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Eportfolios are personal online spaces which enable flexible learner-centred training and assessment options. This session explores eportfolios, how they are being used in VET and how you can get started using eportfolios.

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  • Welcome everyone and introduceyourselfDroppingInteraction via Chat
  • The webinar will cover ….
  • There are many different types of eportfolios, and depending on what you would like to do with the eportfolio will determine what type of eportfolio you will create and how you will use it. Here are some:Presentation Eportfolio – to showcase or present the ‘final product’ of a learning journey or work experience which is usually share publicly or open to a network or community Learning Eportfolio - to help document and guide learning over timeAssessment Eportfolio – to demonstrate that you have the skills and competencies to pass an assessment or to gain recognition of prior learning (RPL)Personal Development Eportfolio – to help support personal, educational and/or career development and planningWorking/Professional Eportfolios – to collect workplace evidence for performance management or demonstrate that you have the skills and experiences to meet professional/industry standardsGroup –to record what has been done for a project or for some grant funding etcHowever, having somewhere where we manage and share our learning and experiences in a private or controlled way allows us to test ideas and reflection upon our experiences before sharing with the wider world or at all. This is when a dedicated eportfolio system
  • Getting Started with Eportfolios 130813

    1. 1. Getting Started with Eportfolios NSW National VET E-learning Strategy Allison Miller 13 August 2013
    2. 2. Overview • What is an eportfolio? 1 • Why use an eportfolio? 2 • Getting started 3
    3. 3. What is an eportfolio?
    4. 4. Image by Sengchang– Singapore Changi Airport, Control Tower -,_Control_Tower_2,_Dec_05.JPG What is an eportfolio?
    5. 5. New ways of capturing and assessing learning Digital stories about me (Movie Maker / Photostory) Conversations (mp3/smart pens) Narrative / Reflective Journals (blogs) Live evidence (POV, video, photos) Workshops (digital certificates) Digital Story Image by Benjamin Rabe: papercuts: 2-L8-4-BBQ?! - MP3 Image by James F Clay: Edirol R-09HR -
    6. 6.
    7. 7. Why use is an eportfolio?
    8. 8. What could you use an eportfolio for?
    9. 9. Why use an eportfolio? You Professional learning requirements Digital CVs Getting a Promotion Professional Networking Grant/Course Applications
    10. 10. Main uses of eportfolios in VET: Image from the Australian ePortfolio Project, Post Script (Hallam. 2010) - ‘CV’, ‘resumé’, ‘RPL’ (recognition of prior learning) and ‘employment’
    11. 11. Types of eportfolios Eportfolio Types Presentation Learning Assessment Personal Development Working/Professional Group For more information:
    12. 12. Presentation Eportfolio
    13. 13. Learning & Assessment Eportfolio
    14. 14. Working/Professional Eportfolios
    15. 15. Group Eportfolio
    16. 16. Getting Started
    17. 17. What is the purpose of the eportfolio? What would you like the eportfolio service to do? What eportfolio service(s) meets these needs? What resources will you/your students need? What training will you/your students need? Getting started
    18. 18. Register for free at: Start your eportfolio at
    19. 19. Start your eportfolio using
    20. 20.
    21. 21. Eportfolio (Mahara) Training Consultancies Workshops and Webinars Resources
    22. 22. 2013 Eportfolio Forum Digital Identities, Footprints and Networks 3 October 2013 University of Canberra, Bruce Campus, ACT follow ePortfolios Australia: • Twitter: • Facebook: • LinkedIn: • Slideshare:
    23. 23. Dominique-Alain Jan 20 August 2013 12.15-2.00 pm Sydney Conservatorium of Music Eportfolios in Europe FREE EVENT
    24. 24. Allison Miller 0400 732 270 Contact us for a free 30 min consultation about getting started with eportfolios in your organisation?
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