IB Exhibition Topic: Smoking- Rm 14


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IB Exhibition Topic: Smoking- Rm 14

  1. 1. By:Christian, Angelina, Jasmine, Vincent, Allie, India.
  2. 2.  Cigarettes are very addicting. Kids can inhale deeply and choke, suffocate, or die from breathingin. People can find it hard to stop smoking after getting addicted. Some people smoke frequently or for short periods of times. People smoke to help with stress, or because they are addicted. There are many things that are in the cigarettes. Another thing isthat smoking gives you stinky clothes, yellow teeth and it can alsogive you lung and gum cancer. Smoking is not a good idea because you are killing your lungs andthey are not going to work good for you. 900 infants die from parents who smoke. There are 4,000 chemicals in tobacco that can reachbrain, heart, or other organs. 17,000 children under age 5 goes to the hospital from parentssmoking Half of all Americans die from smoking.
  3. 3.  81% of the people in this world smoke. 7.9% of the people are smoking at 65 orolder. 14.5% of women smoke in America. Out of the 48.2% people that smoke, 25.6%are men and 22.6% are women whosmoke. Most smokers die by the age of 35-69. 80% of smokers die of lung cancer. 30% of smokers die from cancer due tosmoking. 80% of smokers try to stop smoking. 20% of the smokers succeed to stop.
  4. 4.  People are stressed out about something. They start to smoke because they have family problems, such as notcommunicating with their parents or running away from home. They start at a young age because there friends do it, or they want todo it to be cool and show it off to the others. Many teenage moms are starting to smoke because they have to dealwith homework, school and more. There are many teenage groups that use drugs, and those groupsconvince other young kids to use drugs. Stress Boredom Family and friends Think it is cool to smoke Popularity Someone you look up to TV and movies Access Nervous
  5. 5.  Set a specific date for you to stop smokingfor a day or a couple of days. Use the patches that they advertise on T.V.These patches help you forget abouthaving a cigarette. Go to a doctor for a 30 minute treatmentto help you stop smoking. Sometimes quitting is the best solutionbecause if you have children they will startsmoking because they see you smoking.
  6. 6.  Lung cancer Nicotine goes to the brain Gum disease Low amount of antioxidant in their blood Dehydrated Makes it harder to breath You have to pay a lot of money for cigarettes Smells Makes your teeth yellow