Camp sewing center introductory material


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We are students from Yonsei University in South Korea participating in the UGET (undergraduate global experience team-project), which is a global program in the school of Business Administration, we help in consulting and managing the CAMP Sewing Center which was founded and established in order to help the unfortunate people in Philippines to be financially independent.

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Camp sewing center introductory material

  1. 1. Student Volunteer Work for CAMPThis promotional material is voluntarily designed by students from the business departmentof Yonsei University.This project is made by CAMP foundation, Work together foundation and volunteer studentsto assist economic sustainability among residents in Towerville. Students play a leadingrole in pursuing this project as a part of the global program
  2. 2. What is Towerville? . .
  3. 3. Problems inTowerville1. Lack of Social infrastructure2. Broken family phenomenon The Building SOLUTION of CAMP Sewing center3. Child poverty
  4. 4. Purpose of CAMP Sewing center Providing a foundation for long term sustainability1. Vitalization of local 2. Solving the problem 3. Solving the problem economy of broken families of broken families
  5. 5. 1. Vitalization of local CAMP Sewing center adopts a community business model that economy aims to build local economic infrastructures by reinvesting the profit to the local economy2. Solving the problem CAMP Sewing center uses a certain amount of the profit to help theof broken families problem of poverty among residents in Towerville3. Solving the problem CAMP Sewing center seeks to introduce vocational training toof broken families Towerville residents to create job opportunities in the long run
  6. 6. Network Collaboration The Towerville camp sewing center is established through partnerships with the following organizations • TESDA : Technology, education and training • BULAKAN State government : site and place • SBS희망TV, Community chest of Korea: Financial support • Work Together Foundation, Yonsei: Management <Domestic network> <Local network>
  7. 7. Brand StoryDreaming Leaves Every pair of clothes or pair of shoes we buydelivers the hope we contains a special story of someone significantbuild together Through our Good-natured consumption The distance between broken families can get closer. A young child who lived life with only the concern for every meal, can now dream for her future. Children who searched through garbage cans, can now rest at a comfortable home. We can stop women from being sold for the price of a sack of rice And now, a sprout of hope is growing again in Towerville where even a drop of clean water was difficult to find. . Dreaming Leaves delivers [HOPE]
  8. 8. Brand IdentityDreaming Leaves the brand that within Towerville camp sewing center,contains the image of a blooming bud which resembles beginning of hopeamong the forced immigrants in the slum area One hopeful leaf that blooms amongst the hopeless, 는, Does not aim to give unconditional support but aims to create a base that enables them to be financially independent . 는, Hopes to improve the quality of life among producers the third world countries by triggering a "Good natured consumption
  9. 9. Business Field(B2B)<Factory work wears> <Uniforms>
  10. 10. Business Field(B2C)<School Uniforms> <Household Items> <Eco-bag> <Towel> <Cup-holders>
  11. 11. Value gained Collaborating company
  12. 12. Value Gained01. Cost Reduction : through low price of raw materials and labor cost, we offer our product02. Reliable Quality at a lower price.03. Image Making 10000 9000 8000 7000 CURRENT CAMP 6000 5000 4000 UNIFORM T-SHIRT WORKWEAR “A 10% cost reduction compared to current cost”
  13. 13. Value Gained01. Cost Reduction02. Reliable Quality :with a low price we offer a trustworthy quality03. Image Making Every product goes through a detailed hand made manufacturing HANDMADE process Our products are made of good fabric and reliable technology that assures sturdiness and durability DURABILITY With sufficient human resources and work facilities, we guarantee accurate product delivery ACCURACY
  14. 14. 창출되는 가치01. Cost Reduction02. Reliable Quality03. Image Making : Company can establish a positive image by the use of products with social significance Companies with a high sustainability rate result to a 3.68% higher income This shows that a company’s social responsibility activity reflects its financial productivity. Korea Productivity Center, Kim Dong Su <Appreciation Plaque> <Local Newspaper Advertisement>
  15. 15. Actual CSR Case - STARBUCKS Local Community Service Purchase of Environment protection ethical coffee beans  Community service  Reducing leftovers  Protection of coffee farm  Supporting youth activity  Recycling coffee beans  Certification of freetrade  Global Outreach campaign  No disposable cups  Ethical purchase method •2011 1st highest for Korean Sustainability index •2011 1st rank for Korean Service Quality among Coffee Shops Able to overcome the negative public opinion that they are earning unreasonable profit without considering the circumstances of the local coffee farm
  16. 16. Actual CSR Case Raemian, the construction company of Samsung, designed an eco bag made of nettle fabric containing an environment friendly message of a “GREEN TOMORROW” SK WYVERNS participated in a game wearing uniforms made of recycled plastic bottles supporting the GREEN SPORTS campaign
  17. 17. 2011. 7. 15.SBS hope TV
  18. 18. 2011. 7. 17.Hankyoreh Newspaper
  19. 19. 2011. 8. 2.Kook min Newspaper rticle/view.asp?page=1&gCo de=kmi&arcid=0005217418&cp =nv
  20. 20. Office Address: 38B Unit A Road 1 Pagasa Quezon City, Manila, Philippinee-mail : (Person in charge: Junho Jeon) Lee, Chul Yong )Phone : +82-10-9082-9115 (Person in charge: Junho Jeon) +82-10-2289-0094(Representative: Lee, Chul Yong )Homepage :