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 LeWeb 3 Conference Summary
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LeWeb 3 Conference Summary


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Notes from the LeWeb3 Conference

Notes from the LeWeb3 Conference

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Conference Summary Vanina Delobelle 13/12/2007
  • 2. Links
  • 3. Notes about…THE INTERNET
    • Internet is all about conversations
    • Internet needs a story to be told
    • Internet should enable communication between people so be much more customer centric
    • The web is all about saving time and money
    • Internet is everywhere (expl of the widgets – applications are available everywhere)
    • Internet for BtoB will come back
  • 4. Notes about…FIGURES
    • 1 billion Google searches per day
    • 80 billions emails and IMs sent by day
    • 130 billions Euros generated by the e-commerce market
    • 250 millions internet users on a social network
    • 3 billions people having a mobile
    • iTunes used by 2% of the population
    • Voice is 12% of usage of mobile, multimedia is 16%.
  • 5. Notes about…CONSUMER
    • Consumer = producer
    • Consumer = advertiser
    • We are in a new ‘Tupperware’ economy. Everything is more social and much more tight to individuals
    • Content is relevant depending on the consumer. What is crap for some might be interesting for others.
    • Consumer is controlling the web. He is also controlling the spaming by allowing or not advertising to enter in the content they generate.
  • 6. Notes about…INNOVATION
    • Think connectivity and linking Internet and Mobile (the mobile will be an extension of our personality)
    • Take into account market differences (countries do not have the same needs and do not put the importance on the same areas. For example, France is focuses on blogs, Germany on search, networking is not working in Brasil…)
    • Innovation should be disruptive. We should fight for ideas and wait for the right time to present them. The innovation is often prevented from Top management who need to care more about ensuring revenues than innovating.
    • Innovation is a lot about risk and testing.
    • Stop doing copycats and try to go further.
    • Reinvente models and not rely only on old ones (for expl a new e-commerce model should be invented)
  • 7. Notes about…USABILITY
    • Upon Twitter’s CEO we might today take away functionalities to create new products (there are too many functionalities and the most performing products are today those who took existing concepts and remove functionalities). Minimalism concept
    • Upon Philippe Stark , product should include ethics and moralism. We should shot for the ‘no products’. These products should target very limited customers, those that are against advertising and marketing story.
    • Upon Microsoft , the new UI will use hands, allow multiple users and can be displayed horizontaly (cf Microsoft Thinsight - )
  • 8. Notes about…ENTERPRISE 2.0
    • Use open tools to share knowledge and information (use the current technology available)
    • Employees are changing and will change job more easily. They do not make a big difference between work and home therefore a higher flexibility is needed
    • Do not pay attention to time. Your team is doing its job in a different manner and is much more efficient
    • Individual bonus are killing the collective intelligence. Enterprise 2.0 should target the team as a whole.
  • 9. Notes about…MUSIC
    • What about having a flat fee for using music on the internet?
    • What about having fees upon our consumption as for gaz or electricity?
  • 10. Notes about…VIRTUAL WORLDS
    • There is no longer any difference between real and online worlds since internet is everywhere.
    • Virtual goods are the trend (expl: ).
    • Still a big difference between Core games (worldcraft…) and online casual games (monopoly, solitaire,…). Core games still represent a niche.
  • 11. Notes about…ADVERTISING
    • Online branding is till very difficult
    • Online advertising goes against the Internet initial ethics
    • Internet should be cleaned up
    • Advertising should become less intrusive
    • Online advertising should be reinvented
    • RSS for photographies enabling to have a permanent screensaver on your TV
    • The music playing robot
    • The real pac man
    • The next generation computer Thinsight
    • OVI, the internet plateform of Nokia connecting to mobile and enabling to manage applications
    • Mufin a music finder tool
    • The gapminder tool for statistics analysis
  • 13. Notes about…WEB ENTREPRENEURSHIP
    • An entrepreneur needs to like risk
    • He needs to be flexible enough to change and adapt to the market
    • It is all about change and opportunities
    • He should not wait for the next revolutionnary idea but execute things and try
    • He needs to have a project that solves a problem
    • He needs to size the market and have a growth plan
    • Business models only based on advertsing are not longer sufficient. Internet should start to make money.
  • 14. Notes about…US vs Europe
    • 60% of Facebook users are outisde the US
    • Europe is evolving much faster than the US
    • Google to invest a lot in Europe and to set up local centers
    • Google UK is doing 17% of total revenues of the company
    • In the US still more VC and entrepreneurship much easier because less fear.
    • Mondialisation should be seen differently. Check out very interesting tool )
  • 15. Notes about…THE FUTURE OF INTERNET
    • e-commerce
    • Virtual goods
    • Connectivity between Internet and Mobile
    • New TV concept. Video content evolution
    • User Generated Content reinforced
    • Ads to be reinvented completely. Google Adsense might disappear
  • 16. Notes about…THE START UP COMPETITION WINNERS! 1ST: 1st of TF1: 2 nd :
  • 17. Notes about…BEING HUMAN
    • Buzz launched in favor of the UNHCR in order to help children in refugee camps to get schools.
    • There are 9 millions of them so we are invited to create 9 millions reference and link to