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Tuy nội dung đã cũ (từ 2006), case study này của Sunsilk vẫn là một mẫu chuẩn về quy trình planning, lên kế hoạch thực hiện một chương trình kích hoạt thương hiệu (activation).

Từ sơ lược background, vấn đề & mục tiêu của nhãn hàng, đến khám phá insight (sự thật ngầm hiểu), để từ đó đưa ra activation concept và kế hoạch 4-bước kích hoạt thương hiệu: pre-launch (trước khi tung), invitation (giới thiệu / mời gọi), experience (trải nghiệm), amplification (lan toả), tất cả đều rất chuẩn mực, chuyên nghiệp và sáng tạo theo đúng phong cách Unilever.

Một slides đáng để các marketers và brand builders học hỏi.

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Sunsilk Activation Case Study

  1. 1. presents
  2. 2. Background• Sunsilk is overlooked during every Tet. People do not see it as relevant to Tet’s preparation and celeration.
  3. 3. Objective• To position Sunsilk as part of Tet’s preparation and celebration.• To encourage consumers to buy Sunsilk for Tet as a habit.• To add values to Sunsilk’s brand equity.
  4. 4. Insight• Tet is the beginning of all good things. Therefore, people who are beautiful in Tet will belivef beautiful for the rest of the year. So when all of my friends & relatives appreciate my beautiful look during Tet, I feel extremely happy.
  5. 5. Activation ConceptLet your beauty blossom this Tet
  6. 6. Pre-launch Invitation Experience AmplificationOBJECTIVES •Build event •Create a WOW effect for Tet. •Re-confirm key messages•Create awareness awareness •Amplify the campaign in•Activate nationwide scalecustomers/retailersKEY MESSAGES •Let your beauty •This year, Sunsilk holds the •If you’re beautiful in Tet,•Everyone wants to blossom this Tet. biggest New Year Garden ever you’ll be beautiful for the restbe beautiful during •Let your beauty in Vietnam. of the year.Tet. So have you blossom with •Go to the Event, take the mostprepared anything Sunsilk’s big beautiful moments to win bigfor yourself yet? prizes. prizes.•Everyone wants to •Sunsilk Roadbe beautiful during Show: SunsilkTet. By Sunsilk set brings Luck andas a gift to inspire Prosperity to allpeople around you. retailers.TIMING Week 1 of Week 4 of Jan. Week 1 ,2 of FebEnd of Jan.December
  7. 7. Pre-launch PR, Consumers, Sales force •SMS •Online Flash Banner Invitation Amplification •TVC, Print, PR announce about the TVC Tags,Outdoor, PR, POP, MTs Sunsilk Tet Campaign.TVC, Lucky Draw Live Broadcast, PR •Activation TVC, Print, PR to announce the Sunsilk Tet Campaign. •TVC: report •Introduce Tet’s fashion trend: Mai Dao beauty (in Fashion&Life program) documentation. •SMS, Online Ad Banners, Sunsilk Wish •Lucky draw live Tóc đẹp sánh mai đào Cards. •Roadshow: Golden Apricot and Peach broadcast. Vẻ ngọc tựa xuân xanh Blossom. •PR: amplification on (If you’re beautiful in Tet, •Promotion: Buy Sunsilk win big prizes magazines. (Apricot & Peach Blossom trees or flowers, you’ll be beautiful for the rest SSK jewelry collection). •Register for Guinness of the year) 1. Grand Prizes: Gold Apricot & Peach Record: the biggest New Blossom trees.+ jewelry 2. Lucky Prizes: Golden Apricot & Year Garden in Vietnam Peach Blossom Flowers (can be used as •Sunsilk Mai Dao hairpin)+ Collection Event: Proof of purchase as a ticket to the Event. POS & Lucky Flower Games 1. New Year’s Garden 2. Take photos (you or your family) 3. Choose best pictures 4. Gift: Gold Apricot & Peach Blossom Exhibition: Apricot & Peach Blossom Exhibition with Sunsilk Wish Card. Event, Outdoor, PR Apricot Blossom& Peach Blossom Contest Experience
  8. 8. Pre-launch
  9. 9. Pre-launchPR on Print: Everyone wants to be beautifulduring Tet. So have you prepared for yourselfyet?
  10. 10. Pre-launch• Everyone wants to be beautiful this Tet. Buy Sunsilk Tet as a gift to inspire people around you.
  11. 11. Invitation
  12. 12. Invitation • PR on Print : • Celebrities talk about Tet : – What do you repair something for Tet ? – What do you think about beauty blossom in Tet? Photo storyboard _ Share tips that make you more beautiful in Tet. Talk about the belief that if you are beautiful in Tet, you’ll be beautiful for the rest of the year. Announcement for the event.
  13. 13. Invitation • Build awareness about Sunsilk Tet Campaign. Golden Apricot & Peach Roadshow (GT4) • Mobile team sampling leaflet •Sunsilk brings Luck & Prosperity to all retailers.
  14. 14. Invitation•Let your beauty blossom this Tet. •New packing •Outdoor Communication
  15. 15. • MT: Activation booth (HCM & HN)•GT: Mobile booth + Roadshow
  16. 16. Experience Event: New Year’s Garden  Take photos  Choose best pictures Gift: Gold Apricot & Peach Blossom
  17. 17. Experience • promotion : Buy SSK Get Lucky card with . • Let your beauty blossom with Sunsilk’s big prizes (golden ). Apricot Blossom CollectionPeach Blossom Collection
  18. 18. Exhibition:• Apricot & Peach Blossom Exhibition with Sunsilk Wish Card.• Apricot Blossom& Peach Blossom Contest
  19. 19. Amplification• If you’re beautiful in Tet, you’ll be beautiful for the rest of the year.
  20. 20. Amplification • Sunsilk Ao Dai Collection on magazine • Event Report