Standard operating procedure


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Standard operating procedure

  1. 1. STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE DEPARTMENT : " IT Department" PROCEDURE NO: none REVISION : 1/2014 EFFECTIVE DATE: "June 2014" PAGE NO : 1 OF 3 TITLE : IT ASSET MAINTENANCE PROCEDURE PURPOSE To describe the Maintenance Procedure of IT Asset in the premises. RESPONSIBILITY 1. IT Executive is responsible to implement this procedure. REFERENCE DOCUMENTS DAILY CLEANING RECORD. [IT Monthly report] MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT 1. Screwdriver 2. Compressed Air ( Blower ) 3. Anti Static wrist and ankle straps 4. Anti Static floor Mats 5. Mask FREQUENCY Monthly
  2. 2. PROCEDURES Steps to Remove the Dust: 1. Before completing any cleaning method on your computer, it is important to back up all of your files. Even though this is unlikely to cause any damage, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 2. Shut down the computer and unplug all of the cords from the CPU. Take it outside or in an area that is well ventilated. When we get further into this process, the dust will start flying. 3. Check your owner’s manual for the proper step to open your CPU. Most only require a few screws for the cover to come off. 4. Use the can of compressed air to remove any dust from inside. Be sure to get the corners and crevices as well. Hold the can upright while spraying. 5. Do not direct the compressed air at the fan. It can cause it to turn faster than it’s supposed to which can lead to damage. If you are skilled enough, remove the fan and clean it with a damp cloth. If that is too difficult, use a pencil or skewer stick to keep the fan from spinning while you use the air to blow the dust off. 6. Be sure to clean the grill on the cover as well. 7. Once the dust is removed, replace the cover and close up the case 8. Reattach all of the removed cords, and your computer is clean and ready to use. 9. All the procedure has to be done as per the Checklist Steps to replace the Spare Parts: 1. Shut down the Computer and unplug all the cord from the CPU. 2. Remove the all the required screw. 3. Wear the Anti static wrist / ankle straps to avoid Electrostatic discharge, before attaching any parts inside the computer. 4. Remove the parts which have to be replaced and keep it into the antistatic bag. 5. Place the new spare parts and screw it properly and close the case. 6. Reattach all the removed cord and restart the computer for use
  3. 3. Steps to diagnosis the problem during live power supply: Whenever it require handling the computer in a live power supply then Person should stand on the antistatic floor Mat to avoid any electric shock. Moreover one should check the earthling of electric supply is done properly. PREPAID BY: "IN CHARGE IT" CHECKED BY: "HEAD IT" APPROVED BY: "HEAD QA"