I've got followers....now what?


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Presenation prepared for Marketing Week Live

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  • Thanks for coming to this session, I know it’s free but I still appreciate the effort.Free is a big movement in marketing – if you haven’t read Chris Anderson’s book cunningly entitled Free then you should, it’s very good. And it’s very relevant to this session.We’re going to spend 30 minutes looking into what the hell you do once you have some followers.BIG SHOES – using Thomas Paine quote to kick start this presentation.
  • So you had the meetings at work – there is a something interesting going on with this social media thingy. You’ve started getting active in the social space – possibly integrated into your current marketing plan, sometimes supplementary to it until it delivers a return then you’ll get serious. You have worked hard to get followers/fans, likes, group members – (you might even have paid for them) now you need to know what to do with them.
  • This is one of the biggest pot holes companies dig for the selves then fall into:Not defining success at the beginning of dabbling in social media. If you didn’t set out in advance what you wanted to achieve from social media then no matter what I tell you to do with your followers you may still turn around and think that your efforts are unsuccessful – because you haven’t got a benchmark of success to judge your results against.All the activity you “do” with your followers needs to support your overall aim of social media channel – the results you want directly or indirectly.Let’s not dwell on that point – you can check out my blog for more help on defining success.I’m going to imagine that you’ve defined one of the following goals:
  • If you are honest with yourself you are dabbling (or taking seriously) social media for one of these reasons:Thought Leadership – you want to establish your products, brand or services as the premier/expert/thought leader in your market or nicheLead generation – isn’t hard to desire this oneCustomer loyalty – they cost less to keepBrand awareness – can’t hurt can it?But really – you’re dabbling in social media because each of these activities lead to one outcome: CLICK
  • I would argue that focusing on thought leadership and customer services can organically lead to increased lead generation and brand awareness.Every body loves a list – you can scribble down notes and feel like you’ve learnt something…Lets look at the top 10 things to do with your followers:
  • Imagine the following conversation with your customer services team:Customer has tweeted that they are dissatisfied with your product, canny marketer who is monitoring brand mentions calls the CS team to get them to fix the problem:Customer services rep: we can’t get that into our CRM system, twitter isn’t an optionMarketer: I’m not too worried right now about how you log it, I want it fixed so everyone can see we fix complaints quicklyCS rep: if you get me their email address I’ll send them a link to the complaints page on our website – then they can go into our systemMarketer: I’d rather we deal with it on twitter so that anyone who comes across it sees our response, rather than hiding it via emailCS rep: but the reps are targeted on the volume of complaints they handle and it’s measured via the CRM and we can’t add twitter as a mediumMarketer: how about you respond via twitter and log it as an emailCS rep: [thinks, sighs, tuts] ok…. So what is twitter?You cannot under estimate the importance of training all your staff about social media. In the same way it would be embarrassing to have a customer call up and ask to take up the offer from twitter and face a CS rep who says what’s twitter.Most importantly, you need to vocally, openly, transparently and loudly shout about your great customer service. People are more likely to complain on Facebook or Twitter than they are to call you as the company. You have a duty to your customers and your marketing efforts (you can spend more money fixing bad PR than creating Good PR) to respond quickly and then you are more likely to receive positive follow up feedback.If you don’t believe me about complaining on FB or twitter then just trust me, its behaviour you’ll develop yourself soon.Over come objections ONCE, openly, with respect. Pays dividends.
  • Everyone loves being retweeted – builds follower loyalty and has the side effect of encouraging others to retweet your content and when that happens you get more followers. Happiness.
  • Everything you do needs to add value to your customers/potential customers experience. Thought leadership marketing is a great way to add value – simply take the time to demonstrate your expertise: if you have a natural thought leader in your business free up their time so they can engage with your market:Answer questions in LinkedIn Answers section, on QuoraetcWrite point of view papers, how to papers and distribute/hold back for only your followers – obviously the content will get more widely picked up but that is a luxury problemDon’t lie to them – if you offer 10% off to everyone, don’t claim it to be a follower only offer – people aint daft.The end result of prolific expertise demonstration is that SERPs will be full of your name/product/brand/thought leader whenever the market searches for related content. That’s great for lead generation, brand awareness and helps customers believe they made the right purchase choice and purchase more from you/renew contracts.Try very hard not to advertise too much….relax, the sales will come. Try to think about what someone would think about you if all they read was your twitter feed: do you sound dull? Salesy? Cheap?
  • If you sell luxury yachts, you are not going to tweet about cheap oars. Why would you devalue your products or services by sounding like a street market vendor?Break down your product into stages of development/creation – think about all the opportunities to create content from those phases of development and then ask yourself “will my market get value from this?” if you answer yes then ask yourself “does it support one of our USPs”? If it’s a big fat no then don’t do it.
  • What do I mean by Zombie traffic? Well, I mean simply plugging the rss feed from your blog/website/group/whatever and sticking into Twitterfeed or similar. This type of marketing (and I use the term losely) is zombie marketing – you’re doing nothing to tailor the message to the medium. Would you copy and paste an email broadcast onto an A4 flyer and post it to your customers? Would you *@&&(@*£ - don’t do it with Twitter. Your followers deserve better and it doesn’t take long to distill a post/news story/article into 140 characters….
  • Share information with them. Make that information NEWS worthy. Don’t tweet about stuff you’ve already sent out 400 times, there must be a benefit to them for following you. Even if you aren’t always creating the content you send out. If you sift through an inbox full of news every day why not pick out the top stories related to your product/service and tweet them.
  • Obviously you’re monitoring your brand for mentions…when you get one….THANK THEM. Bit like retweeting – everyone loves to be thanked for their work and you get to look like the type of company engaged, listening to the market. If you can take the opportunity to really show you’ve been listening all the better – don’t just send thank you @customer, say thank you @customer we’re glad you liked our platnum duck wash service, see you again soon.If you have followers who havent’ bought from you yet – this is a simple way of showing them testimonials.
  • Take some time to find out who follows you that has the greatest influence – use a service like Kloutetc – focus some of your time on them, listen carefully to their tweets, and become more engaged in with what they say. You’d like the influencers to retweet you, lots, buy from you, say lovely things about you….
  • Maybe you don’t’ have to send them on holiday…. But you can reward followers with real follower only offers and incentives – name a product after them, let them chose the music in the bar for a night, let them make their dessert in the kitchen, give them tips, give them recipes, what ever compliments your brand product or service….
  • Keep talking to your market – not just online but dare I suggest it offline as well. If you can’t think of anything to say then get the market to ask you questions – Host flash chatsHost webinars – for free. Deliver your expertise or show a bit of ankle so that people associate you as a useful resource.Don’t leave followers in the ether – have real life meeting opportunities – tweet ups etc.
  • 11??? I thought Vicki was giving me a top 10 list? I am but I like to follow my own advice and give you a little something extra…11 is more a warning than a tip. You have to dedicate time to your followers – you can’t underestimate how much it will pay off.The worstthingyoucando is to leaveyourbrand out thereunmonitored in the ether. Commit to the conversation–I’m sure you’veheardthatbefore.
  • Thanks for coming to this session, I know it’s free but I still appreciate the effort.Free is a big movement in marketing – if you haven’t read Chris Anderson’s book cunningly entitled Free then you should, it’s very good. And it’s very relevant to this session.We’re going to spend 30 minutes looking into what the hell you do once you have some followers.BIG SHOES – using Thomas Paine quote to kick start this presentation.
  • I've got followers....now what?

    1. 1. “Lead, follow or get out of the way” Thomas Paine www.HappenFactory.com/IDM
    2. 2. Why did we start this in the first place?
    3. 3. Potential goalsThought LeadershipLead GenerationCustomer LoyaltyBrand Awareness
    4. 4. 1. Listen & Respond
    5. 5. 2. Retweet your followers
    6. 6. 3. Add value, that’s ADD not AD
    7. 7. 4. Support your USPs
    8. 8. 5. Go beyond zombie traffic
    9. 9. 6. Share news worthy content
    10. 10. 7. Thank them THANKS
    11. 11. 8. Focus on influencers
    12. 12. 9. Reward them
    13. 13. 10. Keep talking
    14. 14. 11. Give it some welly
    15. 15. Take aways:• Everything you do must support your USPs• Everything must add value• Everything must support your goals
    16. 16. ?s
    17. 17. Thank you!www.HappenFactory.com/IDM