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World Usability Day 2009 - VanUE
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World Usability Day 2009 - VanUE


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Vancouver User Experience group's World Usability Day 2009 presentation

Vancouver User Experience group's World Usability Day 2009 presentation

Published in: Technology, Sports
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  • 1. VanUE World Usability Day 2009
  • 2. Agenda ✴ About  World  Usability  Day ✴ What  is  Sustainability? ✴ The  Design  Challenge:  Pine  St  Garden ✴ Our  Goals ✴ The  Team ✴ Timeline  /  Process ✴ ObservaAons ✴ Problem  Areas ✴ Design  ImplicaAons ✴ Possible  Strategies ✴ Conclusion
  • 3. Designing for a Sustainable World How  do  usability  people  tackle  this?
  • 4. Sustainability “Use  and  development  that  meets  the  needs  of  the  present   without  compromising  the  ability  of  future  genera9ons  to   meet  their  own  needs.”   Brundtland  Commission  1987
  • 5.   Don’t  do  things  today   that  make  tomorrow   worse.   ! Nathan  Shedroff Design  is  the  Problem:  The  Future  of  Design  Must  be  Sustainable  (2009)
  • 6. Design Challenge How  can  we  use  our  professional  exper=se  as  usability  and  user   experience  prac==oners  to  improve  the  Pine  St  Community  Garden?  * And  do  it  in  12  hours  on  Nov  12/09  for  World  Usability  Day?  
  • 7. Pine Street Community Garden
  • 8. Team Members (pictures) Theresa Chris Katja Ben Gord Gagan Barb *not  shown:  Cat,  Selma
  • 9. Roles ✴ Liaison ✴ Online  Researcher ✴ Project  Manager ✴ InformaEon  Designer ✴ Observer  /  Ethnographer ✴ Visual  Designer ✴ Photographer  /  Videographer  /  Scribe ✴ Prototyper ✴ Interviewer ✴ PresentaEon  Producer ✴ Online  Surveyor ✴ Curator
  • 10. 8AM 12PM 7PM Timeline
  • 11. VanUE Goals Apply  our  professional  exper=se  as  usability  and  user   experience  pracAAoners  to  improve  the  quality  of  human  life   (the  fundamental  goal  of  usability),  while  living  within  the   capacity  and  constraints  of  our  environmental,  social,  and   economic  systems  (sustainability  defined).
  • 12. Why Pine St? ✴ Support  urban  agriculture   ✴ Foster  community   ✴ EducaEonal  opportunity  about  how   we  interact  with  the  environment.
  • 13. VanUE Outcomes Educate Advocate Volunteer Deliver
  • 14. Research Methods
  • 15. Observational Research
  • 16. Comparative Research
  • 17. Online Survey to Members
  • 18. Phone & In-person member interviews
  • 19. Online Research: City Guidelines & Policies
  • 20. Inspiration, Ideation, Implementation
  • 21. Observations
  • 22. Problem Areas ✴ DemarcaEon  of  space ✴ Volunteer  Time  Constraints ✴ CommunicaEon ✴ EducaEon ✴ Managing  waiEng  expectaEons ✴ AestheEcs ✴ Funding
  • 23. Focus → Community
  • 24. What is Community? Where do we start?
  • 25. Our Answer: We start with one person
  • 26. Our Goal: Foster the conditions to create The “Engaged” Member
  • 27. Meet Patricia The “Engaged” Member
  • 28. The Engaged Member ✴ 66  year  old  woman.  ReEred   ✴ Trades  stuff.  Shares  tools  and   city  worker seeds  with  community ✴ Lives  in  an  apartment.   ✴ Gardens  3  Emes/week  during   Downsized  when  her  husband   good  weather died ✴ Likes  teaching.  Knows   ✴ Wants  community  garden  to   gardening  neighbours. flourish ✴ Takes  pride  and  aUends  social   acEviEes  
  • 29. If everyone was like Patricia they would... ✴ Love  their  garden  and  have  pride  in  it ✴ Care  for  the  community  garden  as  a  whole ✴ Care  for  their  neighbour.  Teach  them,  help   them,  not  encroach  in  their  area ✴ Clean  up  and  do  addiEonal  duEes  as  needed
  • 30. The Engagement Model (Not  everyone  is  Patricia)
  • 31. The New Member ✴ 23  year  old  UBC  Grad  in   ✴ Excited  to  be  “in”  with  the   Resource  Management garden ✴ Lives  in  an  apartment  with  a   ✴ Didn’t  realize  how  much  work   small  balcony a  garden  needs ✴ New  to  gardening ✴ RomanEc,  wants  to  impress  his   girlfriend
  • 32. The Active Member ✴ Mid  30’s.  Has  2  small  children ✴ Busy  life.  Wants  to  teach   children  how  to  garden ✴ Lives  in  a  townhouse  but   eventually  wants  a  house ✴ Like  to  relax  and  gardening  is  a   good  way  to  do  that. ✴ Garden  once  or  twice  per   week.  Kind  of  know  their   ✴ Takes  pride  and  aUends  social   gardening  neighbours. acEviEes
  • 33. Pine St. Community Garden Engagement Model Engaged Member Enthusiast  and  an  acEve  member,  values  the  garden,  helps  regularly  on  the  board,  thinks  about   improvements,  communicates  with  other  members  regularly,  aUends  all  garden  related  events Active Member Enthusiast,  acEvely  contributes  to  common  areas,  openly  interacts  with  other  gardeners  at  events.   AUenEve  to  board  emails  and  google  group,  considers  volunteering,  aUends  garden  events Participating Member (majority today) Uses  and  acEvely  tends  to  plot,  generally  is  aware  of  google  group  and  email  but  does  not  parEcipate/ respond.  AUends  at  least  one  member  event  per  year Member in Good Standing Minimally  uses/maintains  plot,  o_en  new  and  novice  members,  minimally  parEcipates  with  other   members,  does  not  make  an  effort  to  aUend  member  events Inactive Member Does  not  acEvely  tend  plot  and  has/will  receive  a  noEce
  • 34. How do we “design” an engaged member?
  • 35. 1 Better Signage, Wayfinding promote ownership, pride and public awareness
  • 36. show website, email etc anything we have Signage
  • 37. Demarcation of Space
  • 38. Demarcation of Space
  • 39. Plot Owner Info
  • 40. Map
  • 41. 2 Better Communication polite, consistent, timely
  • 42. Website IA
  • 43. Website IA
  • 44. Website IA
  • 45. Website IA
  • 46. 3 Education & Training if I know better, I will do better
  • 47. Bulletin Board
  • 48. Bulletin Board
  • 49. Signage
  • 50. Summary ✴ Foster  the  condiEons  for  community  to  happen,  engagement  to  emerge ✴ Start  with  the  user  and  the  “real  world” ✴ Small  things  can  make  a  big  difference ✴ Think  about  the  system:  online  and  offline ✴ Leave  things  beUer  than  you  found  them