IB Exhibition Topic: Starvation- Rm 20


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IB Exhibition Topic: Starvation- Rm 20

  1. 1. ByBy: Rodrigo, Cung ,Wah Wah, Lah Bwe
  2. 2. People’s actionshave an effect on theworld.
  3. 3.  People have a positive influence on hungry peoplearound the world. People have a negative influence on hungry peoplearound the world. People working together have the power to make achange in the world for the hungry.
  4. 4. Starvation is whensomeone is suffering fromhunger and can die fromnot having enough food.
  5. 5. In 2010, there were 925 millionpeople starving around the world.Asia andthePacifichas thehighestnumber ofstarvingpeople
  6. 6. Poverty- People who have very little or no money, goods, ormeans of support; people who are poor.Fact: The World Bank has estimated that there were about1,345 million poor people in some countries who live on$1.25 a day or less.Harmful economic systems- This iswhen the country’s economy is notdoing so well; it depends on the type ofgovernment the country has; the government did not do a goodjob taking care of the people in their countryConflicts in the government
  7. 7. About 25,000 people die every day of hunger.Children die most often. Yet, there is plenty of food in theworld for everyone.The problem is that hungry people are trapped in severepoverty. They do not have the money to buy enough food tonourish themselves.Not having enough nutrients in their bodies, they becomeweaker and often sick. This makes them unable to work, whichthen makes them even poorer and hungrier. This is can lead todeath.
  8. 8. Donate money to an organization that helps thehungrySponsor a family by sending money every monthto themVolunteer at an organization that helps thehungryOrganize a food drive and collect food items todonate to the hungry
  9. 9. We teamed up with a group ofstudents from Room 21 to organize afood drive to donate to the hungry.We collected canned goods duringthe last week of April.
  10. 10. Did you know the Hunger Task Force isWisconsin’s anti-hunger organization that hasbeen feeding Milwaukee since 1974?Hunger Task Force is located at:201 S. Hawley CourtMilwaukee, WI 53214Ending hunger is its missionDistribute food to food pantries, homelessshelters, and soup kitchens for freeHunger Task Force depends on people in thecommunity to support them through donationsand volunteering their time.
  11. 11. Glenn, 58 –Glenn was injured at work two years ago and currentlyreceives disability benefits. He wishes he could go back towork to earn more money but his injuries are too severe andpermanent. He and his 15-year old son live together at home.“He grows so fast and eats so much,” said Glenn. “But themoney is never enough to feed us both.” To make ends meet,Glenn visits Central City Churches food pantry once a month.The food that Glenn and his son receive from Central Citymakes a huge difference every month. “We can have mealsthree times a day and keep up with the rent for ourapartment,” he said. “It’s a small place, but it’s home…I wasworried that my son and I would end up in some roach-infested place, but the food we receive from the pantry helpsus keep what we have.”
  12. 12. Frank, 42 –Frank was a successful engineer, living in a 3-bedroom suburbanhome in Franklin. He lived there with his wife and daughter.Recently, his company was making cuts and he lost his job. Despitehis best efforts, he could not find new employment in the tougheconomy. His family’s savings were drained within months. He losthis house because he couldn’t make payments, and finally, could nolonger afford to even put food on the table. He had to send his wifeand daughter to a homeless shelter so they would have a bed andmeal each night. He slept in his car. Being separated from his familywas devastating for him.Frank came to Central City Churches for help. The staff helped gethim back on his feet, providing his family with emergency food andhot meals throughout the month. He kept searching for work and wasfinally able to land a new job. Alicia, the pantry coordinator atCentral City, noted how grateful Frank was for the extra help. “It’sscary to think how quickly your situation can get bad,” she said. Butthe pantry food and meals really helped him get by…he just need alittle extra push to get him through a bad spot.”
  13. 13. Claudia, 47 –Claudia is a single mother of two, and lives in the neighborhood nearBethesda Outreach Church. She lives on a fixed income, and manytimes, her FoodShare benefits are not enough to get by each month.She’s “just surviving,” and wishes she could provide her kids with fullmeals instead of just bits and pieces of food that she can afford. Nottoo long ago, her friend invited her to attend the meal service andpantry at Bethesda. Claudia had always been reluctant to use apantry, but after the invitation and experience at Bethesda, sherealized how much it helped.Now, she can stretch her family’s food supply to last the entire month,and her and her kids can enjoy hot meals in the company of friendsand smiling faces. Her kids love the rousing editions of “HappyBirthday” that the entire dining rooms sings when it is someone’sspecial day. Claudia notes that a lot of the people who visit Bethesdalive in the same neighborhood. “We’re all going through the samething, but we’re all going through it together…it’s a beautiful thingthey do here.”
  14. 14. 1.http://www.worldhunger.org/articles/Learn/world%20hunger%20facts%202002.htm2.http://www.poverty.com/3.https://www.justgive.org/donations/help-children.jsp4.http://www.hungertaskforce.org/