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How health, financial wellness and network marketing home business are related.txt

  1. 1. ==== ====Exclusive "Members Only" Travel Vacation Club!!! It is also a Great Business Opportunity!! It willblow you away!! CHECK IT OUT!!!! ====Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think. Suffering follows an evil thought as thewheels of a cart follow the oxen that draws it. Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what wethink. Joy follows a pure thought like a shadow that never leaves." BuddhaThis year I experienced the dawning of a new personal realization. We all agree that every persondeserves a new beginning whether they want better physical health or stronger financial wellbeing. But, what do you think, before reading further, will drive people harder...a desire for healthor a dream of wealth?There are some interesting correlations between the need for physical health and the search forfinancial health. This new awareness is based on the struggles of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) patients.My twin brothers, in their late 40s, have had MS for the past 15 years. From strong, able-bodiedfarmers and millworkers, fathers and husbands, they struggle daily, determined to stayindependent. They once experienced robust health and is now lost and they will doanything to reclaim it.Their story for health independence (as well as for all MS patients) started with a CTVs W5 reporton November 2009 about exciting breakthrough research by Dr. Zamboni, a vascular surgeonfrom Italy. He reported on several years of research that showed restricted veins in the necks andchests of MS patients helped to contribute to their symptoms. Malformed veins caused blood fromthe brain to drain improperly, potentially setting off the immune response that marks MS.Treatment consisted of balloon angioplasty to open the constrictions and improve blood flow -commonly performed for many different kinds of artery or vein problems.The condition of narrowed veins is called CCSVI and the procedure to open them is called theLIBERATION TREATMENT. Results in health improvement have been astounding. However, theproblem from mainstream Health Boards, neurologists and MS Societies is there has to be moredouble-blinded studies and trials before this simple procedure could be offered here - as if,somehow Italians are different from Americans and Canadians.The result is that many patients have found whatever money necessary to travel to differentcountries where the procedure could be performed. Foreign clinics cost $10,000 or more versus awalk-in clinic cost of $1500 in Canada. The point is this. When people are faced with dramaticchoices between health and disability, they do whatever it takes to reach a status of well-beingagain.
  2. 2. What about people who are faced with serious financial concerns? What are their choices? Whatsteps would they take for dignity, self fulfillment, time freedom, family support and long termsecurity?We know the common symptoms of financial malaise such as debts, mortgages, insurance, taxes,pensions, credit bills and more. But do we really know what it would feel like to be financial healthyand free? How can you miss something you never had? How many of us have experienced thatexuberance of doing what you want to do, setting your own time schedules where money is neveran objection?My sense of liberation happened ONLY with early retirement based on a pension plan and extrawork at home income. It no longer makes sense to work by the hour for a one time pay check.Before that celebrated event, like so many others, I followed rules as a child, then as a student,then as a career professional and all the obligations and responsibilities that came with eachstage.It can even be said that our traditional mainstream economy wants to keep us as employees witha few benefits to keep general levels of satisfaction. It doesnt hurt to throw in reality shows withthe rich and famous and Dancing with the Stars to show up our inadequacies and keep ourexpectations low.But what if, mainstream economy becomes discomposed and discontent? But what if, you wantbetter, based on personal strengths you know you have?The home business of network marketing or MLM has always been available as an anti-dote tomeager earnings and better recovery for long-term security. It is the only home business you donot have to start from scratch where the MLM company does the heavy lifting such as research,product development, and advertising. Your job as a home business owner is to help market theproducts for which you receive handsome commissions based on results.It is in the marketing "prescription" or plan where this system falls apart. You can make it complexwith long lists of duties (like ingredients), training and side effects which experts can manage butlay patients find difficult. Network marketing has never been about duplication of professionalexperts, but rather the leverage of a professional message. A simple 3-Steps message is non-invasive which every family can do.Top networkers sell the "liberated" lifestyle as much as the products. Unfortunately, when thedream doesnt materialize many people disassociate with the opportunity and industry. Peoplehunker down with broken dreams and think something will happen, the government will provide orprayers will be answered. Sometimes, they may even be talked into trying a different medicationinstead of a back to basics natural formula.FEAR can sometimes be the prime motivator to look for new directions - fear not to get sick..not toget broke. Fear can suck away your financial abundance if you let it. But dont wait until fear andhopelessness sets in because you can start preventative steps now. You already have all the skillsyou need.Remember, the example that people with MS who believed in hope with this new treatment so
  3. 3. much that they put everything on the line for health freedom. They were willing to spendthousands of dollars and travel thousands of miles to feel vital and normal again.What are you willing to put on the line for financial freedom?Here are your first two exercises to repress any self-limitations. Finish these sentences:1. I am a positive person worthy of success because _______2. What would you do if you werent afraid? If I wasnt afraid, I would ________In summary, physical health and fitness are worthy of every effort. Financial wellness and securityare worthy of every effort in a world of change and possibility. The right home business with majortrends is worthy of every effort to learn, share and prosper. I cry for those MS patients, like mybrothers, whose lives have been put on hold by bureaucracies who exploit their disabilities withold-fashioned drug-filled methodologies, most of which do not help. I feel sorry for people who arefinancially sick who do not check out, for whatever reason, this extraordinary home businessprogram that begins with a free shopping service every family needs.Simple common strengths and grassroots capitalism will prevail. Liberty is worthy of pursuit - "fromthe hearts impulse to create, to sing, to shout and walk about, to effervesce, to shine, to radiate;to reach out, to be the best you can be and celebrate freedom."Annemarie Berukoff is retired teacher and professional networker whose motto is a return tobasics with 3 concepts [] for a fair, democratichome business that every family deserves. As e-commerce evolves, discover how to shop, saveand earn home-based income by giving away a free valuable shopping service that saves moneyand makes money for every family...3-Steps, fair and democratic.Article Source: ====Exclusive "Members Only" Travel Vacation Club!!! It is also a Great Business Opportunity!! It willblow you away!! CHECK IT OUT!!!!
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