Design your christmas gowns by


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I didn’t hesitate for a minute. I ordered the dress and eight months later I had the opportunity to wear it like a real princess on my wedding.

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Design your christmas gowns by

  1. 1. Nikki Le Roux, London United Kingdom – Maggie Sottero Bride
  2. 2. The minute I put this Maggie Sottero Fiorella on, I knew that it was the perfect dress for my special day. I felt like a princess… all the girls cried. We got married in Zimbabwe, on a wine farm. It was the perfect day! The sun shone all day and we were surrounded by our beautiful families. I am still getting compliments on my devine dress. I look over and over the pictures and love it more each time I see it! Thank you for the most amazing Maggie Sottero Florencia ! I will cherish the memory forever!
  3. 3. Emma Coppini , Surbiton United Kingdom – Maggie Sottero Bride
  4. 4. My fiance completly surprised me by proposing on the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building on the 10th of April, 2009. When we got home, we booked our wedding for the 10th of April, 2010. I spent months trying on dresses and almost bought two others before returning to the very first Maggie Sottero Gabbi shop. When I put Vivien on for the second time, I knew it was the dress for me. We had a truly magical wedding day celebrating with our family and friends. My husband loved the dress. I felt beautiful on the day I married my dream man – thank you Maggie Sottero!
  5. 5. I went to three bridal shops, Lavina Royale was the last Maggie Sottero Genevieve I tried on and it was perfect. At my wedding everyone was in loved with my dress. I couldn’t have worn a better dress. Thanks Maggie. Lorimar Reyeroo , Craston RI – Maggie Sottero Bride
  6. 6. Tina Favache , Duffel Belgium – Maggie Sottero Bride
  7. 7. I immediately new that I would wear a Maggie Sottero Giselle the day that I opened your website! The only problem was getting it in Belgium. I found a retailer in the Netherlands that helped me a lot. As I didn’t wanted a classic white Maggie Sottero Hadley , I found myself hesitating between the Antonella and the Fiorenza scarlet. After waiting for two months, they were both available in the store. The Antonella was very beautiful, but the Fiorenza – it was perfect for me. Everyone in the store came over to have a look at me in the dress!
  8. 8. I tried on multiple Maggie Sottero Hampton and this one fit so perfectly to hug my every little curve, it felt like a Victoria’s Secret wonder bra! It did EVERYTHING my heart desired, sucked and tucked me in and pushed what little bust I have up! It was the happy ending to my fairy tale wedding! And SO MANY people complimented me on it! Clarin Bingham, Vernal UT – Maggie Sottero Bride