Social Media And Product Innovation

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How to use the social media for product innovation?

How to use the social media for product innovation?

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  • 1. Social Media & Product Innovation Vanina Delobelle, PhD July 2008
  • 2. Social Media
  • 3. Social Media: the real viral strategy
  • 4. The power of reaching crowds The brand
  • 5. Which Social Media for Product Innovation ? Soc ial networks Forums Microblogging Multimedia sharing Diggs Blogs and Livecasts Virtual Universes
  • 6. The user connections Forums Diggs Multimedia sharring Social networks Microblogging Blogs
  • 7. The Innovation process
  • 8. The product innovation cycle Social Media are used to share and learn Research & Concept Definition Testing Launch
  • 9. Research & Concept Definition
    • Market trends analysis : read content related to industry and concept
    • Benchmarking : read user reviews and content published about competition
    • Competition analysis : read user reviews and content published about competition
    • Surveys : share surveys and/or find participants via blogs, social networks and microbogging
    • User ideas generation : read blogs where users share ideas about the possible evolutions of your product
  • 10. Testing
    • User testing : test some functionalities with one panel of users and recruite and/or share via the social media
    • Beta : launch a private version of the product and recruite/share via the social media
  • 11. Launch
    • Communication : use social media and the power of crowds to talk about the launch of your product
    • User engagement : use social networks to invite new users and engage a viral effect
    • Users feedbacks : use the social media to learn about how your users appreciate your product. Can be surveys or simply reading posts.
  • 12. Social Media and Innovation
  • 13. The golden rule
    • Users are happy to be engaged !
    • Use your users as they want to take part of your product
    • Lean on your users to share about the product
    • Because they participate they will be even more eager to communicate about it
    • Rely on them as they will be the ones using the product
  • 14. For more conversations…