Location based social media & the built environment


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Presentation given to the Build Up organisation of marketing professionals working in the built environment sector. Find out all about location based social media.

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  • Welcome – thanks for having me – I have 15 to 20 minutes to tell you all about location based social media and how it can be used in the built environment…. Hmmm, ok it’ll be tough but we’ll give it a go.So, Kirsty and Phil are right, as if we ever doubted them = it’s all about location – and location is the next big thing for social media. So, I’m going to work from the basis that you already know all about social media and how great it is for your business to use as a tool for thought leadership, brand awareness, lead generation and customer loyalty….yadayada.. You’re either already using it to connect to your market or you’re ready to take that step soon. This will give you a broad sweep of info on LBS – handy if you have young geeks working for you who turn around at meetings and say things like “it’s time to mash up our twitter feed with gowalla and get jiggy with AR”…. I’ll explain…
  • So what are LBS? The first type is website and apps that enable users to check in, leave tips, receive offers and compete with friends.2nd type are quick response codes – if you have a smart phone with you and feel inclined nip to your app store and download a QR reader and we’ll experiment with them in a few minutes.3rd type is Augmented reality which requires a camera, GPS and a compass in a smart phone4th type are location based group marketing sites.
  • Let’s take the first type = apps and websites that enable users to check-in and access/create content related to where they are.
  • Why become Mayor? – you get extra-special offers from the placeLEAVE TIPS
  • It’s easy to see how b2c brands and small local businesses can use this type of location based service – but what about b2b brands? Well don’t think you need a location – I’ll show you some examples on the next slide of companies without a location that have successfully used LBSYou could push offers that aren’t just tied to one location – multiple sites for people to check into etcMake an offer that is not an offer – like a competitionDon’t forget like any social media you can use it internally as well as externally
  • Here is a London site that been popular for check-ins, I believe our hosts are involved in this site….209 people have check-in and none have yet been exposed to a marketing message from the building – opportunity for PR there.
  • This is a real one – it links to a blog post on my site about location based social media – I’ll leave it up for a few moments in case anyone has a QR reader on their smart phone…What are they – barcodes that send you straight to a website – why are they location based…. Well you can stick them up anywhere, on ad hoardings, site hoardings and people interact with you at a location.Jimmy choo…
  • Groupon is web and email based location marketing. Users sign up to their local area and receive daily offers. Once the minimum number of people have signed up for the daily deal it becomes available and all users who take it up get the discount offered in the deal. This helps the businesses offering the discount to account and treat the Groupon advertisement as a discounted offer.Groupon keeps approx 50% of the value of the deal.
  • Location based social media & the built environment

    1. 1. Location, Location, Location Using location based socialmedia in the built environment
    2. 2. Brief intro to what they areMain types of Location Based Social Media (LBS) are:1. Check-in Apps/websites2. QR code interactions3. Augmented reality4. Group marketing
    3. 3. What are LBS Apps/Websites• Programs/platforms/add-ins/add-ons/apps• Utilise IP and/or GPS• Enable UGC – tips• Connections/conversations/communication
    4. 4. What are LBS?.. In plain English?• Smart phone apps• Websites/subs• Push discounts• Competitive
    5. 5. Main players
    6. 6. Non B2C angle• You don‟t need to be a „location‟• Don‟t limit yourself to making an “Offer” that is tied to just one location• Maybe an offer isn‟t an “offer”• Use for internal as well as external marketing
    7. 7. Non location based brandsThe New York Times guided their foursquare followers to thebest spots to visit while in Vancouver for the 2010 WinterOlympics.The History Channel used Tips to leave historical factoidsaround the country in advance of its America: The Story of Usminiseries.Zagat offers expert advice on restaurants reviewed in theirguides.Windows Live Photo Gallery helped their followers locate thebest spots in their cities to take photos.Havaianas directed their followers to the best local spots towatch World Cup games, where they shared soccer trivia andgave away free flip-flops.
    8. 8. Quick Response Codes
    9. 9. Augmented Reality
    10. 10. Top tips / homework• Check your brands/sites for pre-existing “places” • If need be contact Foursquare etc and request merge/deletion• Sign up with an app and see what the fuss is all about • Remember you can have “no friends” But whats the point?• Check out your competitors / aspirational brands
    11. 11. ???s
    12. 12. Thank youuk.linkedin.com/in/vickiansellTwitter.com/vicki_ansellTwitter.com/HappenFactoryFoursquare.com/vicki_ansellYoutube.com/user/HappenFactory