English Speaking Project Tour Guide to West Borneo - Example


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English, Tour Guide, West Borneo

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English Speaking Project Tour Guide to West Borneo - Example

  1. 1. Presented Vanny Andriani (32) and Veronita (34)
  2. 2. Pontianak
  3. 3. Kapuas Dharma Hotel
  4. 4. Equator Monument
  5. 5. Museum Province
  6. 6. Bubbor Paddas
  7. 7. Upacara Ngabayotn
  8. 8. Singkawang
  9. 9. Pasir Panjang Beach
  10. 10. Sotong Pangkong
  11. 11. Hong Kong Night Market
  12. 12. Thank you for your attention.Vanny Andriani and Veronita
  13. 13. Hello all. First we would like to introduce ourselves, my name is Vanny and my partner is Veronita. In this chance, we would like to inform you more about the interesting things that you can enjoy in West Borneo.First, we will take you to Kapuas Dharma Hotel for check in. This hotel is a three star hotel that become the favored choice for tourists that requiring comfortable accommodation in the heart of Pontianak’s commercial business district.Then we will take the bus to Equator Monument that established as a symbol for Pontianak that passed by the equator line. This monument is build by Germany’s team on 1928. one of prestigious event in this monument is Sun Culmination Phenomenon, where the sun will directly fall above the equator line, so we can see everything around the monument without shadow.The next interesting place is Museum Province. This is a beautiful building with modern decoration and original ornaments from West Borneo. Through the relics that are presented, we can see the original culture and history of West Borneo. For you who like traditional woodcraft and Chinese’s ceramic, this is the place you must go for.For cuisine, we will introduce you to West Borneo’s icon culinary, Bubbor Paddas. For you who like unique food which is made from spices and herb, this food is the best choice. The special ingredients of this food is Kusum leaf, that’s usually used in Malay’s culinary. Bubbor Paddas usually served with peanut and fried anchovies.
  14. 14. After that, we will invite you to see a Dayak ethnic’s traditional ceremony. It’s Ngabayotn ceremony, that is a giving ceremony to God and ancestral spirits like animal and traditional food as a symbol for closing and opening of harvest period. This ceremony usually held in three until four days.Our next destination is Pasir Panjang Beach at Singkawang.Singkawang is another famous city in West Borneo and known as China Town in Indonesia because most of its citizen is Chinese.That’s right. It’s famous by its multicultural, friendly people, and abundance of its local fruit and vegetable. About Pasir Panjang Beach, it’s an icon tourist destination of Singkawang. This beach extend along the sea and surrounded by Natuna Sea. The clean overlay sand in this beach make this place usually used for sunbathing or sport activity like volleyball.Then, we will invite you to taste the typical food of Singkawang. It’s Sotong Pangkong. Its main ingredient is dried squid that will be baked, crushed, and grounded until flat. This food usually combined with sweet peanut sauce and the taste is savory.
  15. 15. Then, at the night we will take the bus to our last interesting place in Singkawang, Hong Kong Night Market.This market is famous among the local people and constant swing selling a wide variety of food and drink. Ranging from Indonesia’s traditional food until Chinese culinary. This market opens daily in the afternoon and keeps moving until late at night.So that’s why Singkawang also known as ‘24 Hours City’. Ok, this is the end of our explanation about interesting things that you can enjoy in West Borneo. Thank you for your attention.