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 e-Customer Service - Marketing & Servicing your Education & Training Customers Online
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e-Customer Service - Marketing & Servicing your Education & Training Customers Online


Published on

In this presentation Allison provides direction and suggestions about Marketing & Servicing your Education & Training Customers Online, whether your customers are external clients, internal …

In this presentation Allison provides direction and suggestions about Marketing & Servicing your Education & Training Customers Online, whether your customers are external clients, internal ‘customers’ or learners who are clients of your training organisation. She will cover having a web presence, understanding the ‘give and get’ of the internet, listening to and communicating with your customers online as well as other key considerations for implementing eCustomer service

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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  • Introduce yourselfWarn about ‘dropping out’
  • This is what will be covered in this webinar
  • Ask people to use the text chat to answer why good customer service is important.
  • Make sure customers can easily find information on your websiteCalls to action
  • Ensure the information you have on your website is readable on smartphones and tablets
  • Ask people to write in the text chatIf they’ve seen or thought of an app for their organisation?
  • People can use social media to say good & bad things about your business
  • Ask participants to share what eCustomer Service strategy they will be further investigating and why in the text chat?
  • Transcript

    • 1. ServiceMarketing and servicing your customers onlineAllison MillerDirector & Principal Consultant
    • 2. Session Overview• Welcome and introductions• Why is good customer service important?• Which eCustomer Service strategies?• eCustomer Service Key Considerations• What eCustomer Service will you investigatefurther?• Want to know more?
    • 3. Why is good customerservice important?
    • 4. Brand Recognition, Return Business& Customer LoyaltyImage: Chipmunk Checking Email on flickrcc.netThink Apple or Harley-DavidsonImage: Dark Knight on
    • 5. Which eCustomer Service strategies to you use now?
    • 6. Which eCustomer Servicestrategies?
    • 7. Having a web presence
    • 8. Offer a ‘one stopshop’Save time & $$Image: a ‘one stopshop’
    • 9. Anytime, AnywhereImage: toddler apps on flickrcc.netPredicated thatbetween 80-85% ofAustralians will havean internet-enabledsmart phone by mid-2013Australian Mobile Phone LifestyleIndex Survey 2012Source:
    • 10. Apps• Would your business lendsitself to having an app?• Checking timetables orresults?• Bookingclasses/enrolling?• Latest news?• Orientation/Induction(AQSA requirements)?• Others?ConvenienceImage: “Order your coffee with an app” – Vanguard Visions Consulting - App StoreAndroid Apps Store
    • 11. Give and get
    • 12. What can you give away in orderto get your customer’sattention?• Free online service?• Samples or tasters?• Free consultations?• Free first RPL?Give to GetImage:
    • 13. Image: Lists• mailchimp.comThe “Push”Register for eUpdates:
    • 14. Image and quote : us on –• FacebookTwitter• LinkedinGoogle+• Pinterest• YouTube• etcThe “Push”50% of Web Sales toOccur Via SocialMedia by 2015Mashable, 1 November 2012
    • 15. Image:• Subscribe• RSS feedsThe “Push”
    • 16. Images: from Vanguard Visions Consultings website dashboard – Engine Optimisation(SEO)• Key words• Meta-data• Naming your websiteURLAnd the “Pull”
    • 17. Image: from the Dashboard of - ads -• What are search terms are customers usingwhen looking for products like yours• Use these as keywords on your websiteAnd the “Pull”
    • 18. Listening to yourcustomers
    • 19. Social Media - YouTube“United Breaks Guitars”Listening to your customersVideo: United Breaks Guitars: service is anemotional experience.People want to sharetheir experiences –both good and bad.What are your customers sayingabout your business?
    • 20. Social media -Facebook• “posts”• “likes”Listening to your customersImage: Sydney Morning Herald – 14 August 2012 -
    • 21. Listening to your customersImage: Digital Capability Twitter - media -Twitter• “trending”• “#hashtags”
    • 22. Google Alerts – bringtheir messages to to your customersImage:
    • 23. Online feedback(Google forms) to your customersImage: Screenshots
    • 24. Automate
    • 25. Image: Live Chatr -• Live Chat - “Can I help you?”• ClickDesk:• clickdesk.comAutomate
    • 26. Images: - Eventbrite: entered into yourCalendar or Database•• EventbriteAutomate••
    • 27. Image: SMS reminder -• SMS reminders• Automatic email responses• “I’m currently away …”• “Thank you forregistering”• “Reminder of events”Automate
    • 28. Image: RelationshipManagement (CRM)•• One Page CRMonepagecrm.comAutomate
    • 29. Collect the data
    • 30. Customer analytics• Google analytics• Facebook Page analytics• WordPress analyticsCollect the dataFacebook Insight Image:
    • 31. eCustomer Service KeyConsiderations
    • 32. eCustomer Service is one of manycustomer service strategiesImage: A Sea of Glass - The Chihuly Exhibit at the Bellagio in Vegas on
    • 33. Your customers’ ‘digital literacy’ andonline confidenceImage: My Ghost on
    • 34. Your eCustomer Service ease of useor ‘usability’Image: How a toddler deals with a crashed+app on
    • 35. Upfront costs and ongoingsupport/maintenanceImage: 101123-F-5751H-097 on
    • 36. What eCustomer Servicestrategy will youinvestigate further?
    • 37. Other webinars we run:Flipped Learning Design – Enabling PersonalisedLearning4 June Face to Face Learning to Facebook Learning18 June your business from anywhere2 July
    • 38. Want to know more?Register for eUpdates: on:Twitter - - - - -
    • 39. Miller0400 732