clients experience a disruption• Your website didnt even break a sweat handling the load.• The new website rocks.
  23. 23. Launch 28User Acceptance Testing (UAT)• Full team process – all departments• Importance of dedicated teamAdmin Panel Training• Happens throughout the implementation• Revisit and refresh before launchProduction Load Testing• Anticipate maximum traffic/volume• Automated tools to determine break point of site prior to launch• Build infrastructure accordingly, with planned scalabilityPost-launch Support• Project team and support team ready and waiting• Operations Support Center (OSC) processes and procedures• Enhancements and upgrades
  24. 24. Post–Launch promotion• Tens of thousands of incremental unique visitors• 2 days after launch• At peak, more than 2,500 concurrent customer sessionsBend, but Don’t BreakScale, Scale, ScalePCI Compliance – TrustwaveCertification
  25. 25. results
  26. 26. Results 31An explosion of traffic and sales• Q4 metrics exceptionally strong• Record site traffic and sales• Increased overall site conversion rate• Average order value increased in core customer groupEnabled creative and timely promotions• Customer groups• Complex discounts• Kits and product bundles• PersonalizationImproved Execution• Visibility to key metrics/status• Virtual elimination of chargebacks/uncollected accounts
  27. 27. future plans on magento
  28. 28. Future Plans 3351Commerce• International ordersOneida UKOneida Food Service (B2B)Additional Categories• Jewelry, Child & Baby GiftsImplement Additional Features• Reward points program• Gift Certificates/Cards• Personalized landing pages
  29. 29. Future Plans 34Deliver Brand Enhancing Content• Utilize flexibility of platform and personalization to build brand while maintaining sales and profit resultsSocial Media IntegrationNew retail concepts• Invitation/flash sales sitesContinuity program/recurring paymentsGift/Bridal registry• Multi-channel integration with wholesale accounts and partnersAssisted selling
  30. 30. summary
  31. 31. Summary 36Myriad of eCommerce platform choices• Many good choices in the marketplace with varied business models• A great time to select and implement a new platform• Integration is a critical success factor for enterprise businessesChoice of people and culture as much as technology• Software vendor• Implementation partner• Ongoing support• Culture of constant improvementNew platform can transform your business• Customer acquisition, conversion and retention• Enables organizational transformation• Customer centricity• Personalization
  32. 32. questions & answers
  33. 33. thank you Ken Bausch VP, Consumer Direct (315) Rich Lyons CEO & President 312.506.2015