Social shopping Comparison Analysis Kaboodle vs ThisNext


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Social shopping Comparison Analysis Kaboodle vs ThisNext

  1. 1. Social Shopping comparion analysis: Kaboodle vs ThisNext Vanina Delobelle, Ph.D. June 2010
  2. 2. The homepage ThisNext: Focused on products. Kaboodle: More focused on products with a search bar very visible. Vanina Delobelle
  3. 3. Login ThisNext: Standard login. Kaboodle: Integrates an explicit selection of information for then pushing immediately push recommendations. Vanina Delobelle
  4. 4. Use of Facebook Connect ThisNext: Limited use of FB. Can post back on FB. The site is looking in the graph what friends are using ThisNext and show only those friends Kaboodle: does not use FB Vanina Delobelle
  5. 5. Network and Connections expansion ThisNext: very hard to add friends after the sign up process Kaboodle: import friends tool and ‘’add as a friend’’ icon on each profile Vanina Delobelle
  6. 6. User’s home ThisNext: Statistics, friends’ feeds. Kaboodle: Activity feed, messages and navigation to my list, my styleboards, my tags. Vanina Delobelle
  7. 7. Profile ThisNext: recommendations, recent activity, friends’ feeds, lists, friends, compliments, tags. Also it is possible to customize the design of the site Kaboodle: lists, styleboards, brands, props, feeds, shoutbox… Vanina Delobelle
  8. 8. Navigation ThisNext: Very simple navigation horizontal and vertical for the sub-categories. Kaboodle: Horizontal and vertical navigation with more categories. In the navigation, the verticals are called out. Vanina Delobelle
  9. 9. Search/Browse ThisNext: Only a search per keyword but a tool to browse by ‘’What’s new…” Kaboodle: Keyword search returns people, products, lists, styleboards, stores and sales. Left browsing per brand, list and category. Sorting per ‘’Most popoular’’, ‘’Most recent’’… Vanina Delobelle
  10. 10. Assortment ThisNext: the smallest assortment Vanina Delobelle
  11. 11. Recommendations ThisNext: recommendations based on search history and explicit data Kaboodle: recommendations based on explicit data Vanina Delobelle
  12. 12. Other functionalities - ThisNext Locate on a map what People near you are shopping Create shopping widgets for your blog Content about what’s new, What’s popular Vanina Delobelle
  13. 13. Other functionalities - Kaboodle Favorite brands Styleboards (what is our combination Of products) Shoutbox (thanks, you’re hot, Cute pic, your rock… Groups Create a blog and personal content Vanina Delobelle
  14. 14. Other functionalities – Kaboodle (continued) Content per vertical Shopping deals Compare prices Pictures (ex: how do you Wear the product + contests) Vanina Delobelle
  15. 15. Comparison Analysis Summary Vanina Delobelle Features Kaboodle ThisNext Facebook Connect/Social Graph Search/Browse Assortment Recommendations Groups X Purchase functionalities (compare prices, deals, product details, buy on search results page) Brands
  16. 16. For more conversations…